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The Rambo Venom - The Best High-End Hunting Bike On The Market?

May 30, 2023

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a bike that, regardless of what you’ve seen before it, demands all of your attention and takes center stage.

Since electric bikes are still semi-new to the market, some people aren’t familiar with the broad range of purposes they are made for, including hunting. Being aware of that, we decided to do a full in-depth review to show you just how powerful and trustworthy this bike is on hunting trips.

Let’s get to the details and see what you’re in for if you get the Rambo Venom 1000W XPR.

Tires & Forks

The tires you’re getting with this bike are 4.8’’ Maxxis Minion FBF. Not only are they perfect for the off-road terrain that hunting requires, but they handle on-road riding well, too.

What we mean by this is that you can inflate them to 30 psi and bring them down all the way down to 8 psi, depending on the conditions.

It might be a feature that many would overlook in a hunting e-bike, but trust us when we say that it’s one of the crucial features of this model.

Being able to cruise the urban areas with fully inflated tires and seamlessly transition over to the rough terrains by deflating the tires to your desired pressure is hands down the coolest aspect of this bike’s performance. 

The downside here is that if you deflate the tires, you won’t be able to pump them back up to your desired hardness without access to proper equipment.

There’s a lot to say about the forks, too. 

The Rambo Venom

For starters, they’re inverted, meaning that the fixed part is at the top and the piston is below it, right where the wheel is.

You might think that this is just a simple reversal of the forks, but we assure you it’s not just that.

Flipped - or inverted - forks are among the most critical features of this bike. 

The first time you sit on this e-bike and take a casual stroll that requires getting over rocky terrain or a fallen log, you’ll see what we’re talking about here. The easiness with which Rambo Venom overcomes these obstacles makes them seem like nothing more than a tiny pebble or a stick.

You’ll probably think we’re exaggerating - but wait until you try it out for yourself.

Battery & Motor

These are the heart and the brain of the bike. Some would even argue that these are the most important features - as in, the quality of a specific bike lies in the quality of its battery and motor.

And we agree with that. 

An electric bike can have so many unique and comfort-oriented features, but when the motor or the battery is less than satisfactory, it seems like the rest of the design goes down the drain.

Fortunately, Venom has all of the features on a more than satisfactory level, and that’s precisely what makes it the best hunting bike out there.

The Samsung 48V 17Ah battery is built into the frame and is capable of providing up to 40 miles of range per charge. Let’s repeat that - up to 40 miles of range. 

If that is not impressive, we don’t know what is.

Milage is generally a crucial thing when we’re talking about an e-bike that’s specifically designed for hunting. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting halfway to your hunting location and realizing that your battery has run out of power. When this happens, you know that the ride down won’t be the most enjoyable one.

With the Rambo Venom, there’s little to no chance of this happening, though.

With this capacity and the new Bafang Ultra Drive mid-drive motor, this bike allows you to have the smoothest ride of your life. Why is that? 

Well, allow us to explain. 

This motor has a fantastic torque-sensing mechanism that senses your pedaling level and gives you more - or less - power depending on how hard you pedal. 

It may not seem like a revolutionary mechanism, but the way it’s implemented in this hunting bike is the key:

With the bike’s big frame and stable wheels, the sensors allow for a level of smoothness that, up until recently, seemed impossible to achieve on hunting bikes.

And with a 1000-watt motor to propel you, Venom also provides unmatched power and speed - whether you’re pedaling or not. 


Not knowing how that feels and then sitting on this e-bike and riding it for the first time will be a life-changing experience, trust us.

Test riding this bike is a pleasurable experience in itself; we can only imagine how fantastic it is for regular use.

Another big thing is that this bike has a Rohloff hub with a 526% gear range, which means you’ll have access to fourteen different gears.

This range is every bit as crucial as motor power. While hunting, the terrain you’ll encounter can be unpredictable and requires you to switch gears and adjust to the changing environment as seamlessly as possible. 


Safety should be the number one priority always. Brakes are probably the single most critical safety feature on any bike - let alone an off-road e-bike like the Venom.

Adjusting your speed to the oncoming obstacles and coming to a complete stop when needed is vital in rural areas. 

That brings us to our next point: 

Tektro HD-E725 4 Piston Hydraulic 203mm for the front brake and Tektro HD-E725, 4 Piston Hydraulic 180mm for the rear brake, are the foundations of safety on the new Rambo Venom.

Hydraulic brakes combined with the wide tires and the sturdy frame of this bike spell safety and security for the rider. After all, hydraulic brakes are the most reliable - as in, best possible - fit for an electric hunting bike.  

Both front and back brakes allow for fast and reliable stopping power whenever it’s required. For our standards, that’s more than enough for electric bike riders to feel safe - even in rural, rough environments.

Rambo_Bikes sizing

Post-Test Summary: Rambo Venom 1000w XRP Pros & Cons

For every e-bike that we’re recommending to our readers, we prefer to sum up the pros and cons in one place and compare them side by side to make the final decision-making process easier.


  • Long-lasting battery with a 40-mile range
  • Inverted suspension forks and 4.8-inch tires
  • Sturdy frame
  • Reliable 1000W motor
  • High-quality hydraulic breaks


  • We’d like to see this product in various colors

As you can see, there’s a lot of things that make the Rambo Venom 1000w XRP one of the best hunting bikes out there - if not the best.

The only thing we’d like to see improved is the variety of the colors it comes in - or, at the very least, more camo print styles available. Maybe there’s a possibility of them adding this feature down the road; aesthetic changes are the easiest to make when you already have an excellent foundation for them.

Other aspects of this e-bike, such as the battery, motor, fat tires, and frame, are all top-tier and make it a top pick for anyone looking to combine their love of hunting and biking.

As we’ve said earlier, the long-lasting battery and the range it offers are probably the biggest advantages of this bike. Other competitors can’t even come close to the amount of energy this bike can output on any given day.

The motor is usually one of the first things you’d check on an e-bike, and we’re glad to say that the combination of smoothness and speed that Venom’s engine offers is uncontested.

Breaks, a sturdy frame, and tires you can trust in any situation are must-haves in hunting bikes. And the Venom delivers in that area, too.


Picking and buying a hunting bike should not be something that is done in an afternoon. Still, when you’re looking at a product that has so many upsides to it, it seems like all the time you need to pick the ultimate hunting bike is equivalent to the time you need to place your order.

When we compared the Rambo Venom 1000w XRP to other electric bikes in the same category, it began to look like this one did not have any real competitors.

So, here’s our advice: 

Focus on learning as much as possible about this bike instead of wasting your time trying to find a better alternative - because, honestly, you won’t find it.

We hope our in-depth review helped you get a broader picture of how high-quality this e-bike is and make a purchase decision that will leave you with the best hunting bike there is!

The Rambo Venom
Our Rating - 89/100

Getting a hunting bike for yourself is not an easy task to do, no matter how experienced you are. We’ve come across many e-bikes explicitly designed for this type of outdoor activity, and picking the best one was a real struggle.

No, scratch that. It was a struggle until we found Rambo Venom 1000W XPR.

About the author

Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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