LOOK Cycle e-bikes Brand Review


Summary of LOOK Cycle Electric Bikes 

Official website: lookcycle.com

LOOK is a renowned French cycling brand with a rich history of innovation dating back over seven decades. Although not the oldest French cycling company, LOOK has consistently pushed design boundaries and engineering limits to develop elite-level racing bicycles.

One of LOOK's earliest breakthroughs came in the 1970s with the introduction of the cycling industry's first carbon fiber production road frame. This milestone ushered in a new era of lighter and stiffer frames and offered improved aerodynamics.

Originally operating as a skiing and cycling equipment manufacturer, LOOK also made waves in the late 1940s by inventing the first quick-release ski boot bindings. This fastening technology was later adapted for bicycles by creating clip-in pedals securely attached to riders' shoes. When LOOK's binding system was first used at the 1969 Tour de France, one competitor suffered a crash but credits the clips for preventing serious leg injury, eventually allowing him to win the prestigious event.

Over the past seven decades, LOOK's dedication to cutting-edge R&D and meticulous craftsmanship has powered countless Olympic gold medalists and Grand Tour victors. Continuing this tradition of pushing boundaries, LOOK debuted its first electric bicycle in 2019, built with the same rigorous engineering standards that have defined the brand since its founding in post-World War 2, France.

Our Review of LOOK Cycle E-Bikes

LOOK bicycles are renowned for their lightweight racing designs. Now, their accessible electric models bring this same quality to everyday riders. The E-765 series provides a smooth, comfortable ride through its lightweight aluminum frames. While not as stripped down as LOOK's thoroughbred racing machines, these bikes easily handle urban transportation.

The Fazua-powered road and gravel e-bikes work seamlessly for traveling farther on recreational rides. The transmission's frictionless assistance allows the feel of an unpowered cycle during casual pedaling. Yet with just a few extra watts, these bikes conquer hills and headwinds that might otherwise end an outing.

Decades of refining frame manufacturing translate even to LOOK's electric range. Borrowing techniques from their renowned carbon race machines, the electric variants stay remarkably svelte for powered two-wheelers. Along with modern motors, this balance of engineering heritage and new technology means natural movements and high-quality construction.

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