Meet The Shotgun Pro – An Electric Mountain Bike Child Seat

by Daria Vitel 

December 15, 2022

Electric bikes are popular amongst people of all ages including families with kids. That’s why bike manufacturers focus on  safety when developing accessories such as child seats.

When your preschooler rides with you, your first priority is to arrive home safe. Therefore, it is important to make the biking experience great for your kids and to make them feel at ease during the ride. This will also help to develop their love for the outdoors and for biking.

The New Zealand company Kids Ride Shotgun helps kids and parents discover their passion for common activities. The brand is very accessible to everyone and they care about the environment, making sure their packaging is recyclable.

What Is The Shotgun Pro kids seat?

The Shotgun Pro is a great accessory you can mount to your bike’s frame, and it makes biking with kids more accessible. This bike seat is mounted in front of your seat, and it’s designed to handle kids aged between two and five years, with a weight limit of 60 pounds. Many love this accessory and prefer it over the “seat” you install in the back, the advantage being that the parent can hold their child in between their arms as they ride. 

The seat is designed to fit most mountain bikes but is not meant to work with road bikes. So you can take the risk if you want, but we suggest you don’t because if you don’t have any front suspension, your child’s feet might be too close to the front wheel, and that is quite dangerous.

The attachment is easy to install and remove, but only if the frame is compatible. We discuss this in more detail later in the article. In addition, the rubber protection on the lower part of the accessory makes sure the frame doesn’t get scratched, which is essential for expensive and high-quality mountain bikes.

You get your product alongside the instructions that are easy to follow. If you’re having any trouble, you can always check out the installation video and make sure that you’ve set everything up properly. Better safe than sorry, right?

The seat also has little saddles for their legs, and everything is highly adjustable, making sure your kid is comfortable in their seat. The maximum length is 35 cm, and the shortest is 25.5 cm - you can choose from seven different pre-set options.

Will The Shotgun Pro Fit My Bike?

Buying products that don’t end up working out the way we want them to is probably one of the most frustrating things ever. That’s why we have done the research  which we share with you below. 

To begin with, you must have a mountain bike with a standard steerer (the 1 ⅛ model), and make sure that you can allow about 1 centimeter of clearance under the stem. Two spacers for easy installation are included in the package, but keep in mind that installing one will replace about a centimeter of your standard steerer spacers.

If you have standard seat post dimensions, you won’t have any trouble with installation. However when you experience any issues you can always contact Kids Ride Shotgun and ask them for additional information.

Make sure to check your local legal requirements and whether it allows you to use child seats on your e-bike. Safety is important, but legal issues are something you don’t want to mess around with. Consult with your local police station or any type of roadside assistance company.

 Shotgun Pro kids e-bike seat

How Is It Different Than Shotgun Classic Seat?

The classic model is suitable for kids up to 48 pounds, which means that, with the old model, older kids and taller kids won’t be able to enjoy their ride. Another significant upgrade is that the classic version wasn’t even compatible with electric bikes, while this one is, and it works best with mountain bikes. So proceed with caution if you have a regular electric bike as it might not fit properly.

The previous version was also a bit more harsh on the bike’s frame, causing some scratches etc. while this one includes a feature called “zero contact,” meaning only rubber touches the bike. However, the classic model does not require any modifications on your bike, while this one requires a stem spacer. You have to fit it on the bike.

As mentioned, this model has adjustable leg length for the saddles, while the previous one was fixed. The price tag hasn’t changed drastically, but the pro version is obviously more expensive.


We’re all tired of receiving ads on products we don’t need through social media or listening to them on the news. So, is the Shotgun Pro another dead end, or is it a smart accessory that might make your life easier?

We genuinely believe safety comes first, and this is why we believe this is a good product. Not only is it safer to ride with your kid between your arms, but you’re also nurturing their confidence and making sure they will be a responsible bike owner one day.

The company ships to many different worldwide locations, providing free shipping above a certain price point. We recommend you check this product out if you usually ride with your kid and want to spend more time together.


Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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