Vermont State Electric Bike Laws

Although they used to be a luxury you had to save up for, electric bikes are now a great, affordable investment for those who want to travel safely and quickly. Electric bike riders must take guidelines and rules seriously, as those are as important as regular traffic laws. Let's discuss Vermont state electric bike laws.

How does the state of Utah declares what an electric bike is. 


Vermont categorizes electric bikes as motor-driven cycles that are subject to all rules that regular motor vehicles follow. It's very important to know that the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not recognize e-bikes as vehicles, which means that they are illegal in the state.

There are three classes of bikes:

  • class 1 electric bicycles assist when you pedal, but the maximum speed one can reach is 20 miles per hour
  • class 2 e-bikes have a throttle-actuated motor, which means that the bike can assist you even when you're not pedaling, but only up to 20 miles per hour
  • class 3 electric bikes have a motor that assists only when you pedal, but this time, the speed you can reach is 28 miles per hour


How powerful can my bike be? Vermont regulates electric bicycles by limiting them to 1000 Watts when it comes to motor power.

Do I need a license or insurance? This is where things get complicated. Although there should be licenses that apply to electric bikes, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles does not have such a system – it's best to contact local authorities if you want to make sure no documents are needed.

Do I need to wear a helmet? In the state of Vermont, helmets are required only for riders that are under the age of 16. However, all riders are advised to use them.

Are there age restrictions to look out for? If you are under the age of 16, you cannot ride a class three bike. You can only be a passenger on such bikes. However, even if you use a class one or two bikes while under 16, you might still run into some trouble because you're using a „motor-driven vehicle". Contact authorities for more information.

Can I ride on the road? To stay safe, you should ask the local police department and stay out on sidewalks to make sure pedestrians are safe.

Do I ride in the same direction as traffic? You should always ride in the same direction as the traffic, especially if you want to stay safe and visible to others.

Do bike riders need to obey all the traffic signs? Yes, especially ones regarding mopeds and traditional bicycles.

What about electric mountain bikes? Electric mountain bikes are a tricky one here – the Vermont State Parks has no electric mountain bike policy. You should contact them for more information, and check out some popular rides such as the Morrisville Backroads Tour, as well as the Morrisville Backroads Tour.


Electric bicycles should be used carefully since they are a part of the traffic just like all other vehicles are. Make sure that you follow guidelines and get more updates by contacting local authorities.