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Lectric XP Lite - In-Depth Review

The Lectric E-bike has been founded around the idea of delivering customers affordable e-bikes that provide genuine value.

What I mean by this is that they produce e-bikes you can use as daily commuters and not a fun toy you can ride around every now and then.

Although their first e-bike (the LX) wasn’t a smashing hit, and it almost bankrupted the company, the founders stayed true to their commitment and listened to consumer feedback.

And so, the XP lineup came to be. The XP stands for “experience points” since the founders Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel learned a lot from the massive flop that was the LX.

Although the XP Lite doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles you normally see on some more expensive e-bikes, it’s still jam-packed with value.

The XP Lite comes with a set of pretty decent mechanical brakes, has more than enough range to take you around town, and is pretty durable to boot.


Lectric XP Lite Folded

The Lectric XP Lite has one of the simplest frame designs I’ve ever seen. The entire frame consists of a single square tube built out of durable yet lightweight 6061 aluminum.

I love how simple yet stylish the frame is. Of course, the simple frame design has more to do with keeping the production cost down than with styles. Since there’s no downtube or chainstay, there’s very little welding needed since all components of the e-bike simply connect to the single main tube.

The frame also houses the battery, which you can’t take out until you fold the XP LIte. The folding process is pretty simple. All you have to do is unhook the latches on the frame and the handlebars, and the bike almost folds itself. You can do it in less than thirty seconds.

When folded, this bake measures only 36 x 16 x 27 inches, which means you’ll have no trouble stowing it away in a closet or the trunk of your car.

Unfortunately, carrying the bike while folded can be pretty cumbersome. Although it only weighs 46 lbs, there are no carrying handles, so you have to awkwardly hold on to the frame and carry it that way. At least the pedals also fold, so they won’t get caught on things while you lug the XP Lite around.

Another problem I have with the frame design is the ride comfort. Since I’m on the taller side, I couldn’t get into a comfortable riding position. Instead, my back was nearly parallel with the seat tube, which made road shock all that much worse.

But if you’re under 6 feet, you’ll have a blast riding this e-bike. Although it doesn’t come with a suspension, the ride is pretty smooth - provided you’re in a comfortable riding position.

One thing that really impressed me about the XP Lite’s frame is how durable and high-quality it feels. The welds are pretty clean, and the paint finish is impeccable. The entire bike feels like it can handle quite a lot of wear and tear before breaking down.


Lectric XP Lite Motor

Since this is as budget-friendly an e-bike as it can get, you can’t expect much from the engine. Still, the little 300 W motor is pretty capable and responsive.

The motor doesn’t deliver much torque, but it will get you to the top speed of 20 MPH in a reasonably short period of time.

Since this e-bike doesn’t come with a derailleur system, you will have to turn the pedals pretty fast if you want to reach the top speed on the pedal assist. 

The one thing where this e-bike struggles most is going uphill. Even light riders will have trouble reaching 10+ MPH speeds when going uphill. But that’s to be expected from a 300-watt motor.


One thing that really impressed me was the motor controller. It comes with a big LCD screen that’s incredibly well lit. You’ll have no problem reading information even under direct sunlight. 

On top of that, the screen will allow you to access all the motor settings. Moreover, you can even set up the XP Lite to run as a Class 3 e-bike, but that will cost you the already subpar range.

Another thing I like about the motor controls is that the XP Lite comes with a twist throttle rather than a thumb throttle. I personally feel more comfortable with a twist throttle since it doesn’t require me to hold my thumb in an awkward position.

Lectric Controller


Lectric XP Lite Battery

The battery on the Lectric XP is pretty impressive, considering the price. On paper, the battery provides around 40 miles of range.

However, this does not reflect real-world data. During my time with this e-bike, the most I could squeeze out of the battery was around 30 miles. And that was on pedal assist 1, with no throttle use, and I avoided any steep climbs.

The thing that annoyed me the most about the battery wasn’t the battery itself but the charge indicator. The charge level would constantly switch, dip and jump depending on how fast or hard I was riding. This made it pretty difficult to gauge how much charge I had left.

When it comes to recharging time - it’s less than ideal, but it’s okay for a budget bike. It takes around 5 hours to recharge, which is why I recommend you get a spare one, so you have no downtime.


The brakes on this e-bike are pretty decent. Most budget-friendly brands usually opt for no-name brakes that usually leave a lot to desire.

But not Lectric - the XP Lite comes with Zoom mechanical disk brakes with 140-mm rotors. This is more than enough stopping power for a Class 2 e-bike.

What’s more, the brakes also come with an automatic shutoff system. This means the motor will turn off when you squeeze the brake lever.


Since there’s no suspension on the LX Lite, you’d think the ride is pretty bumpy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although it might not look like it, this bike comes with fat tires. They’re not as big as those on RadPower Expand since that would overburden the motor. The tires on XP Lite measure 20 x 2.6 inches which are just big enough to absorb most of the road shock.


Lectric XP Lite Accesories

When it comes to accessories, this e-bike only comes with two out-of-the-box. Those are the front and back lights. The lights are pretty decent, albeit a bit underpowered, but you can fix that by adding rechargeable lights.

Thankfully, you can buy front and back cargo racks. However, when you add that to the price of the XP Lite, you can easily buy an XP Lite 2, which already comes with cargo racks and has a beefier battery and motor.

I don’t recommend you get any accessories for this bike. It would kind of defeat its purpose as a lightweight e-bike you can use for short trips around town.

What I Like About Lectric XP Lite

There is quite a lot to like about the XP Lite. For starters, it’s more than affordable. This makes it a perfect starter e-bike. It doesn’t come with the most powerful motor in the world, but it’s pretty reliable and will get you to the top speed of 20 MPH in a reasonably short time.

Another cool thing about this bike is how little space it takes up when it’s folded. You can easily take it with you in your car or store it in a tight corner of your home. Sure it is a bit awkward to carry around, but it’s pretty light, so at least you won’t be over-encumbered.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how well-built this bike is. The frame feels pretty solid and, overall, extremely durable.

Lastly, there are the tires. Although they’re not the fattest set of tires, they absorb a lot of road shock, which ensures you have a smooth ride.


  • Affordable
  • Decent motor for the price
  • Durable frame
  • Decent range for the budget

What I Don’t Like About Lectric XP Lite

As it’s the case with all budget-friendly e-bikes, there are some quirks that can get pretty annoying over time.

The thing that annoyed me the most about XP Lite is that the motor would not stop whenever I would stop turning the pedals. Instead, it would still run for a couple of seconds.

Another thing I don’t like about this e-bike is how stiff the folding joints are. I did manage to loosen them up with time, but that shouldn’t be the case since a child would have a pretty hard time folding this e-bike.

Finally, I have an issue with ride comfort. I’m just a tad bit over 6 feet high, and I had a pretty bad time finding a comfortable riding position. Still, that’s to be expected from a budget-friendly e-bike.


  • The motor doesn’t turn off when you stop pedaling
  • The folding joints are pretty stiff
  • Not very comfortable for tall riders

Advice To Buyers

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of electric bikes and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you should have the Lectric XP Lite on your radar. Although it has its quirks, this bike is jam-packed with value - you get a decent motor and range, and the ride is pretty smooth if you’re under 6 feet.


After the disastrous launch of the LX, the XP Lite was the win Lectric needed.

This e-bike is one of the best in its price range. Although Lectric had to make a lot of compromises to keep the price as low as possible, they somehow managed to pack in reasonably good components such as Zoom brakes and the 300 W motor.

It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular brands of e-bikes in the world. Where else can you get an e-bike that packs this much value? I hope Lectric keeps refining the design and making their next e-bike series even more affordable.

Lectric XP Lite Sandstorm
Our Rating - 77/100

Lectric XP Lite

Although it has a couple of quirks, the Lectric XP lite is a pretty decent e-bike - especially when you factor in how affordable it is. Most e-bikes at this price can’t be considered more than toys. XP lite, on the other hand, comes with a pretty decent battery, a reasonably powerful motor, and it’s foldable!

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