15 December 2022

Guide to State & Local E-Bike Rebates and Tax Credits – Learn How To Maximize Your Savings Today!


Although most inflation aspects can be neglected here and there - the unfathomable prices are impossible to avoid. Fortunately, healthier alternatives can be implemented within our lifestyle, saving us money while providing fresh air and exercise.

In today's topic: “Guide to state & local e-bikes rebates and tax credits,” you’ll learn how, where, and when to buy an e-bike at a far more affordable price.

It might seem complicated at first, but we guarantee you’ll learn how to take the maximum advantage when buying a new e-bike corresponding to your city and state - let’s begin!

eBike in the City

eBikes in Washington

Washington Statewide: Currently, Senate and House legislators are reviewing a proposal for a $1000 tax credit for all e-bike purchases, with a speculated capital of $100 million.

Other than that, the Washington Legislature House has proposed an additional $200 in e-bike accessories, alongside sales taxes, to be exempt from all e-bike purchases. Currently, the previous initiative only serves as a test to see if e-bike sales can rise with the cancellation of tax incentives.


eBike in Vermont

Vermont Statewide: Within the Committee on Transportation - a bill offering anywhere between $200 to $400 in rebate currently resides, which is still being reviewed by the Vermont State Legislature at this moment.

The rebate amount corresponds to your general salary - those with lower income will look toward the higher echelon in the mentioned rebate range.

WEC Service Areas (Washington Electric Coop): Although Washington Electric Coop members are blessed with a $200 rebate, given that they purchase an in-state e-bike - the initiative will expire once this year ends.

There is currently only so much information on what will happen once it expires.

Stowe: We can thank the Stowe Electric Department for giving us an outstanding choice of gaining a $200 post-purchase rebate. Remember that only Class 1 e-bike purchases are eligible for this initiative.

If you can meet the previous criteria - find and fill out the official online application and submit a receipt if you wish to acquire this rebate.

Colchester And Surrounding Areas: If you are a Green Mountain Power customer who wishes to take care of the environment by raking up e-bike miles instead of car miles - a $200 cut can be made on all e-bike purchases from local retailers.

To be eligible for this savings, you’ll need to show the following - Green Mountain Power energy statement, official address, and account number. You can receive the rebate if you provide the previous statements.

Upper Valley, Montpelier, Brattleboro: Several statewide partners, most notably the Local Motion, are currently offering e-bike libraries to all individuals within the state that wish to test out a new e-bike free of charge. 

If you are interested in this, you’ll need to remember that all e-bikes need to be previously reserved ahead of time, alongside the general availability of renting e-bikes from Thursday to Monday.

Burlington: Online retailers and local stores offer a $200 rebate on all e-bike purchases for Burlington residents. You’ll need to do the following for online purchases: submit the application once you finish purchasing to receive the rebate.

On the other hand, receiving a discount from local stores is only possible if you provide them with an ID and mail containing your official address; a coupon for $200 off will be provided, courtesy of the Burlington Electric Department (please note that this program will expire on December 31).

Swanton Village, Village of Orleans, Northfield Electric Department, Morrisville Water & Light Department, Lyndonville Electric Department, Ludlow Electric Light Department, Village of Jacksonville, Village of Johnson, Hardwick Electric Department, Village of Enosburg Falls, Barton Village: You can receive a $100 rebate through the Vermont Public Power Supply Authority on all e-bike purchases or retrofit kits.

It can be accomplished online by filling out the form and submitting the proof of purchase alongside the bike’s official serial number. Once you finish that, you’ll become eligible for the after-purchase rebate (you have until the last day of the year to file the request).


eBike in Texas

Austin: A $300 e-bike rebate is waiting for all Austin Energy customers that made qualifying purchases. In short - the cost of the e-bike directly affects the amount of the rebate.

You need to be on the Austin Energy-approved dealer list to be eligible for the rebate on e-bikes. Lastly, remember that the application must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.


eBike in Oregon

Eugene: All Eugene Water & Electric Board customers wishing to support active transportation options can request a $300 e-bike rebate to offset emissions.

The rebate will be given as long as you apply within the next 180 days of purchasing the e-bike.

Corvallis Country-Benetton: A staggering $1200 rebate waits for everyone interested in purchasing e-bikes from bike shops participating in this program.

Only Corvallis Country and Benetton residents can apply for this advantage - don’t forget to file a request!

Ashland: Depending on the type of e-bike and the location where the e-bike was purchased - Ashland Electric Utility customers can expect anywhere from $200 to $600 in e-bike rebates.

AEU customers need to apply within 180 of buying an e-bike.


eBike in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Statewide: The Oklahoma State Legislature is discussing a proposed bill offering a $200 tax credit to all new and qualifying e-bike purchases. Until further notice, there are no other bits of information.

New York

eBike in New York

New York Statewide: When it comes to offering e-bike rebates - most should aspire to achieve the level of self-awareness that New York Statewide officials possess:

A Ride Clean program is a program in the making, courtesy of the New York State Energy Research And Development Authority that will offer a 50% rebate on all e-bike purchases, with a maximum of 1100$.

We can thank the Drive Clean program, as its success was the key element for shedding light on the possibility of further looking into an e-bike rebate of such magnitude. The initiative was introduced this year, and we hope it will come to fruition.

Niagara Falls & Buffalo: The Create A Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative and the East Side Bike Club provide free rent on e-bikes to all community members through an e-bike library.

Like in most initiatives, the overwhelming need to preserve our ozone is one of the key reasons for such measures. But, in this case, officials believed that promoting biking as a form of exercise is an excellent initiative for thinking about renting e-bikes.

Brooklyn & Bronx: Another phenomenal solution can be found within the initiative of Brooklyn & Bronx, which proposed to provide close to 5000 e-bikes to residents who wish to ride a bike to commute to and from work.

We can thank the Equitable Commute Project for bringing such an idea to the table, as they wish to create a more available micro-mobility.


eBike in Massachusetts

Worcester: Official residents with a low-income status will be able to file a request to loan a new e-bike as part of the Accelerating Clean Transportation For All program.

Approximately 100 e-bikes will be available for low-income status Worcester residents, who will be given an e-bike for two years, alongside a free course on how to drive them safely. Still, this initiative is only in the making, and we hope it comes to fruition.

Massachusetts Statewide: The Joint Committee On Telecommunications, Utilities And Energy has made the first step with the Massachusetts State Legislature to incorporate a $500 to $750 e-bike rebate on all purchases, only corresponding to the income status of the Massachusetts residents.

Until further notice, the bill is only being discussed between the two previously mentioned fractions.


Easter Iowa: Those that wish to purchase an e-bike can expect a rebate of 25%, up to a maximum of $150, currently only available for members of the Eastern Iowa Light And Power Cooperative, as a post-purchase rebate.

The proof of purchase and the application must be submitted within 180 days of buying your new e-bike.


eBike in Hawaii

Hawaii Statewide: If the governor’s office signs a new bill into law, Hawaii residents will look forward to a 20% e-bike rebate, with a maximum of up to $500, courtesy of the Hawaii Legislature.


eBike in Connecticut

Connecticut Statewide: In May 2022, the Connecticut Clean Air Act expanded the Connecticut Hydrogen And Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate to include a $500 rebate for all e-bikes that cost a maximum of $3000.

Furthermore, a personal tax credit might occur shortly for state residents, courtesy of the Connecticut Assembly, for all e-bike purchases. Depending on your household income, the tax credit will range between $250 and $1000.

Until further notice, the Committee On Finance, Revenue, And Bonding is reviewing the bill.


eBike in Colorado

Archuleta & La Plata: Members of the La Plata Electric Association who bought a new e-bike in the last 90 days can get $300 e-bike rebates.

All members must remember to apply for the rebate, keeping in mind that the rebate won’t exceed 25% of the cost of the new e-bike.

Gunnison: A 25% of the cost, with a maximum of $150 reduction, can be snagged by all Gunnison County Electric Association members as post-purchase rebates on all new e-bikes.

With a copy of your official e-bike receipt, you can apply for the post-purchase rebate on their website.

Granby: Official members of Mountain Parks Electric should look out for rebates of up to 25% of the total cost of the new e-bike, with a cap of $150 that must be within the limit.

Remember to file a receipt in the next 90 days through an email containing the receipt of your new e-bike purchase.

Gunnison County, Mesa, Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle, Glenwood Springs: Regardless of your endeavors - running errands or commuting to work, a rebate of 50$ can be acquired by all locals who wish to buy a brand new e-bike.

The only catch is - you need to be a Holy Cross Energy customer alongside a maximum of 2 e-bikes per household to be eligible for the rebate of $50.

Edwards: All bikes that have a price tag greater than $500 can be qualified for a $200 e-bike rebate on your next e-bike purchase, given that you are an Edwards confirmed resident.

You can only take advantage of this rebate if you file a request in the first six months of buying the new e-bike.

Denver: The City of Denver made a phenomenal initiative to provide a generous $1700 e-bike rebate if you find a participating local bike shop and apply through the City of Denver.

Furthermore, individuals looking for a cargo e-bike can expect an additional $500 off.

As a cherry on top - they offer 30 e-bikes for a few select low-income neighborhoods. You can look it up on their official website, where you can find the three locations where you can pick them up.

Avon: Residents can expect a $200 e-bike rebate if they purchase a brand-new e-bike that costs $1000 or more. On the other hand, people that are more interested in buying a used e-bike will receive a $100 rebate.

The restriction of using e-bikes as a replacement for all car trips might seem gruesome, but if you are willing to apply such terms, then make sure to apply in the next 180 for a rebate on purchasing e-bikes.

Colorado Statewide: With Air Quality Improvement Investments, courtesy of the Colorado Legislature - $12 million was given to trivial governments, local governments, and nonprofits that wish to partake in starting e-bike sharing or ownership programs.

Furthermore, the initiative includes moderate e-bike rebates for moderate to low-income households.


eBike in California

San Gabriel Valley: Activate San Gabriel Valley partnered with the local city council to incorporate a process of making a library for regular e-bikes and cargo e-bikes.

Without further evidence, we’ll need to sit back and wait for the end of this project before we can partake in the previously mentioned initiative.

San Francisco Bay Area: Another excellent first step can be found within the Bay Area, where the Clean Cars For All provides low-income residents a staggering $7500 to dispatch old and polluting vehicles and to replace them with other electric vehicles.

The $7500 threshold can be met as a collective sum from all family members within a single household, who can purchase various accessories such as bike locks, horns, helmets, and many more on top of additional e-bikes.

As long as you live in a designated area and you belong within 400% of the Federal Poverty Line - the rebate can be accessed by filling out the requirements.

Santa Cruz: Depending on where you belong - low-income residents can look for up to $800 rebates, whereas non-low-income residents are qualified for a total of $400 in e-bike rebates, courtesy of the GO Santa Cruz E-Bike rebate program.

The requirements are that you need to apply for the program, observe the Bike Safety Training video, and later fill in a quiz and survey. If you manage to do all of that, then a rebate voucher will be redeemable through an email in all participating e-bike shops.

Santa Clara: If you submit an application within 60 days, Silicon Valley Power will offer you approximately 10% of the pre-tax cost of an e-bike as a rebate.

Santa Barbara: All Santa Barbara residents that are 16 years or older can participate in the EZBike Project, which provides e-bikes to people who wish to take care of the ozone layer as much as possible.

San Diego: By obtaining bike insurance and tracking your mileage on Strava with a minimum of 150 miles per month - you can be qualified for the Pedal Ahead Program, which loans e-bikes for the next two years.

Monterey: Eligible applicants within the Monterey Bay E-Bike Incentive Program will receive from $500 to $1000 in post-purchase rebate. To be eligible, you need to purchase the e-bike from a qualified shop and later apply to be considered.

San Bernardino County, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles: Through the courtesy of the Replace Your Ride program, local residents can trade tier vehicles for cleaner alternatives while receiving up to a staggering $9500, which can be used to cover the purchases.

Just be careful about your income criteria, and the vehicle must qualify before it gets replaced.

Central Coast (parts of Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo counties, Santa Cruz & San Benito counties, Monterey): The Electrify Your Ride Resident Program offers a 75% rebate, up to $1000 to all low-income residents, whereas the Central Coast Community Energy customers will be looking for a 50% rebate with a maximum of $500 when purchasing for a new e-bike.

Hurry up! You have until November 15, 2022, to receive this incentive by completing an online application.

California Statewide: A California E-Bike Affordability Program is a $10 million initiative given to the California Bicycle Coalition, who’s working with California Air Resources Board to provide up to 10000 Californians with additional benefits when they decide to purchase a new e-bike.

State & Local e-Bikes Rebates and Tax Credits - Conclusion

Ebike Rebates & Tax Creedits Conclusion

United States

On the off chance that you didn’t find a single initiative that correlates with your state or city - a Build Back Better bill is currently pending, and if it comes to fruition, a nationwide tax credit system will be implemented for e-bike purchases.

For now, a raw estimation is that it will be up to a $900 tax credit for all eligible Americans who wish to purchase an e-bike, although it’s worth remembering that the e-bike in question most likely mustn’t exceed the $4000 price tag.

Whether it’s to lower emissions, save on gas, or help improve the riders’ health, we hope our guide will help you buy a brand-new e-bike at a more affordable price.

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