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Summary of BAKCOU E-Bikes

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Founded by Brian Child and Dave Andre, avid hunters, Backou creates electric bikes designed for adventuring off-road. While competitors claim trail-worthiness, Backou constructs cycles capable of navigating the rugged wilderness.

Their lineup ranges from the top-tier Jäger, equipped with over $8,000 of premium components, to the massively popular Mule, accessing the outdoors affordably. For three years straight, the Mule has proven itself an outstanding long-distance explorer through its reputation of rugged reliability. Like most Backou models, the Mule combines a high-torque Bafang motor and heat-dissipating Tektro hydraulics.

Recognizing the diverse interests of their customer base, Backou also caters to smaller statures through step-through frames permitting the whole family to embark on journeys together. From minors to seniors, their ergonomic designs ensure wilderness wanderlust remains attainable.

Considering its high-end offering incorporates industry-leading suspension and outfitting, the Jäger's $8,000 price tag steals from the competition. This demonstrates how Backou consistently outmaneuvers imitators by prioritizing quality craftsmanship and economical pricing over excessive markups. Their skilled engineers craft trail-ready steeds accessible to all adventurers seeking off-grid escape through a powered two-wheel.

Our Review of BAKCOU E-Bikes

While some e-bike manufacturers lose touch with customers as companies grow, Backou has consciously maintained close relationships with their rider base. The leadership tries to understand what matters most to those who trust the brand. Whether customizing a new purchase or hearing feedback on product offerings, Backou prioritizes direct engagement with those supporting the business.

In addition to prioritizing the customer experience, Backou offers exemplary after-sales service. The support team promptly responds to any questions about bike setup, maintenance, or operation. Knowing technical support does not end after the sale; riders can feel confident operating and customizing their Backou machine long-term. 

While the standard warranty covers parts for one year, Backou also offers extended warranty options for those seeking longer-term peace of mind. This commitment to standing behind their products well after the sale further distinguishes Backou's client-focused approach.

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