Alaska State Electric Bike Laws

Whether you already have an electric bike or think about getting one soon, it's very important to get to know all of the regulations that direct the way you need to ride an electric bike. Did you know there are no universal electric bike laws that apply to America as a whole?

How does the state of Alaska declares what an electric bike is.


Alaska State electric bike laws define an electric bike as any vehicle that has two or three wheels, and a saddle. At the same time, the motor should not surpass 750 Watts of power, and you need to have access to fully-operational pedals in case something happens with the motor assistance.

There are no classes or categorizations of electric bikes in Alaska, but you still need to know all of the important guidelines shared by the local authorities.
Alaska State Electric Bike Laws

How powerful can my e-bike be? There appear to be no direct limitations regarding motor power, except one in the definition of an electric bike. If you want to get a very powerful bike, we suggest contacting local authorities to see whether that's a good idea.

Do I need a license or insurance? If you want to ride an electric bike in the state of Alaska, you need to have a level M2 permit or something more advanced. This is also an age limitation since such a permit can be gained only by people over the age of 14 with their guardian’s support. When you reach the age of 16, you can get an M1 or M3.

Do I need to wear a helmet? If you are riding an electric bike on a public roadway, you must wear a helmet that complies with the law. There is a motor vehicle safety standard that you have to follow.

Are there age restrictions to look out for? The above-mentioned restrictions suggest that people of age 14 and 15 need a special permit. Even then, you cannot ride a motor-driven vehicle with a powerful motor.

Can I ride on the road? Unless there is a traffic sign or some special regulation specifically excluding all types of bicycles from traffic, you are allowed to ride an e-bike on roadways, paths, and sidewalks.

Do I ride in the same direction as traffic? You need to ride in the same direction as the rest of the traffic, and it is explicitly stated that you should always ride as far right as possible.

Do bike riders need to obey all the traffic signs? Electric bike riders need to obey traffic signs and give turning signals as well.

What about electric mountain bikes? Laws on mountain bikes are very undefined in Alaska, so we suggest you contact your local authorities to get more information on whether you are allowed to use a mountain bike even if it fits the given motor specifications.


Electric bikes might be the next best thing for those who like recreation, but they certainly have the ability to put you in danger if you don’t act according to the given guidelines. Make sure to follow the most up-to-date information given by your local Police Department.


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