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Wing Bikes Freedom S2 Review - What You Need To Know

May 18, 2023

Wing Bikes is a relatively young company founded in 2018. in New York City. They quickly became one of the most famous e-bike companies in the world. 

But what makes this e-bike brand stand out from the crowd?

Their e-bikes are one of the most affordable on the market, yet their quality is outstanding - which gives them an edge.  

This sleek-looking e-bike has Wing Bikes’ signature modern feel, but it remains lightweight, compact, and comfortable. “Minimalism” and “elegance” are the two words that would best describe the design of this model, so I’ll stick to that. 

Their powerful Bafang motor can take you up the hill, and the battery is removable and easy to charge whether on or off the bike.

Continue scrolling, and you’ll read a thorough review of Wing Bikes’s Freedom S2.

Set aside a few minutes - and learn the essentials about this edgy-looking e-bike!



The frame of the Freedom S2 model is constructed out of 6061 lightweight aluminum with smooth welds. 

The great thing about this Wing Bikes model is that it clocks in at under 40 pounds, meaning you can easily pick it up. 

I have to add that the suspension on Freedom S2 is excellent - and the stiff front fork feels robust and reliable. Even if your city roads are not perfect, Freedom S2 won’t break as the double-butted frames won’t allow it.

As for the frame lines, they’re asymmetric and unique. That’s one of the reasons Wing Bikes’ lineup can be recognized from a mile away.

I especially love how the battery doesn’t stick out of the frame - something that usually bugs me on other e-bikes. It’s located in the middle tube - and blends perfectly with the rest of the bike’s frame.

Oh, and another perk - the battery is removable. You don’t have to carry the entire e-bike up and down the stairs and have the whole thing sitting in your apartment every time you need to charge the battery. 

Instead, you can simply detach the battery straight from the bike, charge it, and put it back. Of course, you also have a charging port, meaning you don’t have to remove the battery at all - but I prefer the former method. 

The handlebars are amazing. They’re made of non-slippery material and super comfortable - even after a while. 

Keep in mind that Freedom S2 is a compact bike built for smaller riders. If you’re taller than six-foot-one, you should probably consider the Freedom X or Freedom 2 instead. 

On that note, you can adjust the height of your seat - but you can’t change the height of the handlebars. Nevertheless, you can always buy a stem extender on their website and use it to raise the handlebars another three inches if desired. 

Freedom S2 also has built-in lights (front and back) that are easily turned on and off on the LCD screen controller. The front light could’ve been a bit brighter for night rides - but it’s fine.

Wing bike


The 550W Bafang motor is a strong performer and can get the Freedom S2 up to its top speed of 22 mph in a reasonable amount of time if you put the bike in the full pedal assist mode.

You’ll have to provide some of your power to get the maximum out of it, though. The motor is activated while you pedal - and it’s deactivated when you stop pedaling or press the brakes. 

But don’t worry; I never felt out of breath while riding.

The engine is nearly quiet and continually monitors your activities to determine how best to aid you with your journey. You may choose how much the motor will assist you from 1 to 5 on the built-in display.

I also bought the throttle separately on their website to test it out. 

Well, long story short, it works great! I additionally set a five-level resistance when I wanted to rest my legs and just enjoy the wind in my hair. 


You can choose between three different battery sizes. If you’re okay with just 35 miles of range and want the lowest price, the 8.8 Ah battery will be enough.

However, it’s imperative to mention that riding range depends on multiple other factors, such as:

  • Throttle usage

  • Pedal-assist level

  • Total weight

  • Speed

  • Hill grade

  • Environmental conditions

  • Tire type 

Overall, range will be reduced based on weight, assist level, and throttle usage. If you want the maximum range - especially if you’ll be adding the optional throttle as I did - it’s best you opt for a 14 Ah battery.

Brake Type

Freedom S2 features mechanical disc brakes. These feature stainless steel rotors and both measure 180 mm in diameter. 

Unfortunately, the brakes felt weak; I often had to use every last bit of braking power to stop the bike. 

And although cable brakes aren't fundamentally flawed, I would have preferred to see more powerful ones on the Freedom S2.


The Freedom S2 has double-walled aluminum rims. Surprisingly, these rims can withstand a significant amount of weight and shock.


This bike features Kenda tires measuring 20 x 1.75 inches - and before you get to ask, yes, they’re puncture resistant.

However, I have to mention that these tires are primarily intended for city rides. I did test this bike in my city park riding on the unpaved ground, and it went more than satisfactory.

Wing Freedom 2

Post Test Summary: Wing Bikes Freedom S2 Pros And Cons

Overall, what’s the verdict for the Freedom S2?

Well, I have to say that this model will give you the best bang for the buck. 

The fact that you can get an attractive-looking e-bike - which features free fenders, an alarm, built-in lights, a comfortable seat, and an LCD that serves as the dashboard - all for less than $1200, is beyond incredible.

What I Do Like About The Freedom S2

Freedom S2 is definitely a solid choice for smaller riders, and it’s quite sturdy for such a light e-bike. Plus, it’s great that you can get accessories and upgrade your bike according to your needs and desires. 


  • Sleek and sturdy frame
  • Lightweight
  • A responsive motor
  • Straightforward LCD screen
  • Comfortable handlebars and seat
  • Built-in alarm system 

What I Don’t Like About The Freedom S2

There are just a few things that, in my opinion, could be better. First of all, brakes could be a bit more powerful as it takes a lot of strength and time to come to a halt. 

Another thing that could be improved is the front light, which feels somewhat weak. 

Also, some of the other components feel a bit “cheap” - like fenders, for example - and need an upgrade or a replacement.


  • Weak stopping power
  • Weak front light
  • Some components feel a bit cheap

Advice To Consumers

Freedom S2 is perfect for city commuting, tight spaces, and small riders. The build, design, and motor power are more than decent for this price. And if you’re looking for a lightweight, modern-looking bike, the Freedom S2 is it. 


Wing Bikes’ Freedom S2 is, in my opinion, an underrated e-bike. And at the same time, it’s a friendly reminder that Wing Bikes thinks about its customers - and has something to offer for everyone.

Wing Freedom 2
Our Rating -82/100

Wing Bikes’s Freedom S2 is a compact electric bike equipped with a removable battery, a unique alarm system, and integrated lights. This e-bike is perfect for tight spaces and more petite individuals - and it comes at an affordable price, too.

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Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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