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Gen3 The Stride - Electric Bike Review

May 18, 2023

As of October 28th, 2022, Gen 3 Mobility, LLC has ceased operations and is no longer offering customer support. These e-bikes are not producing anymore.

Although Gen3 is a young company, its product lineup is incredibly competent. That is because the company consists of product development veterans with years of experience working for some of the world’s largest retailers.

But what makes them so special? 

Well, their e-bike and scooter lineup is very affordable, and all come with powerful motors that will get you from 0 to 20 MPH in a matter of seconds. On top of that, their bikes are incredibly durable and comfortable.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing The Stride - Gen3’s premier step-through e-bike. Besides being incredibly comfortable to ride, this e-bike boasts some incredible specs, such as a beefy 500W Bafang motor and a decent 40-mile range.

Keep on scrolling to learn about this excellent daily commuter.


Gen3’s The Stride features a 6061 double-butted aluminum frame with a step-through geometry. Although 6061 aluminum alloy isn’t as durable as 7005 aluminum, this e-bike isn’t intended to be driven across mountain or dirt roads, anyway. 

Gen3 The Stride

And since the frame is double-butted for added structural support, you don’t have to worry about this bike breaking if you hit a pothole or crash.

As for the frame lines, they’re simply gorgeous. There are no unique accents or attachments; the frame is sleek and simple.

I especially love the cable routing that’s running through the middle tube. That means you don’t have to worry about any of the electrical wires or brake cables accidentally getting cut if you fall or hit the bike.

Another thing that adds to the whole clean aesthetic is the integrated battery. The battery pack’s incorporated into the middle tube and blends in perfectly with the bike’s geometry.

One of the best things about this Gen3 bike is that you don’t have to remove the battery to charge it - there’s a charging port on the frame.

Of course, you can also pop it off and take it with you if you don’t have space for a bike in your home or apartment.

The handlebars are just as impressive as the rest of the e-bike. They are thin but sturdy and provide you with more than enough grip to control this commuter while zooming around town. 

Unfortunately, you don’t get to adjust the handlebars, which means you’ll have to set the saddle height if you want to make your riding experience more comfortable.

The e-bike’s front wheel features adjustable suspension, which is a blessing if the roads in your town are less than stellar. The bike’s suspension soaks up most of the road shock coming your way, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.


The Stride comes equipped with a beefy 500W rear hub Bafang motor. 

The motor is rated at 900W peak power, which means it’s pretty “torquey.” To be more exact, at the highest speed setting, the bike’s motor provides you with a whopping 65 N/m of torque. 

And that means that you’ll be able to hit the max speed of 20 miles per hour with just a couple of rotations of the pedals.

Gen3 The Stride

The controller hub for the motor is located on the left-hand side of the handlebar. The controls are pretty straightforward and include taping or holding one or more of the three buttons next to the LCD screen: 

By pressing and holding the Mode button, you turn on the motor. And if you press and hold the same button again, you will turn on the lights and the display backlight. 

One thing I don’t like about the controller is that you can’t have the backlight on without turning on the lights. It seems like a waste of battery life.

Speaking of battery life, that’s also displayed on the controller’s display. Keep in mind that this is relative battery life and will change depending on how you’re riding The Stride.

If you’re using the throttle to climb uphill, you will see the battery indicator drain a bit faster than usual. To check the actual battery life, you have to press the indicator button on the battery.

You can change the motor speed by pressing the plus or minus buttons next to the display. And if you’re not in the pedaling mood, you can use the thumb throttle; it’s right below the controller. 

On top of that, The Stride also comes with the Walk mode, which makes pushing this bike uphill a breeze.


Although not as powerful as the battery on The Groove, Stride’s 500Wh battery has more than enough capacity to allow you to drive around town for around 40 miles - if you’re driving on flat terrain, that is.

I’ve tested The Stride by driving it around my hometown, and I’m happy to report that the range is pretty much on point. I was able to ride for just a tad bit under 40 miles on one charge before depleting the battery.

Of course, if you use the throttle only, you can expect the range of The Stride to drop by almost a half. If you’re living in a particularly hilly area, you can also expect the capacity to be a bit less than advertised too.

The battery comes with an LED indicator. 

By pressing a button, the indicator flashes blue, green, or red. Blue indicates the battery is full; green means it’s at half the capacity, and red tells you it’s empty.

The six-hour charging time is more than decent for an e-bike in this price range. As I mentioned above, you can charge it while it’s on the bike - and you can even pop it out and take it with you to recharge it somewhere else.

Brake Type

Gen3 The Stride

Gen3’s The Stride comes with custom-made GEN3 DB-330 mechanical disc brakes. The front disc measures 180 mm in diameter, while the back disc measures 160 mm in diameter. 

Both the front and back brakes work flawlessly in any weather, and I have no complaints about them - or their stopping power.


The Stride features double-walled aluminum rims with 36 hole pairs for 12-gauge spokes. These rims work perfectly in tandem with the tires and can handle quite a lot of weight and shock.


This e-bike comes with CST Traveler Classic tires measuring 26 x 1.75 inches. 

I love that the folks at Gen3 decided to use these tires because they are almost impossible to puncture thanks to the EPS technology. Even if you drive this bike across a street full of glass shards, you can be pretty sure the tires won’t rupture.

Post Test Summary: Gen3 The Stride Pros And Cons

So, based on the specs above, what impression does the Gen3’s The Stride leave on you?

If you ask me, this is a pretty capable daily commuter. The Stride has a beautiful, sleek frame that’s quite sturdy. And on top of that, it also has a cargo rack that can handle up to 55 pounds of weight - perfect for running errands and grocery shopping.

Besides the frame, this e-bike also comes with a capable 500W Bafang motor. At the highest speed setting, I had no trouble reaching the max speed in just a couple of turns of the pedals.

The one thing about this e-bike that rubs me the wrong way is how much torque it packs. I know it sounds like a good thing, and it is. But if you’re new to electric bikes, you shouldn’t go above the first speed setting because it could quickly get out of control.

What I Do Like About The Stride

Gen3’s The Stride is one of the most capable and affordable daily commuters I had the pleasure of testing. The frame is incredibly sturdy, and it also comes with a cargo rack.

Thanks to the 500W (900W peak power) Bafang motor that provides you with a whopping 65 N/m of torque, you’ll have no trouble cruising the streets in style. And with the 500Wh battery powering the motor, you’ll have days of riding before depleting it.

The front suspension is excellent and absorbs most of the road shock. You can even adjust it if the stock setting doesn’t suit your needs. 

On top of all this, the Stride is pretty lightweight for an e-bike. Weighing only 56.4 pounds, you’ll have no trouble pushing this electric bike anywhere. And if you're feeling lazy, you can turn on the Walk mode.


  • Sleek and sturdy frame
  • It comes with a cargo rack
  • Excellent range
  • Beefy motor
  • Lightweight

What I Don’t Like About The Stride

The list of features I don’t like about the Stride is relatively short. The thing that bugs me the most about this e-bike is the inability to have the LED backlight on without having the lights turned on. 

Sometimes I just want a backlight without the added battery drain from the lights.

The other thing that might put some of you off buying The Stride is how powerful the motor is. If you’re not used to riding e-bikes, the 65 N/m of torque the motor provides could make it easier to lose control over the bike. 

That’s why you should start with the lowest speed setting - at least until you get comfortable with the pedal assist.

Another minor complaint is how long it takes to charge the battery. You’ll have to leave it on the charger for almost six hours to charge it completely. That’s why I’d recommend that you avoid completely draining the battery; just top it off to full charge whenever you get the chance.


  • You can’t have the LCD backlight on without turning the lights on
  • The motor is a bit too “torquey” for beginners
  • The charge time could be a bit shorter

Advice To Consumers

Gen3’s The Stride is built for daily commuting around town. It’s incredibly comfortable to ride, has a pretty decent range, and with a price of roughly $1300, it’s practically a steal. 


The Stride is living proof of how much Gen3 is capable of producing high-quality, affordable e-bikes.

I would recommend this e-bike to anyone looking for a daily commuter that will get them across town quickly and comfortably

Our Rating - 92/100

Gen3’s The Stride is a super sleek step-through bike that comes with a beefy Bafang motor. It’s an ideal option for anyone looking for an affordable - and comfortable - daily commuter.

About the author

Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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  1. Out of business, need parts

    Bought the Gen3 Stride last year and now they are no longer in business! I’m considered about getting replacement parts now. Any idea where to buy parts for it now? Thanks!

    1. If you have Facebook look for a group called gen3 owners group you can find everything there i found a replacement throttle just by asking if anyone knew where i could find one

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