18 April 2023

10 Tips For Keeping Your Electric Bike Safe


How Do You Keep an Electric Bike Safe?

Investing in an electric bike is a smart move, but it's important to be aware of the various risks that could reduce your two-wheeler's lifespan.

From careless handling and physical damage like rust or tear, to theft - there are plenty of things you can do wrong if you don't take proper care.

To ensure your e-bike reaches its intended 5-10 year life span (or more!), here are some key tips for safeguarding against potential hazards!

Security from Thieves


When you leave your bike unattended, it can quickly become a tempting target for thieves. To make sure that doesn't happen and keep your trusty two-wheeled companion safe from sticky fingers, there are several key measures to consider: locking mechanisms, secure locations - even the weather! Taking these steps will help ensure that when you come back to get on the road again with confidence.

Finding a Secure Location

Keeping your electric bike secure is the key to peace of mind. You'll want to find a safe indoor location such as a garage or shed, and lock it up for long periods if unattended - don't leave bikes outside overnight!

Look for garages, sheds, or appropriate bike parking facilities to do this. Never lock your bike outside for the night; this is prime time for thieves to hit your electric bike. Ensure that your bicycle is always locked inside overnight.

If you want to leave your bike somewhere in town as you run a quick errand, you can look for the relevant outdoor location to lock your ebike. Generally, outdoor bike racks will make a nice option. However, you also want to ensure that the location is open, well-lit and that the racks have not been tampered with.

Record the Serial Number and Register Your Bike

In an effort to increase the chances of retrieving your bicycle in case it is stolen, registering with a bike theft app can be extremely beneficial. While leaving your bike unmanned, make sure you take pictures or record its serial number as this acts as identification for authorities when attempting recovery.

Being able to provide police and other cyclists with descriptions; location information and photos so that they are equipped to retrieve your bike in case it goes missing. And of course, having the serial number recorded goes a long way in proving that the bike does, in fact, belong to you.

Choosing the Right Lock

safe locking up an electric bike

Storing your bike in a secure spot may be the first step, but that alone won't ward off potential thieves. You'll need more than just one lock to ensure top-notch protection for your e-bike; multiple locks will make stealing it harder and even deter some people from attempting! 

To maximize safety, look into investing in high security locking systems - although pricey, they are still much cheaper than dealing with a stolen bicycle later on.

You can try out brands like the No products found., and pair it with cable locks or u-locks as secondary locking options. 

Another thing you want to consider when locking up your bike is the security of individual components. Parts such as wheels, batteries, and motors, can easily be stolen separately for thieves who want to do a “quick job!” As such, you need multiple locks to secure these components individually; and if your bike computer is detachable, take it with you. 

Protection from Wear and Tear

When caring for your e-bike, prevention is the best policy. Regular maintenance of its key components - battery, brakes, tires and chain - should be top priority to avoid general wear and tear before it has a chance to take hold. Plus, with regular upkeep you'll enjoy every ride even more. Below are a few points to be aware of, we wrote an in-depth guide on servicing your electric bike if you are interested in diving a bit deeper into the topic.

Maximize Battery Range

There are several ways to prolong the range of your electric bike’s battery for it to last longer. Firstly, you should try to fully charge your battery before riding your e-bike when conditions allow.

Secondly, if your e-bike has pedal assist (called Pedalec by some manufacturers) you should provide assistance to the motor if:

  • the battery is running low
  • there are strong headwinds
  • you're riding on a very hot day

Look after your Tires

E-bikes, while more energy efficient and powerful than standard bikes, come with a few unique challenges. As their electric components add extra weight to the bike's overall mass, this increases strain on the tires – making it imperative for riders to make sure they are always properly inflated according to manufacturer specifications.

Additionally be aware that some tire models may not work effectively for e-bikes (for example fat tire e-bikes) so investing in those specifically designed for them is recommended.

Maintain the Chain

If you want your electric bike chain to remain in tip-top condition, regular maintenance is key. To keep it running smoothly, give the chain some loving care by properly cleaning and lubricating it on a consistent basis.

Additionally, be sure not to overlook any signs of wear or tear that may require further examination - sometimes even replacement.

Pay Attention to the Brakes

Given the heavy weight of electric bikes, you need a strong pair of brakes that will bring the machine to a stop without experiencing too much tear and wear. To maintain their functionality, regularly check and appropriately adjust the brakes before you ride. Furthermore, remember to replace the rotors and pads promptly whenever an issue arises. 

Safe Electric Bike Storage


If you're taking a break cycling on your electric bike and need to store it for the meantime, protecting its safety is key. Here are some tips on how you can keep your e-bike safe while stored:

Store it in a Dry Environment

Keep your bike safe and sound from harmful weather conditions! Find a dry spot inside, like a garage - that way it won't get rained on or rust while also keeping away prying eyes.

Camouflage the Bike

A simple way to help keep your bike safe from thieves is by sprucing it up - with ugliness! Paint the frame and parts of your cycle in dull, unattractive colors that resemble rust. This can be a great deterrent when you need to store away for an extended period; once ready for summer rides again, simply repaint the bicycle back into its beautiful former glory.

Remove the Battery

Protect your electric bike and wallet by removing the battery while storing it away. Not only can thieves cause expensive damage to a locked battery, but if your bicycle is stolen you will save yourself some money when replacing it - all without needing to put extra locks on.

Thieves may try to pick the battery’s lock if they find it locked. This can easily damage the battery and make it useless. So, you want to remove it to keep the most expensive parts on your bike even safer.

To get the most out of your cherished e-bike, it pays to be proactive in protecting and caring for it - especially considering electric bike's hefty price tag! With a few simple steps outlined here, you can make sure that your investment will last as long as possible.

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