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RadMission Electric Metro Bike Review

May 21, 2023

As of 2023 the RadMission has been discontinued, with Rad Power aiming to replace it with the RadCity and RadRover as city and fat-tire commuters respectively.

Deciding to invest in an ecological vehicle is always a good idea. Not only are e-bikes a faster means of transportation, but they are also so eco-friendly!

Nowadays, there are so many different e-bikes out there, and that could be a problem when you need to pick one out. So, if you need a bike for your daily commutes and odd rides around the city, you need to look for metro or commuter bikes!

One electric bike that particularly stands out is the RadMission electric metro bike. To make sure that this bike is the right fit for you, you need to see what it’s all about!

So, to find out all about the RadMission Electric Metro Bike, continue reading our article!

RadMission Electric Metro Bike - In-Depth Review

Rad Power is one of the best-selling bike manufacturers in the US. Ever since their first models came out, the bikes have been all the rage. 

Their first bikes had fat tires and the main focus was to create an all-road vehicle. Today, the needs for electric bikes are different, so Rad Power had to create something sustainable - and that’s how the RadMission was created.

The slim, simple design of the Class-2 RadMission makes it the ideal ride to work or running errands. It’s easy to take for a stroll because it’s just so convenient!

Times, when you would spend an hour or two stuck in the morning rush, are finally over. Electric bikes are the cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative you were looking for!

RadMission 1

What truly makes this bike stand out among the rest of Rad Power’s vehicles is the price. Sure, Rad Power is known for its value-for-money, almost budget-friendly prices, but RadMission is still almost $500 cheaper than the average price of Rad Power Bikes.

Some people might think right now that the RadMission is so affordable because it doesn’t offer much. In our opinion, that could not further from the truth - despite being the cheapest model!

With the price just over a thousand bucks, the RadMission is still a different class compared to the other bikes on Amazon. Rad Power is a US-based company, and their bikes are not only designed in the US, they are manufactured here.

Because of that, the manufacturing process is held to a much higher standard than the fly-by-night Amazon suppliers. Even their affordable bikes are high-quality vehicles!

No-frills, a single-speed drivetrain, and the 500W hub motor are somewhat the industry average. The battery is smaller than what a typical Rad Power bike would have in the store. However, that doesn’t mean the battery isn’t powerful - just different!

The Design

The RadMission has a very simplistic and understated design, while still looking very stylish. From a distance it looks like any other non-electric bike, but when you take a closer look all of its features become apparent. 

Red Power are giving us a choice between two aluminum frames for this ebike. You can choose the mid-step frame which comes in either black, white or red, or the high-step frame that comes in black, gray or blue color. All of the variations look great so this won't be a difficult choice for you.

The only part of the bikes design that makes the RedMission look like an electric bike is the battery placement, which is on the downtube. The sleek aluminum rims, which carry Kenda Kontakt tires look very aesthetically pleasing, especially with the reflective sidewalls on it.

Red Power made yet another simple yet effective choice with their LED control panel that's placed on the left side of the handlebars. The control panel offers straight-to-the-point controls, giving you access to the amount of assistance by pressing the + or - buttons, all the while the LED is showing you how much you're being assisted as well as the battery life.

Bike’s weight and the weight capacity

The innovations in the design make this bike rather lightweight, mostly thanks to the smaller battery pack. The lightweight design makes this bike easy to move, store, and ride in the pedal-assist mode.

Most e-bikes weigh around 70-80 pounds, which makes carrying the bike either painful or straight out impossible. That’s where RadMission excels because, at 50 pounds, it weighs significantly lower than its competitors.

The parts are very durable, so this bike ought to last you a good while. With a rigid steel fork, durable rubber round grips, and an aluminum swept-back handlebar, this bike will withstand the daily commutes down bumpy roads!

The weight capacity of the RadMission is 275 pounds, which is not too high. This means the RadMission is not the best option to carry cargo, or children, for that matter.

However, Rad Power, as well as many other manufacturers, offers cargo bikes. If carrying any kind of cargo is a must for you, consider looking at other options rather than this lightweight, metro bike.

But while I talk about the pedal assist, I can’t help but take a dig at E-cells for using a cadence-based PA sensor as opposed to a torque sensor. Considering the hefty price you pay for this monster, I expected a torque sensor as the standard choice to deliver smoother pedal assist. 

I’ve already mentioned that at top speed, the Monarch is like a freight train on the rails. So, you must be wondering what it takes to stop it in its tracks. For this, E-cells fitted a pair of Tektro Dorado hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear tires to provide you with that necessary braking performance. 

I must say the brakes did a decent job of bringing the fast and heavy bike to a stop on a dime, even though I didn’t test the speed limit. The rotors are also reassuring with a massive 203mm diameter and 2.3mm thickness, which allows them to soak in more heat without warping. 

Battery specs

RadMission 1

Battery specs are the most important thing about an electric bike. The battery specs aren’t related to the battery power itself, but the mile range. The mile range means, in essence, how long can you ride your bike on a single charge.

So, we already mentioned that the battery on the RadMission electric bike is a bit smaller than the battery on every other Rad Power bike - 504 Wh instead of 674 Wh, in a 48V, 10.5Ah battery. Thankfully, that didn’t affect the mile range of 45+ miles, which fits right into the industry’s standard.

Motor specs

The motor specs are also lower than your typical Rad Power electric bike. Usually, their bike would be packing a 750W geared hub motor, while the RadMission is packing a 500W hub motor.

That may seem like not much, but it still reaches the maximum speed of 20mph without any troubles. This is a Class-2 vehicle, so it mustn’t have the ability to go over 20mph anyway.

Motor specs

That being said, the RadMission e-bike isn’t the best choice for hills and steep terrain. That is due to its single-speed drivetrain, meaning you cannot shift into a lower gear. The twist throttle on this bike is more of a helper gear to reach the higher speeds when you aren’t using pedal-assist mode. 

RadMission can go up to moderate hills without trouble, but with heavier hills, you will need to get the pedal-assist involved. Do note that climbing up moderate hills can be a trouble if the battery is low!


Brakes are perhaps something you always have to keep in mind. Good brakes are a complete and utmost necessity!

So, we were pleased to see that the brakes on the RadMission bike are of high quality. The brake pads are made of sintered metal, and the levers are comfort grip levers with a motor cutoff switch. The brake light is integrated into the design for maximum security, as it’s activated immediately when the brakes are pressed.

The brake calipers on the RadMission are Tektro Aries caliper - the MD-M300. Moreover, the brake rotors on the front and the back are Tektro 180 mm.

Control Panel

Looking at the control panel, at the first glance we can see that the bike in question is a budget-friendly one. The controls are simple, and there aren’t too many options on the LED screen.

On the control panel, you can choose pedal-assist modes - 0 (no assist), 1, 2, 3, and 4. Switching between the modes is done with + and - buttons.

There is a button to turn on the front light for night visibility and security. What is the obvious flaw is that you cannot check out the battery level or the current speed.

Of course, the maximum speed of 20mph means that you are not likely to break any traffic laws. However, the battery levels are something you should be able to check out to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Riding your juiced-out e-bike can be rather hard!


The e-bike itself comes with very basic accessories, which is to be expected when it comes to such a basic, affordable bike. Besides the small LED panel, brake and front lights, and a charger, there isn’t much else accessory-wise.

What we found to be a flaw is the lack of the kickstand. The kickstand can be purchased separately from the Rad Power company, but we find the kickstand an accessory that should have found its way into the package. Leaning your e-bike against walls and possibly scratching it is not something any bike owner wants to deal with.

Moreover, the Rad Power company has loads of different accessories to customize your bike. Some of the notable details are the back racks, baskets, and various bags to extend your cargo. You can also purchase fenders if you want to take your e-bike for a stroll in all weather conditions!

What Do We about RadMission Electric Metro Bike


  • Reliable brakes with powerful parts
  • Durable, simple design
  • Various color options available
  • Decent mile range
  • Powerful enough to climb moderate hills
  • Lightweight compared to other e-bikes

What Don’t We Like about RadMission Electric Metro Bike


  • Little accessories included
  • The bike could benefit from a more complex LED screen


RadMission Electric Metro Bike Review - Conclusion

To conclude, the RadMission electric bike is a powerful little commuter. For those buying their first e-bike, and are looking for an affordable one - RadMission is the one.

It offers specs well-above its price range, that is for sure. Of course, some minor details are missing, but that is what is to be expected for a bike so much cheaper than similar bikes.

In general, we feel that the RadMission can offer a lot with its decent mile range and solid power. What we especially liked is that this e-bike is 20-30 pounds lighter than the industry average.

Buying a daily commuter is all about convenience and simplicity - and RadMission is exactly that. Easy to carry, easy to use, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing - what more could we ask for?

RadMission Electric Metro Bike Review
Our Rating - 82/100

What truly makes this bike stand out among the rest of Rad Power’s vehicles is the price. Sure, Rad Power is known for its value-for-money, almost budget-friendly prices, but RadMission is still almost $500 cheaper than the average price of Rad Power Bikes.

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Emma was born and raised in the UK, studied in Amsterdam (where she discovered her passion for biking), and is currently living in Ohio. Her main passion is cycling, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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