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10 Tips For Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe


How Do You Keep an Electric Bike Safe?

Most electric bikes are designed to last at least five years. However, various hazards exist that could easily shorten the shelf life of your e-bike.

For one, electric bicycles are a handsome investment and tend to make an easy target for thieves and vandals. Furthermore, tear and wear are always lurking in the shadows for those who fail to maintain their two-wheelers.

So, to ensure that your e-bike survives through its “intended” life expectancy, several things should be prioritized. The following are crucial tips and tricks to keep your bike safe; whether from bike thieves or wear and tear.

Security from Thieves


One big disservice you can do to your bike is to leave it unlocked whenever it is unmanned. This is an invitation for thieves to have their way with the whole bike or individual components they can find a quick market for. Different factors go into securing your bike in public when it is not within eyeshot. These include the following:

Finding a Secure Location

Finding a secure location is paramount to locking up your bike safely! Secure locations may range from anything like bike parking facilities to practical bike racks. If your bike will be unattended for several hours. You want to find a safe indoor location where you can lock it up.

Look for garages, sheds, or appropriate bike parking facilities to do this. Never lock your bike outside for the night; this is prime time for thieves to hit your electric bike. Ensure that your bicycle is always locked inside overnight.

If you want to leave your bike somewhere in town as you run a quick errand, you can look for the relevant outdoor location to lock your bike. Generally, outdoor bike racks will make a nice option. However, you also want to ensure that the location is open, well-lit and that the racks have not been tampered with.

Record the Serial Number and Register Your Bike

In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, you always want an opportunity to retrieve it. This will only be possible if you register it with a bike theft app. If you plan to leave your bike unmanned, make sure that you take pictures or record the serial number. This is the bicycle’s ID, and it will enable the authorities to identify and recover your bike. 

Alternatively, you can register it on a bike theft application. These apps work by notifying the police and other cyclists that your bike is stolen. They also provide them with a description, location, as well as pictures to keep them on the lookout!

Choosing the Right Lock

safe locking up an electric bike

Finding a secure location is only the beginning of the story. Your bike needs a proper and functional lock to make it thief-proof. In fact, you will require more than just one lock to enhance the security of your bike; the more, the better. Bikes with more locks pose a greater challenge to steal because they require more work!

Preferably, try to invest in a high-security lock for your bicycle. While such locks are generally expensive; they are less costly than a stolen bike. You can try out brands like the ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 lock, and pair it with cable locks or u-locks as secondary locking options. 

Another thing you want to consider when locking up your bike is the security of individual components. Parts such as wheels, batteries, and motors, can easily be stolen separately for thieves who want to do a “quick job!” As such, you need multiple locks to secure these components individually; and if your bike computer is detachable, take it with you. 

Security from Wear and Tear

Another thing that can easily render your e-bike obsolete is general wear and tear. Luckily, you can prevent this by performing precautionary maintenance measures well in advance. It is recommended that you focus on the battery, brakes, tires, and chain when staving off wear and tear. Note the following:

Maximize Battery Range

There are several ways to prolong the range of your electric bike’s battery for it to last longer. Firstly, you can try to always top off the battery charge or use eco mode when the terrain you’re riding on allows. Additionally, avoid strong headwinds when your battery is running low. 

Look Out for the Tires

Thanks to the extra weight of the electric components like the battery and motor, e-bikes are generally weightier than normal bikes. For this reason, the tires tend to endure added pressure when you store the bike. You want to ensure that your tires are always inflated to the optimal psi and if you want to replace them, do this with a set that is specifically designed for electric bikes. 

Maintain the Chain

Normally, electric bike chains experience high-level tear and wear. This should prompt you to regularly perform relevant maintenance services on the chain such as cleaning and lubricating it. Also, examine, fix, or replace the chain if need be!

Pay Attention to the Brakes

Given the heavy weight of electric bikes, you need a strong pair of brakes that will bring the machine to a stop without experiencing too much tear and wear. To maintain their functionality, regularly check and appropriately adjust the brakes before you ride. Furthermore, remember to replace the rotors and pads promptly whenever an issue arises. 

Safe Electric Bike Storage


When you are no longer using your electric bike and want to store it for a while, use the following tricks to enhance its safety during that period:

Store it in a Dry Environment

When storing your bike, you want to protect it from the elements to ensure that it is not damaged. With that said, find a dry indoor location, such as a garage where your bike will remain dry when it starts to rain. This will not only safeguard it from the moisture and possible rust but also keep it away from wandering eyes.

Camouflage the Bike

Another trick you can use is to make your bike less attractive to would-be thieves while in storage. Paint your bike with “ugly” colors that may mimic rust from afar to make the thieves disinterested. Remember, this is only for a period and you can restore the aesthetics of your bike when you want to start riding again.

Remove the Battery

When storing your electric bike, you may also want to remove the battery. This is because replacing the battery is an expensive affair, and if your bicycle gets stolen, you’ll be able to save a few dollars when replacing the bike. 

Meanwhile, thieves may try to pick the battery’s lock if they find it locked. This can easily damage the battery and make it useless. So, you want to remove it to keep the most expensive parts on your bike even safer.

Final Thought

Overall, electric bikes will cost you a pretty penny! You, therefore, want to do everything in your power to safeguard your prized investment. The above guide provides you with a good idea of how you can go about this to enhance the shelf life of your e-bike.

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