QuietKat Electric Hunting Bikes: Your Loyal & Silent Wildlife Conqueror

by Ruaan Nel 

May 26, 2023

If you’re in need of a high-quality electric bike for all terrains, there is certainly a gem for you in QuietKat’s assortment of electric hunting bikes.

When you’re hunting, you surely need to go away from the road into the wilderness. Going on foot isn’t really the way to go - first of all, it is near to impossible to carry hunting gear while hiking, going through mud, and trying not to scare your prey away.

Speaking of scaring and pushing the animals further into the forests - ATVs, trucks, Jeeps, etc., are often used, but they are too noisy. That’s why electric bikes are perfect for hunting.

Of course, they are not all the same - some are for the most extreme conditions, and some are also made for mountain trails, exploring, etc.

Not sure which QuietKat is for you? I’ve compiled the list of the best QuietKat hunting bikes (again, not limited to hunting) so that you can make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase.

quietcat bikes review

Who is QuietKat?

Before we begin, I want to say a few words about the company.

Sometimes wrongly referred to as “Quiet Cat,” or even “Quiet Kat,” QuietKat is a company that is committed to providing its customers with premium-quality compact e-bikes and related accessories.

As their name suggests, the bikes they produce are quiet for a stealthy and successful hunting journey.

Without further ado, you can get to meet the best QuietKat electric hunting bikes below!

In a hurry, after 47 hours of research we recommend:
QuietKat Ranger e-bike

Our Top Pick

QuietKat Ranger

This bike can be praised on all fronts, starting from the improved and modernized frame geometry that focuses on even weight distribution for a trouble-free ride.

QuietKat Apex

Best Hunting Bike

QuietKat Apex

The Apex 1000 stands out as one of the most powerful electric bikes for hunting on the market, there's no denying it.

QuietKat Villager

Our Budget Pick

QuietKat Villager

Even though the Villager isn't as powerful as the other bikes in QuietKat's line up, it's still a strong addition in it's arsenal.

Quick Comparison Table

Budget Pick
QuietKat Villager

QuietKat Villager

Best Budget-Friendly

  • Ergonomic Step-Thru frame
  • 325 lbs loading capacity
  • Max speed of 20 MPH
Best Hunting Bike
QuietKat Apex

QuietKat Apex

For the most difficult terrain

  • Max speed of 25 MPH
  • 1000W motor
  • Ultimate camouflage apparel

The Best QuietKat Electric Hunting Bikes in Broad Strokes 

The Apex 1000 stands out as one of the most powerful electric bikes for hunting on the market, together with Apex Sport.

They are both embellished with the title “1000” that stands for their incredible 1000W motor. This means that they will easily overcome any trouble on the road (or off of it).

What they also have in common is a maximum speed of 20 MPH if you get the 750W motor, or no speed restrictions if you opt in for the 1000W motor.

QuietKat Apex

QuietKat Apex

The most significant difference between them is in terms of construction. The Apex features a slightly more rigid frame, and what accounts for the reduction of vibration here is Mozo Air Suspension, equally efficient.

For the most difficult terrain

One of its immense strengths lies in the durable stainless steel drive chain.

Finally, you can get a camo version of the bike for the ultimate camouflage apparel.

2. QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a less costly option to assist you on your hunting trail, consider buying the Ranger 750.

It is one of the famous 2018 models that are characterized by the unassisted speed of 19 MPH, 7-speed gear system, and a Mechanical Disc efficient brake system.

The ability to carry 300 pounds cannot go unmentioned here, either.

The sleek frame that comes in two sizes (17 and 19’’) has the modern and quite beautiful QuietKat logo on the sides, which adds to the attractive look of the Ranger.

QuietKat Ranger

QuietKat Ranger

What’s more, the coil shock absorption and the stainless steel chains can withstand each and every terrain.

QuietKat Ranger

QuietKat Ranger

The newest and upgraded Apex Sport by QuietKat is one of the best-selling and most popular releases in 2020, and for a good reason.

This bike can be praised on all fronts, starting from the improved and modernized frame geometry that focuses on even weight distribution for a trouble-free ride.

Next, the ode goes to the Adjustable Coil Suspension that prevents any vibration, even when you’re on the most uneven terrain out there.

QuietKat Apex Sport Black

QuietKat Apex Sport

There is an elegant black-gray variant, as well as the camo one if you want to blend in the environment completely while you’re hunting.

Best Overall

It is designed for a 325-pound load carry, which means you can bring with you every bit of your hunting gear. The maximum speed is 20 MPH if you get the 750W motor, while the 1000W motor doesn't have any speed restrictions.

Pretty impressive, right?

You can track the battery life on the convenient display. Oh, and this is one of the most powerful batteries for e-bikes on the market!

4. QuietKat Villager E-Bike

The Villager is more budget-friendly than my previous choices, but it is also less powerful and less adapted for most demanding hunting.

It will be quite enough, though, for occasional hunting. It is not the most advantageous electric bike in QuietKat’s assortment, but it will surely help you while climbing the steep inclines.

QuietKat Villager

QuietKat Villager

Best Budget-Friendly

The ergonomic Step-Thru frame design means that this bike will be comfortable for you regardless of gender, and it also guarantees a quick get on and off - which is sometimes crucial for successful hunting.

As I mentioned, it offers less power than the aforementioned bikes, more precisely, 500W. If you think this might not be enough for high altitudes, do not worry - this motor has enough power, and it is enhanced with 203mm disc brakes for your overall safe experience.

QuietKat Villager

QuietKat Villager


I hope that you’ve found the QuietKat electric bike that is most suitable for you and your needs in this round-up of the best QuietKat hunting bikes.

Whichever one you get, you won’t be wrong!

Should you require any additional information about this or other brands, feel free to contact us.

Until next time!


Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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