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QuietKat Rambo – The Top Electric Hunting Bike Reviewed

May 22, 2023

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Whether you are a fan of electric bikes from the get-go or not, you can’t deny that they’ve come a long way these past few years. What started as a novelty quickly developed into a broad range of highly capable products: 

Going beyond city cruisers and mountain bikes, hunting bikes saw a spectacular rise in popularity, as well. 

They quickly took center stage spotlight with their powerful motors and durable construction capable of handling the roughest of terrains. As such, electric hunting bikes make for a perfect means of transportation for any hunter looking to do some scouting, check a few traps, or follow a trail.

One such example is the Rambo R1000XP G3 we’re about to review today: 

This hunting bike might be one of the best on the market, combining a solidly built frame with premium-quality fat tires, a powerful mid-drive motor, and large hydraulic disc brakes.  

So, be sure to read our Rambo R1000XP G3 review. You might fall in love with this electric hunting bike! 

We’ve noticed that more and more hunters are opting for electric mountain bikes when it’s time to go off the trails and deeper into the woods. One model stood out as particularly popular, though – the Rambo R1000XP. 

We decided to put it to the ultimate test: 

Not only did we take the time to research what others have to say about it and learn about its design and performance but took it out for a couple of test rides on roads less traveled, too. 

And since we figured that there would be plenty of backcountry hunters interested in the results, we decided to sum up all our findings in this Rambo R1000XP G3 review! 

When looking at hunting bikes, you want something that can withstand exposure to mud, grime, and water, while requiring minimal maintenance. 

And with its custom-built, rust-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy frame and rugged construction, the Rambo R1000XP doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The bike was made specifically for tackling extreme trails and has “outdoors” written all over its oh-so-cool Camo-painted finish.

The Rambo’s frame is a 19-inch one, with a stand-over height of 31 inches. It comes fitted with a custom-built 36T Narrow Wide chainring, RST Renegade fork suspension, Promax 770-millimeter handlebar, and a Selle Royal saddle for a smooth and comfortable ride. 

And we can’t talk about the frame without taking a moment to discuss the large wheels and extra-wide Maxxis Minion fat tires, too, which measure 26 x 4.8 inches.

On a regular electric bike, these fat tires would be overkill, but for off-road, hunting trails, they provide an insane amount of traction. That makes the bike feel a whole lot more safe and stable, even when the actual road conditions are anything but ideal.

Another thing that you’ll surely notice is that, at roughly 69 pounds, it’s not exactly the definition of lightweight.

Hunting bikes

Motor & Brakes

The driving force behind the Rambo R1000XP hunting bike is the 1000-watt Bafang mid-drive motor. Plus, it’s supported by five levels of pedal assist and an 11-gear SRAM NX derailleur.

It’s perfectly capable of delivering speeds of up to 28 miles per hour on throttle-only and carrying loads of up to 300 pounds total. With this much power, the R1000XP feels incredibly flexible: 

Uneven terrain, cargo hauling, and traversing uphill – it handles everything you might throw under the Rambo’s wheels with unmatched ease. 

There’s something undeniably mind-blowing – yet a little scary – about electric bikes that can reach such speed in off-road scenarios! 

Of course, with such an insanely powerful motor comes a set of high-performance brakes: 

The R1000XP comes fitted with dual Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, with 203-millimeter disk rotors in the front, and 180-millimeter ones in the back. 

As you can imagine, you’ll need highly efficient brakes to put this beast to a full stop, and this dual braking system does the job outstandingly well. It delivers adequate stopping power – even in downhill rides – and doesn’t overheat, either.

The only noticeable downside here is the range – but more on that later. Other than that, though, it performs surprisingly well and doesn’t lose momentum, even in the most challenging terrain. 

More importantly, it stays surprisingly quiet and stealthy while on the trail, too. Every experienced hunter knows how big of a difference this can make during big game hunting. 

It will deliver all the speed you might need out in the wilderness, but it won’t make a sound doing it – it’s a win-win! 

Battery & Range 

When electric hunting bikes first made their appearance, a lot of hunters questioned their capabilities regarding battery life and range. In short, pretty much everyone had their doubts about the distances they could reach on the back of one of these bikes. 

So, how does this hunting bike measure up in this regard? 

The Rambo R1000XP G3 comes fitted with a 48V/14.5 Ah Panasonic battery and boasts a range of 20 miles per charge, which is average, at best. Then again, the given number is for throttle-only rides: 

You can still keep up with the chase by using one of five integrated pedal assist levels. 

That said, you can always keep track of remaining battery life, among other essential info, on the digital display – and you have the option to bring an extra battery with you, just in case.

We couldn’t help but notice that the battery pack, which is conveniently located on the downtube, keeps the bike well-balanced. 

Post-Test Summary: Rambo R1000XP G3 Pros & Cons

There are quite a few things to love about the Rambo R1000XP hunting e-bike. You’ve seen the specs and features, and you’ve read how it holds up in rough terrain: 

The fact that it left such a good impression on us shouldn’t come as a shock. 

The first thing we noticed was, of course, the overall design and build quality, which, by the way, is nothing short of amazing. A sturdy, rust-resistant, aluminum alloy frame, sealed motor housing, and excellent traction and shock absorption are must-haves for off-road trail rides. 

And when you get the speed bug, the maximum speed of 28 miles per hour on throttle-only should be enough to scratch that itch. Surprisingly enough, you won’t ever feel out of control – the R1000XP never compromises stability for speed. 

Now, you’re probably sitting there, waiting for us to drop the bomb and underline the not-so-stellar aspects of its performance. 

One of our main gripes with it from the get-go was the somewhat limited range. While we were stunned by how powerful the Rambo’s mid-drive motor felt, even in the most challenging of terrains, its efficiency left us feeling somewhat underwhelmed. 

Now, don’t get us wrong – the numbers are far from bad, but we still feel like they belong in the entry-level range of products. In short, we expected more for the money.  

Also, there’s a lack of advanced options considering the price range it’s in – but this doesn’t even count as a legitimate flaw. It still has a decent full-color LCD screen and a few mounting options. 

Do we wish that it had more to offer? Yes. 

Do we consider this to be a deal-breaker? No. 

It still offers one of the best price-to-value ratios we’ve come across lately – drawbacks and all. 

What I Do Like About Rambo R1000XP G3?


  • Well-made and designed to handle rough terrain
  • Reaches a speed of up to 28 miles per hour
  • Feels stable and responsive throughout the ride
  • Features dual hydraulic disk braking system
  • Can be powered by pedal assist and throttle

What I Don’t Like About Rambo R1000XP G3?


  • Lacks any advanced options considering its price range

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So, what’s the verdict? Is the Rambo R1000XP G3 genuinely the best electric hunting bike money can buy? 

Well, as you’ve had the chance to see in our Rambo R1000XP G3 review, this bike does check most – if not all – the boxes. And in that sense, it deserves the title of one of the best electric hunting bikes on the market. 

It offers functionality, stability, durability, and enough speed to turn every off-road hunting trip into a full-blown adventure. The Camo paint finish looks stunning, too – and that’s always a plus.

The R1000XP G3 transformed the way hunters get around – and that’s something that you might want to experience for yourself on your next hunting trip! 

Rambo – The Top Electric Hunting Bike Reviewed
Our Rating - 93/100

 The Rambo R1000XP G3 is a highly efficient, solidly built hunting bike with a mid-drive motor that will blow your mind with its powerful performance. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes, too.

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Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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