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Summary of DOST Electric Bikes

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DŌST was founded in Canada in 2014 by Sam Atakhanov to produce high-quality long-range electric bicycles tailored for the growing North American market. Just how far could their e-bikes travel since the company started? In 2022, a courageous couple embarked on an astonishing 7,000-mile journey from Florida all the way to western Canada using only their DŌST electric bicycles as transportation. This epic coast-to-coast trip holds the record for the longest distance ever traveled by electric bicycle.

DŌST claims their battery-powered bikes can go up to 120 miles on a single charge when equipped with a dual battery setup. While 120 miles is ideal, reviews show most riders can expect a sturdier 70-80 mile range under typical riding conditions. The company provides two versatile models - the rugged Drop and agile Kope - both available in three power classes with options for a continuously variable transmission or standard single-gear chain drive.

Beyond innovating accessible electric transportation, DŌST remains dedicated to supporting active communities through initiatives. In 2021, their "Ride Some Good" campaign raised much-needed funds for organizations promoting healthier lifestyles through bicycle use and adventure.

Our Review of DŌST E-Bikes

Through rigorous real-world testing in congested city environments, the DŌST e-bike impressed experienced riders with its agile handling and smooth acceleration enabled by the powerful yet near-silent rear-hub motor. Its intuitive pedal-assist provides ample power when navigating inclines with an effortless riding experience.

Despite having a streamlined and refined aesthetic appearance devoid of unnecessary fixtures, the DŌST still features highly useful integrated LED safety lighting, a practical built-in lock secured to the frame, and a small digital display communicating basic ride data. This allows for full functionality right out of the box without adding accessories.

Available at an attractive entry-level price point, DŌST has succeeded in delivering value through its user-centered engineering, refined design, and focus on the core commuting experience. Owners appreciate how it efficiently and dependably boosts well-being by replacing motorized trips with emission-free electric transportation.

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