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If you are going to ride an e-bike on some more challenging trail, you would need to get one that can handle such terrains. That’s why people use electric mountain bikes, as they have plenty of features that offer good comfort and stability. 

The fat tires with these e-bikes provide an excellent grip on all terrains and guarantee great shock absorption even on the bumpiest trails. 

And, since electric mountain bikes are gaining more and more popularity, getting such a bike that fits your budget can be challenging.

Luckily, Himiway has come with an e-bike that perfectly fits this category. The Himiway Cobra is a powerful all-terrain electric mountain bike ready to conquer all terrain types, including snow and sand, while also effortlessly climbing the steepest hills. 

Priced at $2,400, I believe the Himiway Cobra offers plenty of value - be ready to get a powerful e-bike that’s extremely fast and takes off even faster.

If you want a powerful yet affordable electric mountain bike that you can ride on all kinds of trails, then the Cobra is a perfect bike to take into consideration.

In this Himiway Cobra review, I’m going to dive into the details of this full-suspension mountain e-bike but before we go any further, let’s take a look at its specs.

Himiway Cobra Frame

Made out of 6061 aluminum, the Cobra is one very large bike with tall standover height and a really long wheelbase. Compared to some other mountain e-bikes in this class, this bike’s wheelbase is up to 6 inches longer. 

Also, Cobra’s 32-inch standover height is several inches taller than other bikes in this category. This bike is big enough that I’d advise smaller or more inexperienced riders against getting one, as they would have a hard time keeping the e-bike upright at lower speeds and in tight u-turns. However, if you’re taller and you’re confident enough to handle a bike like that, the Cobra will absolutely not disappoint.


Himiway Cobra Motor 1

With a 750W brushless geared hub motor, this e-bike is quick and torquey. If you’re looking to get something that rides more gently, Cobra is likely not for you.

But if you’re power-hungry and looking to get an e-bike that’s not going to hold back, keep reading.

The Cobra is also impressively sensitive. I used to complain about how delayed Himiway’s e-bikes could be, from when you start pedaling to when the bike’s motor kicked on. 

This issue appears to have been solved with Cobra with the addition of an incredibly sensitive torque sensor.

Compared to the old cadence sensors, the torque sensors detect how hard you pedal so they can apply motor power correspondingly.  This means that you can adapt how much power you’re receiving by adjusting how hard you’re pedaling.

The Cobra has 5 pedal assist settings and a throttle set to Class 3 settings, meaning the motor will help you reach a max speed of up to 28 mph while pedaling, while the throttle alone will power the Cobra to 20 mph.


Himiway Cobra Motor

The Cobra comes with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain with a Tourney shifter and an Altus derailleur. These components pair up incredibly, and they offer a sharp feeling when you shift. The gear range on the Cobra is decent for speed in general and off-road riding. 

Where this bike departs from the performance of its predecessors is in how it feels while climbing in PAS 5.

Due to that torque sensor, the Cobra is remarkably responsive and feels much more lively on steeper hills. If you give a little extra effort at the pedals, the motor will respond accordingly.


Powering the Cobra’s motor is a 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery fully integrated into the bike’s frame. It’s big and, in usual Himiway fashion, offers the bike a great range despite its energy-hungry motor.

The Cobra’s battery charges pretty quickly and lasts for long periods, even when you ride the bike on higher assist levels.

With a battery like this, you can easily reach around 40 miles on the highest assist level. This bike departs from you predecessors' performance ride. To put it shortly, the range shouldn’t be a concern for the Cobra.



Himiway Cobra Brakes

As for the braking, it’s handled by a set of Tektro hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm front and rear rotors. These brakes are a huge upgrade over the mechanical disc brakes we’re used to seeing in other Himiway models.

While they will perform well, definitely better than the mechanical brakes, the 88lb electric bike might benefit from more powerful quad-piston brakes.

In the mountain e-bike market, where this model arguably falls, quad-piston hydraulic brakes have become the norm because modern off-road electric bikes are simply heavy enough to warrant bigger brakes.

In a full-power stop from 20 mph, the Cobra will slow to an average of 17-feet-9-inches. This is by no means unsafe but provides evidence that the sheer weight of this e-bike may justify a stouter braking system.


The huge 26x4.8-inch CST tires featured on the Cobra are grippy, aggressive, and confidence-inspiring on all sorts of terrains. 

These tires will provide you with a fantastic cushy feeling on all types of trails. These fat tires also have a great level of off-road threads, making off-roading safer and easier.

Himiway Cobra Tires

Post-Test Summary: Himiway Cobra Pros And Cons

The Himiway Cobra meets the price, componentry, and style criteria to fit perfectly into the affordable electric fat bike category. The bike’s motor size is right, the drivetrain choice is right and it features the all-important fat tires.

What I Like About The Himiway Cobra

Unlike its predecessors, Cobra’s torque sensor completely alters the nature of Himiway’s 750W hub motor, transforming it into a more precise and quicker engaging machine.

In addition to the bike’s motor, Cobra comes with a huge battery that will offer you plenty of range.

Lastly, this e-bike provides a budget-friendly option for anyone looking to get into off-roading -  you’d be hard-pressed to find a better electric mountain bike for less than $2,400.


  • Powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor
  • The bike is incredibly responsive due to the torque sensor
  • Huge 48V 20Ah battery that offers around 60 miles of range per full charge
  • Affordable for a mountain e-bike

What I Don’t Like About The Himiway Cobra

At 88 lbs and with an incredibly tall standover height and long wheelbase, Himiway Cobra is a very large electric bike.

While the Cobra comes equipped with a set of hydraulic disk brakes, offering a big upgrade over the brakes we saw on the older Himiway e-bikes, I would personally love to see the quad-piston hydraulic brakes on this e-bike due to its sheer size.

The last complaint I have about the Cobra is the faux leather grips which have some aesthetic appeal, but they tend to spin on the bar, and the material isn’t grippy enough for off-road rides.


  • Better suited for taller and more experienced riders due to the bike’s long wheelbase and tall standover height
  • Insufficient componentry in the braking department
  • The faux leather grips can be slippery

Advice To Buyers

Even though I would love to see some upgrades when it comes to the braking system, the Cobra will perform well. This is a decent electric mountain bike that will get the job done - you can enjoy some recreational off-road riding.

Himiway Cobra Camo
Our Rating - 93/100

Himiway Cobra features a redesigned 750W rear hub motor and a huge 48V, 20Ah battery, but what really makes this bike stand out is Himiway’s suspension design, hydraulic disk brakes, and a torque sensor.


The Himiway Cobra is an electric mountain bike with great value. While there are less expensive e-bikes available on the market, there are more feature-rich and thus more expensive ones too. 

The Cobra costs only $2,400, making it a budget-friendly e-bike for anyone looking to get into more challenging trails, especially when you consider the quality of some of its components, such as the motor, torque sensor battery, and tires.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable electric mountain bike that’s fast and capable of conquering all types of mountain trails, the Himiway Cobra is definitely worth considering.

Himiway Cobra

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