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Freebeat Morphrover

November 17, 2023


Overall, I am very satisfied with the MorphRover, from its rigid construction to its versatility on various terrains. My wife and I live in an area with abundant city bike trails as well as access to mountain backcountry riding and occasional rides on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. 

The MorphRover 2-1 exceeds expectations with its capabilities and has given me access to riding areas that were never possible before with a traditional mountain bike. In addition, the ability to use the Morph Rover as a stationary trainer with access to the freebeat workout App is an added bonus, especially during the rainy months. 

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the MorphRover is its innovative 2-in-1 function, setting it apart from traditional e-bikes in the market.


This e-bike's unique ability to transition seamlessly between a standard outdoor biking model and a stationary trainer represents a new wave of innovation in the e-bike industry. Whether it's braving the wild terrains of the mountain backcountry or staying indoors during inclement weather, the freebeat MorphRover ensures that your fitness regimen remains unimpeded. Its compatibility with the freebeat workout App further enhances the indoor training experience, making it a truly versatile asset for fitness enthusiasts.

freebeat app

This 2-in-1 function is not just a feature, but an industry-leading innovation that redefines the boundaries of what an e-bike can do.

The freebeat workout App serves as a versatile tool for both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors, the app provides an immersive virtual training experience, offering a selection of classes that can be paired with the MorphRover's stationary trainer feature.

Outdoors, the app transforms into a reliable GPS, providing easy-to-follow directions and tracking your biking metrics. This dual function makes the freebeat workout App an essential companion for the MorphRover, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient biking experience whether inside or out in the open.

I haven't personally tried the indoor functionality of the app yet, as I plan to use the bike mainly outdoors, but I did register on the app and it was a pretty painless experience.


The bike arrived securely packaged, ensuring its protection during shipping. It came with all the necessary tools for assembly, making the process straightforward and time-efficient.

Following the clear instructions, I had the bike ready to ride within 30 minutes. However, I had to exercise patience and wait for the battery to charge fully before embarking on my first ride.

During assembly, it's important to ensure proper connection of all sensors to ensure smooth operation. 

Neglecting this step resulted in a minor malfunction during my initial ride, but a quick troubleshooting session using the instruction manual resolved the issue.

It's worth mentioning that the bike required no adjustments to the brakes or shifting mechanism, as it came perfectly tuned. 

tools for assembly

The only suggestion I have for the manufacturer is to enhance the fit of the front fender, as I had to make a small modification to align the support bars with the mounting holes on the front fork. This was a minor inconvenience that I easily resolved.


The overall construction of the MorphRover is truly impressive, characterized by clean welds and high-quality components that contribute to its durability and reliability. Equipped with a 750W motor, 7-speed shifter, 720Wh battery, hydraulic disk brakes, and a fully adjustable front suspension, this bike is equipped for optimal performance.

MorphRover construction

The pedal assist feature, with its cadence sensor and convenient thumb throttle, allows for effortless riding with or without pedaling. The user-friendly control screen manages motor speed, headlight, speedometer, and trip tracking. With its stable 26" x 4" wide tires, the MorphRover handles various terrains with ease.

Additionally, the bike includes a rigid stationary bike stand for indoor training, providing access to the freebeat App with Bluetooth connectivity. This app offers engaging instructor-led interactive workouts for strength and conditioning.

fat tire
MorphRover LCD screen

A unique feature of the MorphRover is that the battery can charge while in stationary mode, adding to its versatility. The newly added fenders contribute to a clean and enjoyable ride. All these features aligned perfectly with my needs and made my decision to purchase an easy one.



Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, the MorphRover delivers impressive torque and achieves top speeds within seconds, regardless of pedaling. The high-output battery, featuring a lockable cover, provides a range of up to 60 miles, depending on the terrain.

It can be easily removed for transport, lightening the bike when needed. The battery includes a power level indicator and can be charged on or off the bike. The hydraulic brakes with oversized rotors offer excellent stopping power and can be adjusted as required. The MorphRover's control display features an intuitive compact LCD screen, providing information on speed, trip, battery level, and pedal assist with 5 levels.

The front suspension shocks are easily adjustable and effectively absorb impacts on various terrains. With its 26" x 4" tires, this bike ensures a safe and stable ride on pavement, dirt, or even deep sand. The 8-speed Shimano shifting components are user-friendly, ensuring smooth and reliable gear changes. The accessible and adjustable headlight adds to the overall convenience and safety of the bike.

One of the key innovations that sets the MorphRover apart from its competition is the ingenious method of charging the battery without electricity.

This fundamentally changes how people perceive e-bikes, as it answers one of the primary concerns related to the range and the availability of charging stations during long journeys. When using the bike in stationary mode, the pedaling action generates power that recharges the battery.

This eco-friendly feature not only extends battery life but also allows for a guilt-free, carbon-neutral indoor workout, contributing significantly to sustainability efforts.

Expanding on the 2-in-1 function, this feature, the MorphRover transitions seamlessly between a robust outdoor e-bike and a dynamic stationary trainer, providing users with a comprehensive indoor and outdoor fitness solution.

This dual functionality was born out of a desire to keep fitness routines uninterrupted and flexible, regardless of weather or location. The MorphRover, therefore, is not just an e-bike, but a state-of-the-art fitness tool that caters to the modern, active lifestyle, representing a substantial leap in e-bike technology.


I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the MorphRover. This bike stands out as a unique and versatile option for both indoor and outdoor use. Its exceptional performance caters to riders of all ability levels.

I wholeheartedly recommend the MorphRover to anyone considering entering the world of electric biking. It has truly been a game changer for me, and I eagerly anticipate the countless adventures ahead with my new bike. In fact, I'm so thrilled with it that I will be purchasing two more to enjoy rides together with my family.



  • Sleek high-quality frame and components

  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • 750W rear hub motor with plenty of torque
  • 720Wh integrated/ removable battery with lockable compartment
  • High-capacity battery with up to 60 miles of range - with a recharging feature
  • Indoor use with stationary stand included and optional training App by freebeat
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • LCD display with high output headlight.
  • Additional accessories easily attach.


  • Bike is heavy
  • No racks included
  • Front fender needed modification to be installed
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Our Rating - 84/100

The MorphRover 2-1 exceeds expectations, granting access to riding areas that were never possible with a traditional mountain bike. The ability to use the Morph Rover as a stationary trainer with access to the freebeat workout App is an added bonus, especially during rainy months. 

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Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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