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DYU King 750

DYU is no fresh kid on the block. Quite the contrary, the company is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. 

Over the years, they’ve become one of the biggest e-bike brands in the world. This is all thanks to their massive push for innovation. 

Although they’re based in Shenzhen, China, they have research and development centers in all the places that matter - those being, of course, the USA and Europe.

And when Western ingenuity meets Eastern industriousness, you get one of the best fat-tire e-bikes on the market - the King 750.

This e-bike is almost unreal when it comes to specs. For relatively little dosh, you get a beast of a motor, tons of range, and more than enough cushioning to make even mountain biking a comfortable experience.

I’ve spent the last two weeks riding King, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. 

DYU King 750

There’s no doubt about it, the King 750 is a looker. The frame design oozes style.

The frame is dominated by a massive downtube that also houses the battery. Everything else on the frame has been left intentionally “thin” to accentuate the said middle tube.

While you might think that just because the only thing that’s fat on the bike is the down tube the King is pretty lightweight. However, the King is anything but lightweight. 

This King 750 is a pretty fat boy with its weight clocking in at 97 lbs. This makes it one of the heaviest fat-tire e-bikes on the market.

With that said, I don’t think the guys and gals at DYU had portability in mind when designing the king. Quite the contrary, I think they were more focused on creating a bike that could withstand the stresses involved with riding it over mountain trails.

Of course, for mountain biking, you don’t just need a frame that can withstand a nuclear blast - you also need suspension.

Mountain biking without suspension is sure to knock loose any kidney stones you might have.

Luckily, the King 750 comes with a pretty decent Zoom hydraulic front suspension with around 80 millimeters of travel.

To make things even more comfortable, the seat tube also comes with suspension. Although this one is of the spring variety. Thankfully, it does its job pretty admirably.

The only thing that irks me about the frame on this bike is the lack of integrated rear lights. I mean, you already went the extra mile of designing great suspension, so why not just add two dinky lights at the back?

But I think I just nitpick at this point.


DYU King 750 Motor

If you’re astute, you might’ve already figured out what the 750 in the King 750 means. If you missed it, it refers to the motor.

So, as its name suggests, the King 750 comes with a 750-watt motor. Of course, that’s just the nominal power. The motor can boost somewhere upwards of 900 watts when it needs to.

Those 150 extra watts really come in handy when you’re climbing steep hills.

But that’s not all, besides being powerful, the motor is also pretty torquey. To be more precise, the King can churn out 75 Nm of torque on demand. This means you’ll be able to reach the top speed of 28 MPH in a matter of seconds and climb hills like they’re perfectly flat.

When it comes to the controller, it has one of the coolest designs I’ve seen in a long while. It’s basically a racing car dashboard. You have your speed and power indicators as well as an odometer and a range indicator.

Unfortunately, the screen reflects a lot of light, and you’ll have some trouble reading it when the sun is hitting it directly. But that’s the case with almost all LCD screens.


DYU King 750 Battery

A beefy motor requires a lot of juice to run. This is why DYU managed to stuff in the biggest battery they could find - a 48V 20Ah LG lithium-ion pack, to be more exact.

The battery on the King 750 provides around 80 miles of range. Of course, you can only get this range if you’re riding it on PAS 1.

What’s really surprising is that the range doesn’t fall off that drastically when you’re riding on throttle only.

 Riding this bike with only the throttle at max speed will get you around for about 50 miles.

This is simply amazing. The only other brand in this price range that offers this much range is the Aventon. But even those bikes offer 60 miles of range at most.

The battery is hidden inside the downtube. You can charge it while it’s in the bike, but you can also remove it and charge it elsewhere.

When it comes to recharging time, it’s a pretty standard 4-5 hours. In most cases I would recommend you get a spare, but since you get up to 80 miles of range out of the box, you’ll recharge this battery once every two weeks.


DYU King 750 Brakes

You can’t have a fat tire bike without some proper brakes. Thankfully, DYU didn’t skimp in this department.

The King comes with Zoom hydraulic disc brakes with 180-millimeter rotors. I wish they went for a more expensive brand, but that would probably blow their budget.

Still, Zoom brakes are pretty decent. I was riding this bike all over my town, and not once did I have trouble stopping.

To test out the brakes, I took the King to my local offroad trail. I sped through the trail and breakneck speeds, and not once did I feel the brakes weren't responding how they should. In fact, I had a blast doing wheelies on a local pasture. 

Wheels And Tires

The wheels are one of the King’s main selling points. As you can see from the pictures, this is a fat tire e-bike.

The wheels measure 26 inches, and the tires are 4 inches thick. In other words, you get pretty big wheels with incredibly cushy tires.

The tires are so cushy, in fact, that they almost do as good a job as the suspension at keeping the ride smooth. Of course, they also provide more than enough traction for just about any type of terrain - from pavement to fine gravel.

DYU King 750 Tires

Don’t worry about damaging the wheels, they feature thick, double-walled rims that can withstand all kinds of punishment before breaking.


DYU King 750 Comfort

As I’ve said in the intro, this is one of the most comfortable e-bikes I had the pleasure of riding.

I mean, you can’t be uncomfortable on a bike that has both a front and a seat suspension and fat tires.

These systems work perfectly with each other to absorb literally all of the road shocks. I even tried intentionally going over potholes just to see how the suspension would handle it, and I was blown away. All I felt was a slight bump.

With all that said, I don’t think you’ll have much fun with this bike if you’re under 5’ 5’’. The King is pretty tall, even with the seat set as low as possible. I had no issues, but then again, I’m pretty tall.

Other than that, this e-bike rides like a dream.

What I Like About DYU King 750

The King 750 is one of the best fat tire e-bikes in this price range, period.

For starters, there’s only a handful of other bikes that offer anything close to the range the King does. On top of that, it comes with a beefy, torquey motor that goes over hills like it’s nothing.

And then there’s the suspension. If there ever was a comfortable bike, then that’s the King 750. The front and back suspension work with the fat tires to absorb literally everything you go over. 

Let’s not forget about the motor. Sure, it can only output 900 watts of peak power, but that’s more than enough for everything but the most demanding mountain bike trails - but this bike is just too big to handle those, so you’re okay.

All in all, this bike is a pretty nice package for anyone that’s looking for a daily commuter they can occasionally take on off-road adventures.

What I Don’t Like About DYU King 750

I’ll keep this one short and sweet since there are just two things I don’t like about the King.

I know this is a nitpick, but it kind of irks me that there are no integrated backlights. I mean, you already went through all the trouble of integrating the front light, so why not add backlights too?

And then there’s the rider height issue. The lowest you can set the seat is to 42 inches. This means that if you’re under 5’ 5’’, you’ll have trouble getting on and off the bike since your legs will be dangling from the seat.

I hope DYU fixes this in the next iteration of the King if there ever is one.

Advice To Consumers

This bike is a budget-friendly wet dream. For relatively little money, you get a beefy motor, tons of range, and superb comfort. I would recommend this bike to both new and experienced e-bikers. If not for anything else, then for the comfort alone.


The DYU are truly masters of their craft. The Kind 750 provides ample range, incredible comfort, and more than enough power to make everything from a simple commute to an offroad adventure.

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