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CGO800s frame

March 3, 2024

Tenways is a Dutch e-bike manufacturer known for creating lightweight, elegantly designed European-style e-bikes. They utilize advanced technology to exceed expectations and to compete with similarly priced hub motor e-bikes.

Tenways specializes in the one-gear design, a design choice present on both their e-bike models - the latest step-thru CGO800S and the earlier diamond-framed CGO600 Pro. Tenways targets riders seeking an upgraded riding experience compared to most budget e-bikes, without the need for a premium price tag. Imagine a responsive torque-sensing power delivery, a belt drive, and a small, virtually silent hub motor, all aimed at providing the smoothest journey possible.

CGO800s assembly 1
CGO800s assembly 2

Overall, assembling this bike was relatively easy compared to other E-Bikes. It includes all the necessary tools for a quick build. I was impressed with the packaging, as it effectively protected the bike and was easy to dismantle. The manual provided clear instructions with helpful illustrations, making it easy to understand where each component should be placed.

CGO800s assembly 3
CGO800s assembly 4


  • Front Tire / Disk Brake: Once the disk brake was assembled, attaching the wheel to the frame was a simple process. The quick bolt release function is a great feature and was easy to assemble. (A+)

  • Handle Bars: I appreciated the convenience of being able to place, set, and assemble the handlebars with ease. Unlike other bikes, there was no need to adjust screw tensions by moving the column forward.

  • The battery is easily removable and insertable, and its positioning is well-designed to prevent any hassle when releasing it.


  • Front Fender: Unfortunately, this part could not be attached without interfering with the front tire. According to the manual, it should be installed before the tire, but this could potentially cause problems by pushing the tire down and potentially damaging the disk brake.

Tenways CGO800S Electric Components:


The CGO800S is equipped with a 36V, 374Wh removable battery, catering to the demand for a larger battery capacity.

\Weighing approximately 5.85lbs / 2.65kg, the battery casing is solidly constructed, primarily using alloy material. It features a small button that activates a light, indicating the remaining charge level. 

The light turns red when the charge is low, green when it is between one and two-thirds, and blue when it is between two-thirds and full. This feature proves particularly useful when checking the battery's charge status while it is detached from the bike. 


The battery charges fully in approximately 4 hours using the standard 3 amp charger, which is faster than the typical 2 amp chargers found on most e-bikes. For those in a hurry, the battery reaches around 85% capacity after three hours, at which point the charge rate slows down


The Mivice M070 rear geared hub motor boasts a compact size, similar to a Shimano 8-speed rear hub gear, making it inconspicuous. The US version has 350 W, which might be less than other e-bikes in this price range, but considering the weight (46 lbs) it delivers a very attractive power to weight ratio.

 Operating quietly, it emits only a faint hum even when exerting effort in peaceful surroundings. Notably, the power cable entry is cleverly tucked behind the kickstand, directly feeding into the motor body. 

This design prevents any potential damage to the cable and sensor wires near the axle nuts. With its sensitive double-sided torque sensor, the motor delivers power exceptionally smoothly, responding almost instantly to pedal strokes. 

hub motor

The tested model adheres to the US market specifications, with a max speed of 20mph (the EU spec is capped at 15.5 mph).

Despite its small size and light weight (3.75lbs / 1.7kg), the motor performs admirably. The torque sensing and single-speed simplicity make conquering hills, even with gradients of around 10%, a breeze. Overall, the Mivice M070 is a bike-like system that provides precise assistance when needed, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience.


The e-bike features a large LCD integrated into the handlebar stem, which is a popular trend among e-bikes. This design choice offers a clean look and allows for unobstructed mounting of other items on the handlebars. The main readouts of speed and pedal assist level are easily readable, with smaller figures for customizable data in the middle of the display. You can toggle through various information such as odometer, trip distance, time, max speed, and average speed.

The mode button on the left thumb provides access to background settings, including the option to switch between km/h and mph, and battery information such as cycles, voltage, and range. 

You can also adjust the brightness setting of the display, which can be too garish for night use at full power. Although the display is bright and legible in sunny conditions, it would be beneficial to have slightly brighter settings for situations with strong sunlight and reflections.

LCD Display

The LCD screen has a protective cover that's quite difficult to take off. This is causing the distortion over the WALK part of the display.

The control buttons on the left thumb are large, easy to use, and manageable even with gloves on. There is also an app available, but it should be considered an optional addition rather than vital for bike operation. The app consists of a speedometer screen displaying range and battery capacity, as well as a navigation screen using Mapbox mapping software to help choose a route. However, like many similar apps, it may not be aware of all local traffic-free routes.

Tenways CGO800S Mechanical Components and Accessories

I found the overall spec of the components and accessories on the CGO800 excellent, especially given the attractive price point of $1999. Tektro hydraulic disk brakes, a Gates Carbon Drive belt transmission, SR Suntour steep sprung suspension and wide profile CST road tires are all at least in the mid-market category whilst the bike remains at the low end of the mid-range price spectrum, with plenty of pricier e-bikes featuring similar components.


The Tektro hydraulic disk brakes are powerful and controllable, delivering strong stopping power at high speeds and precise braking at low speeds.

CGO800s frame


The frame has mostly invisible welds, with visible ones only at the ends of the chainstay. Cables for lighting, display, and the rear brake enter the frame through the headtube and exit discreetly through the chainstays, giving it a clean and sleek appearance. The battery is integrated into the oversized downtube, easily removable with a key and securely locked in place during rides. The frame itself feels strong and rigid.

It has a one-size frame of about 19 inches, suitable for a wide range of rider heights thanks to the adjustable seatpost (recommended for heights from 5'1" to 6'2"). The step-through design allows for easy mounting regardless of the rider's size. With a weight of 50lbs / 22.70kg, it is reasonably light considering the step-through, integrated frame design, large wheels, large volume tyres, and full equipment. If light weight is crucial, consider Tenways' CGO600 Pro model, which is around 9 lbs lighter and also features a removable battery


The SR Suntour NEX e25 front fork is specifically designed for e-bikes and uses a steel spring. It does not have lockout or compression adjustment, so it's used as is, without the ability to adjust to road conditions or rider weight. These forks are built with extra strength to handle the additional stresses of e-bikes.

The steel spring used was responsive enough to absorb most bumps without bottoming out on larger ones. SR Suntour is one of the largest manufacturers of reasonably priced forks in the world, so they should provide good service. If they are subject to tough conditions, such as all-weather use and riding on unsealed paths that accumulate dirt, regular servicing, regreasing, and seal replacement may be necessary. The good news is that Suntour is a reputable company, so service spares should be readily available.



The Gates Carbon Drive belt transmission, being single-speed and maintenance-free, performed well during testing. It's an ideal choice for city e-bikes due to its simplicity and ease of cleaning. Additionally, it eliminates the risk of oil or grease damage that comes with a conventional chain.

The CGO800S is a very comfortable e-bike, thanks to its tactile faux leather lock-on grips and well-padded seat. Combined with the upright riding position, it offers a relaxed ride.


The CST 28” x 2” (50-622) large-volume semi-slick tires provide both comfort and puncture protection. They roll freely and can be run at lower pressures for added comfort.


The hardwired lights on the CGO800S perform excellently, providing ample illumination in poor light conditions. The rear light cluster includes a brake light and turn indicators. However, brighter lights may enhance visibility to following traffic. The rear rack, full-length metal mudguards, and sturdy kickstand are well-constructed for regular daily use.

Tenways CGO800S Performance Review


This bike boasts impressive acceleration and performance. With a pedal assist offering five different resistance levels, it provides a versatile riding experience that allows you to take full control. Whether you're looking for a challenging workout or a leisurely cruise, this bike has got you covered.

The CGO800S features torque sensing power delivery and a single gear, simplifying the riding experience. Just press the on button, select one of the five power levels using the arrow buttons, and start pedaling. It's as easy as that. This bike offers a seamless and effortless riding experience. Mounting is a breeze, and the seat provides exceptional comfort. Unlike other E-Bikes, the pedal assist engages instantly, allowing you to effortlessly hop on and go. This feature more than anything else convinced me to score this E-bike highly.

The power delivery is impressively smooth, regardless of the selected power level. The advanced electronics efficiently sense pedal pressure and translate it into the ideal amount of power, seamlessly aligning with your pedal stroke.

While there isn't a significant difference between the power levels from one to five, it becomes apparent that the top level delivers noticeably more power than the bottom one when switching directly from one to five.

On flat terrain, against headwinds, and up moderate hills, there is ample power to maintain a speed close to the 20 mph limit.

The motor operates quietly and the power delivery is smooth, creating the illusion that you're doing all the work until you turn the power off and realize that the motor is indeed assisting you, as with most e-bikes.

There is no sudden power loss at around 16mph, unless you insist on riding at the top assist level on flat terrain, where some deceleration is noticeable at the cut-off limit.

However, if you select the appropriate power level for the given conditions, you can comfortably ride at the assist limit without being aware of any cut-off. This is not a feature found on all e-bikes, as some have annoyingly abrupt cut-offs.

riding CGO800S

Steep hills pose the main challenge for the motor system. The Mivice M070 rear geared hub motor is only slightly larger than an eight-speed hub gear, so there are limitations to the power it can deliver on a city-designed e-bike with upright geometry and added features like metal mudguards, which contribute to the overall weight, as well as the plush 28" x 2" tires.

As the gradient becomes steeper, the motor gradually slows down and eventually reaches its limits at 10%. During these instances, it's more effective to maintain light pedal pressure and make steady progress, rather than trying to force it.

If you reside in a very hilly area, the CGO800S might not be the ideal choice. All single-speed e-bikes have limitations on steep hills, where powerful mid-drives are undoubtedly the superior option. Additionally, as with any single-speed e-bike, there may be situations where you'll need to exert more pressure on the pedals or stand up from the saddle to leverage your body weight, compensating for the absence of gears (multi-geared bikes would, of course, have the luxury of shifting down gears in such scenarios).

However, over our moderately hilly testing ground in the city, the CGO800S performed superbly, thanks to its near-silent and smooth motor power, which turned hours of test riding into a truly pleasurable experience.


After fully charging, I've ridden approximately 25 miles and currently have a 53% charge, which aligns with the advertised 53-mile range. I've tested all the different assist levels and may have slightly depleted the battery more than usual. I would say it has exceeded the listed mile range.

The motor's climbing power only decreased when the battery capacity meter on the LCD display reached about 5%. Even at 10% capacity, it still performed well on steeper hill climbs. With less than 5% capacity, there was still a small amount of power, enough to get you home if you have a short distance remaining.

The battery capacity meter itself worked fairly well, providing a reasonable indication of the remaining capacity. However, it has its own quirks.

The meter declines quickly to 80% but then stabilizes for most of the rest of the ride until reaching around 10%. This suggests that the meter measures the battery voltage, as this pattern is typical of a lithium-ion battery discharge cycle.

The meter behaves well for the middle 70% or so of battery consumption, providing a steady indication of the remaining battery and helping estimate the remaining mileage. Although there is no remaining range figure displayed, knowing the distance a full charge can take you, along with the battery percentage and simple calculations, can give you a rough idea of the remaining mileage.


You don't often find a set of full hydraulic disc brakes on a sub-2000 dollar ebike, so props to Tenways for fitting a very powerful set from Tektro on the CGO800s.

I conducted our brake test on the Tenways CGO800S, averaging five full-power stops from 20 mph.

The average stopping distance was 15 feet, which is a solid result compared to similar bikes in the price range.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes


The CGO800S is primarily a city bike, featuring a classic sit-up-straight riding position, swept-back riser handlebars, a wide comfortable seat, and 28" wheels with 2" wide tires. This doesn’t exactly make it a fat tire e-bike, but more of a tweener, able to feel suited to road biking, but capable enough on a dirt trail.

 The upright riding position allows for easy visibility in traffic, while the plush saddle, large volume tires, and front suspension handle potholes with ease. Cornering is predictable and effortless, thanks to the upright position and good traction from the ample contact with the road surface.

Occasionally, the Suntour suspension fork may lose a bit of traction on repeated bumps at speed, but overall it performs well, allowing for fast cornering even on less-than-perfect roads. The non-adjustable Suntour Nex e25 front suspension fork is responsive and provides a smooth ride for my weight.

cgo800s handling

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are powerful and inspire confidence for riding at speed on the road or traffic-free paths. The rear rack is supported by a strong metal mudguard that also houses the rear light wiring.


Among all the e-bikes I've ridden, the Tenways CGO800s is most similar to the Ride1Up Roadster. It features a small rear hub motor, step-thru frame, and single-speed belt transmission. With its clean and minimalist design, it appeals to those who appreciate silicon valley inspired aesthetics. 

The CGO800S performs well when used regularly, providing a safe and comfortable ride in less hilly areas. Maintenance is minimal, and it can even handle unsealed trails with its wide tires and front suspension.

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With its impressive performance, good-quality components, and folding design, the Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is a solid choice for anyone looking for a versatile electric fat bike.

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