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Ride1Up Turris

The market for touring e-bikes just seems to be growing with no intention to stop. That’s why the San Diego-based company that we all know and love called Ride1Up has surprised its customers with another amazing option on the e-bike market.

Keeping in mind that these kinds of e-bikes are very versatile, Turris’s appearance might fool you at first sight.

As I tell you my personal experience with this touring bike, keep in mind that this is a specific type of e-bike tailored for light terrain, riding on asphalt or on the road.

Fortunately for everyone that’s eyeballing the Turris, there are quite a few features that blew me away that I’ll share with you here.

All in all, this product really is a force to consider on the market.

Ride1Up Turris at a Glance

Taking into consideration what activities this e-bike is meant for, there’s a lot to unravel. At first glance, the Turris may not look like much due to its simplistic design, but trust me - this e-bike leaves you with fewer complaints than you would imagine.

This is due to the combination of a powerful motor that allows for amazing torque and a battery that has a flexible range for all intents and purposes. Pair that with some sizable tires, and you have a phenomenal commuting/touring bike.

Now, let’s take a look at the individual parts of this Turris puzzle and see what makes this e-bike one of the best in its category.


Ride1Up Turris

As I’ve mentioned, Ride1Up went for a simplistic design when it came to Turris’s frame. It’s rugged, stable, and reliable, yet elegant and minimalistic.

As far as the aesthetic goes, I’m quite impressed by how they’ve managed to capture the essence of touring e-bikes in such a simple design.

It’s made from aluminum alloy 6061, made to endure quite a lot of beating and stay relatively lightweight at 55 lbs.

The height range for this frame is 5'6"-6'4", which covers most people, but if you don’t fit in these specs, you may have a problem with comfort.

The stand-over height for Turris is 30”, and the handlebar reach is 15.5", with the handlebar height being 43". These frame dimensions really do allow you to commute in comfort, but if you’re built differently, you may need to test-ride Turris just to make sure it works for you.

The hydraulic lockout suspension with 100mm travel is expected on a bike like this, but do keep in mind that some competitors of Turris do go for cheaper and less reliable options.


Ride1Up Turris Motor

Riding a commuting/touring bike, you don’t expect to get much help from the motor beneath  you. But, Ride1Up has a few aces up its sleeves.

The 60nm torque that’s available to you with 48V Geared Hub Shengyi Motor with 750 Watts is plenty. The motor is reliable, at least in my experience, and there’s no unconquerable obstacle for the “heart” of this e-bike, at least not in the concrete jungle!

Getting into more specific details, the 750w rear hub motor provides more than enough power for daily commuting. Even if you live in a more rural area that demands a bit more power for you to move around, the Turris is more than enough.

A fair torque plus a powerful engine means that you can ride up hills with ease, conquering even the most unforgiving terrains for a touring e-bike.

Shengyi motors aren’t as well known as I’d like a motor in a Ride1Up e-bike to be, but that’s quite all right. The only problem you might encounter is that technicians don’t often work with these motors, so in case it breaks down, you might find it difficult to find a repair shop that knows how to help you.


The controls on the Turris are found to be intuitive by many, including me. A simple handlebar-mounted 2.2" Dual-Tone LCD display is what feeds you information.

The info available on it is: battery level, light status, speed, and a few other potentially relevant metrics.

You control the Turris with simple controls marked with “-” and “+” on the left side of your handlebar-mounted LCD display, being separated by a power button.


A good motor isn’t worth much without a strong battery behind it. That’s something that Ride1Up figured out quite early in their development process of this budget e-bike, and they’ve delivered.

48V12.8ah Reention Prism battery with LG Cells is a perfect match for the motor I’ve just discussed.

Considering this is a budget option for many, high-capacity batteries with cells that hold their integrity are a way to go - and that’s what you get with Turris.

On a full charge, you can squeeze out around 25-45 miles of range, depending on how conservative you are with the battery.

Ride1Up Turris Battery

With my style of riding and my surroundings, I’ve managed to get between 29 and 33 miles of range, but that can vary for different consumers.

It depends on how much you use the pedal assist, how often use it, and how conservative you are with the batteries.

The battery is also locked with a key, which is an amazing safety feature.

This also means that you can easily buy another battery and extend your range by simply replacing the empty battery with a fresh one.


Ride1Up Turris Brakes

What would you expect on a budget e-bike as far as the brakes go? I think the answer is “mechanical brakes”, and that’s not wrong!

Many manufacturers opt for cheaper brakes since that’s where the cost of production can be lowered.

Although Zoom brakes are often considered a budget option, it’s nice to see Ride1Up going for a legitimate brand instead of opting for a no-name brand in order to save money.

Although a cut-off sensor is a standard feature these days, there are levels to its effectiveness. 

Considering the fact that we’re talking about 180mm disk brakes, it’s safe to assume the stop is almost instant. My relatively short time with this e-bike proved me right in that assumption, as well as taught me that these brakes run well in all types of weather conditions.


The tires you’ll find on the Turris are Kenda K1227. Their size is 27.5"x2.4", which is quite sizable for commuting tires.

They’re made for completing simple tasks, and they do that perfectly. But, if you’re looking to go outside and conquer some more formidable obstacles, these are not the tires for you.

Ride1Up Turris Tires


Ride1Up Turris Comfort

As far as comfort goes, it’s more than obvious that that’s the area where Ride1Up decided to save money.

The seat is designed to be comfortable for those who use this e-bike daily, but for me - it’s simply too soft. For those with lower back problems, this also may pose a threat and a potential deal-breaker.

Handlebars are comfortable to hold for longer periods of time, but the problem comes once the sweat from your palms comes into contact with the handles.

I’ve noticed quite a few mini chunks of rubber falling off the handles, not being able to provide me with clean hands after a ride. At first, I thought that was debris from the surroundings, but now the origin of the “dirt” is clear - it comes from the handlebars.

What Do I Like?

What to say, other than this, is a phenomenal, well-rounded budget e-bike for everyone that’s looking to get into electric biking without breaking the bank.

It’s obvious that the motor and batteries are a good combo, and that’s crucial. But Ride1Up clearly understands the importance of safety, allowing the rider to have excellent braking power when needed.

Another thing that deserves attention is the fact that we get a front suspension with the Turris. There are a few e-bikes in this price range that don’t offer that.

What Don’t I Like?

The fact that the seat is too soft can’t be counted as a con since there are people that consider that an absolutely strong side of a commuting bike.

As far as my experience goes, I prefer more firm seats that provide stability and support. On the other hand, the handles are an obvious problem.

If you find aftermarket handlebars that can fit the Turris, that might be the solution, but until then - wear gloves.

Advice To Buyers

If you’re looking for an e-bike to get you around and help you complete tasks that require movement - this e-bike is for you. Turris, as the name implies, is the perfect budget touring bike for any beginner. Its size is user-friendly, and the features that come with it are easily found in any competitor at that price range.

Ride1Up Turris
Our Rating - 87/100

Touring with an ebike has been given a new definition with the new Turris by Ride1Up. As the name implies this ebike is perfect for long distances and is very budget friendly! Filled with excellent features with a focus on safety this is a great choice for every ebike enthusiast looking for a touring ebike.

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