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Summary of Sixthreezero Electric Bikes

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Founded in 2005 by CEO Dustin Gyger and based in Torrance, California, SixThreeZero emerged from Southern California's booming beach cruiser culture. They have rapidly expanded beyond a small Hermosa Beach workshop to be among North America's leading electric bike brands.

SixThreeZero offers bicycles tailored for recreation and commuting, with traditional and electric models. Their casually stylish aesthetic pays homage to the carefree coastal surroundings inspiring the company. Product options span tricycles, cargo bikes, step-through frames, and wide-tire designs - suitable for riders regardless of ability.

An online questionnaire assists in bicycle selection. Nineteen questions consider users' characteristics and intended uses to recommend ideal SixThreeZero vehicles. Personalization packages allow further customizing with useful accessories like rear passenger seating, kid trailers, front baskets, and lights - adapting bikes for year-round fun.

Accessible and customizable designs, alongside nostalgic Southern Californian flair, have helped SixThreeZero satisfy diverse riders' needs. The variety and flexibility emphasize stress-free cycling enjoyment inspired by beach town roots. This balance positions SixThreeZero at the forefront of North America's electric cruiser market.

Our Review of SixThreeZero E-Bikes

Smooth riding experiences on SixThreeZero cruisers virtually transport riders beyond everyday stresses. Their high-torque electric pedal-assist enhances leisurely, slow-paced ambles along boardwalks, adventures on soft beaches, and communing journeys recreational for young and old alike, authentically evoking nostalgic coastal scene vibes.

Financial peace of mind accompanies every purchase through their inclusive 30-day satisfaction guarantee trial policy. Should any e-bike not satisfy the individualized needs questionnaire, hassle-free returns protect the investment. Meanwhile, accessible price points undercut mass-market brands while retaining premium craftsmanship exclusively hand-built to order in domestic Los Angeles workshops.

As electric innovations increasingly match their signature designer aesthetic with enhanced battery capacities and customized electric pedal assistance profiles, SixThreeZero decidedly carves its responsive niche in the lifestyle cruiser segment. Simultaneously, they increased their market share organically among consumers seeking relaxed recreational rides. 

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