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Rambo The Krusader AWD

The Rambo Krusader was originally released in 2020 and was the first AWD (all-wheel drive) electric hunting bike to hit the market.

Having excellent power and range, this e-bike changed how people viewed electric hunting bikes.

With the release of the Krusader, Rambo has established itself as an innovator and a leader in the electric hunting bike world.

Rambo Krusader AWD

With its two powerful hub motors and excellent quality fat tires, this electric hunting bike can conquer every type of terrain.

It also has a dark-green camo paint job that will help you blend in while hunting - which is, in my opinion, a great feature to have.

If you’re looking for an electric hunting bike and have some money to spend on an e-bike that can truly do it all, the Rambo Krusader is worth considering.

500 X2WD Krusader Dimensions

The first thing I will cover is the frame of the Krusader. This fat-tire electric bike is constructed out of 6061, a material that gives it a bit of flex and some additional response.

This being a fat tire e-bike, it’s not the lightest, weighing around 74 pounds. Unless you intend to carry this electric bike around with you or climb a ton of steps every day, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The front suspension fork of the Krusader is durable but heavy, and it helps a lot with traction and comfort.

The Krusader’s frame is available in a dark-green camo paint job that will make you less visible, which is essential as this electric bike is mainly used for hunting.

The only downside of the Krusader’s frame is that there’s only one side of the frame to select, which is 19 inches. Luckily, however, the top tube is slanted; thus, the e-bike’s standover height is 28 inches.

Rambo The Krusader AWD


The heart and soul of an AWD hunting electric bike are its motors - and Krusader certainly possesses some of the best components in this department.

Rambo Krusader has a combined power rating of 1000W due to the dual 500W Bafang motors placed in both the back and rear hub.

The peak power of this e-bike can reach up to a stunning 1500W. 

Rambo Krusader 500 X2WD-Rear-Motor-2

This additional power gained by having dual motors will allow you to climb steep terrains, push through sand or snow, and glide through the water without any problems.

Most e-bikes in the industry are only powered by one hub motor, which is generally placed on the back hub. That just shows to what extent the Rambo went when it comes to designing this electric hunting bike.

In addition to being very powerful, these two 500W motors are extremely quiet. Advertised as being “whisper quiet,” the Krusader lives up to the expectations with its state-of-the-art single-speed drivetrain.

Having only one speed, Krusader doesn’t need a derailleur which is pretty noisy even on an e-bike, and with the Rambo’s high-tech design, they created a single-speed hunting e-bike that’s exceptionally quiet - perfect for outdoor hunters, or simply someone who wants’s to enjoy a peaceful ride through the wilderness.

However, one downside of having a single-speed electric bike is that there’s no other way to make your ride easier apart from using the bike’s motor.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that if you run out of power, you will be stuck pedaling in one gear which could be challenging especially if you encounter hills. Luckily, Krusader comes with an excellent ion battery which I will cover in the next section.


Rambo Krusader 500 X2WD-Battery-2

Lithium-ion batteries are more and more becoming the industry standard for e-bikes because of their superior power output to weight ratio.

This gives your e-bike more efficient power which leads to a larger effective electric range.

Rambo has dedicated to making the best components for every level of e-bike that they provide, which is why Samsung lithium-ion batteries are a key component for not just the Krusader but for all Rambo’s e-bikes.

As I just mentioned, the Krusader gets its power from a single Samsung lithium-ion battery. This 48V, 14Ah battery gives the bike an effective range of up to 38 miles; however, you can go significantly farther if you pedal.

Brake Type


Hydraulic disc brakes are the best kind of brakes in the industry.

Although not as fantastic as the motor, or as eye-catching as a sleek camo colorway, brakes are some of the essential components of any bike. 

Shimano is the most famous company in the world of brakes. However, Logan has begun competing for the number one spot on the list.

Some Rambo e-bikes have Shimano brakes, some have Tektro brakes, and some have Logan hydraulic disc brakes, like the Krusader. 

Of these three companies, Logan is the least known one, and unfortunately, they are the worst of the three. Although they provide a solid stopping force, I recommend switching them for Shimano hydraulic brakes.


Krusader features double-wall 80mm aluminum rims that are very durable - perfect for handling harsh off-roading.


Last but not the least is the tires - Krusader comes with the impressive 26x4 inches Maxxis Minion tires. 

Rambo Krusader Top

The massive width of these tires means that you can ride this e-bike through snow, mud, over rocks, on the sand, without any issues or risk of getting punctures or losing traction.

Another great thing about having fat tires is that you can significantly lower the pressure - this provides more comfort and a wider contact patch which improves the grip.


Post Test Summary: Rambo The Krusader Pros And Cons

Rambo Krusader is an electric bike that delivers on its promise of being unmatched on challenging terrain. However, I feel that its $5000 price tag isn’t entirely justified.

It has a heavy suspension fork, single-speed drivetrain, and lower-tier Logan brakes. These are areas that could use some improvement.

On the other hand, the Maxxis Minion tires are absolutely phenomenal, the camo design is stunning, and the AWD setup climbs amazingly.

What I Like About The Rambo Krusader

This electric hunting bike can tackle every surface, from sand and snow to rocks and gravel and other surfaces that an ordinary fat tire e-bike may struggle with. Add two 500W hub motors to the equation, and you’re ready for some serious off-road riding.

What I Don’t Like About The Rambo Krusader

The first thing I don’t like about this fat tire electric hunting bike is the number of gears. Having only a single-speed means no other way to make your ride easier except for using the motor.

Also, the Krusader features Logan brakes of lower quality, so I would recommend switching them for better quality.


  • Two 500W hub motors
  • High-quality Maxxis Minion 26 x 4.0-inch fat tires
  • Dark-green camo paint job


  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Low-tier brakes
  • The Krusader only comes in a single 19-inch frame size

Advice To Buyers

If you can spare $5000 and you don’t mind the few drawbacks I’ve mentioned, you should most certainly buy the Krusader - this electric bike will meet and exceed your hunting expectations.


The Rambo Krusader is definitely a high-quality electric bike with some fantastic features. The Krusader is the first electric hunting bike to feature all-wheel drive. It is whisper quiet with its one-speed drive train, which can be both a positive and a negative, depending on what type of rider you are.

This e-bike has a range of 38 miles, which should be more than enough for most outdoor enthusiasts. Although for more hardcore riders, the mix of 38-mile range and only one speed may cause you to search for something more versatile.

Nevertheless, the Krusader is designed for anyone looking to have an e-bike that can withstand the great outdoors. However, the Krusader is not the best option for someone looking to buy an e-bike that can sustain them for an exceptionally long and arduous journey over rugged terrain. 

Rambo Krusader

Our Rating - 88/100

Most Reliable, Durable, and Bulletproof Drive Train

Rambo The Krusader fat tire electric hunting bike is an excellent option if you’re looking for a robust and reliable mountain e-bike. The tires on this electric bike provide exceptional stability, and it features two 500W hub motors that will power you through all terrain types.

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