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ElectricUnbiased Trek Police Electric Review (Updated 2020) Police Bike in the black background

May 18, 2023

For a long time, Trek has produced police bikes with the aim to allow law enforcement officers to engage with their communities better as they conduct patrols. The introduction of the Bosch pedal-assist system on the Trek Electric Police bike means patrols can last longer and cover a larger geographical area.

Just like its name, the Electric Police exhibit a no-nonsense look, with a charming yet solemn black color and a sturdy-looking frame that alludes to the kind of work it is designed for. But is there more to gush about, or is beauty simply skin deep?

The following Trek Electric Police review should help us answer this!


The Trek Electric Police is held together by a formidable alpha platinum aluminum frame to handle the rugged nature of police patrol work. The aluminum is butted at various points and hydroformed into intricate tube shapes to enhance sturdiness while reducing the weight. Eventually, you end up with a sleek bike that is easy to handle and agile on the trail.

The sturdy frame pairs well with the high-quality suspension fork that does a good job of absorbing shock on rocky and bumpy rides. A lockout feature on the fork ensures that you maintain a fast speed and a comfortable ride on smooth pavements. 

Fork crown from the top in a black background

The bike employs a highly advanced geometry, known as G2 geometry, that uses a custom offset fork to give the 29-inch wheels precise handling without undermining high-speed stability.

Multiple rack mounts across the frame are conveniently included to increase the storage and carrying capacity of the bike. There is plenty of space to hold water bottles, a bike pump, accessory bag, and any of the many tools that are synonymous with an officer on patrol. 

The slanting top tube makes it easy to get on and off the bike and the ergonomic grips on the straight handlebar ensure that you have superior handling all day long. The seat is also relatively wide for comfort and can carry a maximum rider weight of 300 pounds. Also, a seat post collar is included to simplify adjusting the seat height for different riders.

Unfortunately, the bike doesn’t come with lights, which I don’t understand how the manufacturer could overlook such a vital feature, considering that it’s a patrol bike. However, you can buy them separately for installation. 

Speaking of unfortunate aspects of this e-bike, there’s the fact that if you’re bigger in size, you’ll potentially have some difficulties riding.

Comfort wasn’t the primary concern design-wise. And it’s evident that it wasn’t made for people who aren’t fit and in shape - at least not like those who work in the police force.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to ride it if you’re a bit bigger, it just means that you’ll feel like this bike isn’t meant for you.


The Electric Police is propelled by a powerful 350W Bosch Performance Speed motor that was built for endurance riding. The motor will impress you with a high speed of 28mph, which is a warning to outlaws and vandals that there is no escaping the "long ride” of the law. 

Bosch Engine of electric bike in the black background

The motor also comes with an armor that is lightweight yet strong and serves to shield the engine against rocks, debris, logs, twigs, and any other debris on the trail that may damage it. This ensures that you get a durable working motor with limited maintenance required.

Controlling the drive pack of the Trek Police is a Bosch Purion display that comes with a fully-functional speedometer, as well as backlighting. The controller displays information such as battery range and service intervals to ensure that you remain in control of the ride. The controller is conveniently designed to allow you to scroll through settings without taking a finger off the handlebar. 

You’ll have an easy time managing the motor assist, as well as battery usage in line with the conditions you’re riding in.


This bike comes equipped with a premium Bosh 500Wh Lithium-ion battery that guarantees a long lifespan on a single charge cycle. The long- range of the battery allows for full day patrols. The battery sits on the downtube of the bike’s frame.

The battery can easily be removed from the frame and a spare battery can be fitted for those treacherous and power-draining adventures. 

Bosch battery of the electric bike

Brake Type

Thanks to a Shimano hydraulic disc braking system, you get a sharp and reliable braking performance in any weather conditions. The brakes provide enough rider confidence when chasing a vandal at top speeds and allow you to be agile when the chase takes you off-road. 

The brake levers are also easily accessible on the handlebar to ensure that you enjoy a user-friendly and sure operation.


With the Bontrager Kovee 29-inch wheels, the Electric Police offers great versatility that allows you to ride across various terrains with relative ease. The rims are strong enough to take the punishment of riding on rugged terrain without buckling.

The sturdy build of the rims also ensures that you get the stability to make those runs whenever the situation necessitates. 


This bike uses a set of Schwalbe G-one all-round performance tires that are built for the demanding schedule of patrol police. The 29ers have rich treading that is more defined on the edges than in the middles for smooth riding and better stability on corners.

The 2.5-inch tires are thick enough to enhance traction on the road without compromising the agility of the Electric Police.

What Do We Like About Trek Electric Police?

The Trek Electric Police comes with multiple rack mounts that serve to ensure maximum storage that is needed for police patrol work. These racks enable you to install fenders, carry water bottles, tools bags, as well as a host of other accessories whenever you’re setting out for all-day/night patrols.

The G2 geometry of the bike makes for a combination of rider comfort and superior handling. The grips on the handlebar are quite ergonomic while the seat post collar allows for ready height adjustment to fit the rider. The 29-inch wheels also keep the bike stable at top speeds.

The Bosch Performance Speed motor greatly complements the function of the Electric Police patrol bike. It can sustain max e-bike speeds of 28mph that will come in handy during high speeds pursuits. The 500Wh lithium-ion is also on hand to make all day patrols possible with its long range.

Bicycle handlebar in the black background

This Electric Police also comes with various patrol-ready features, including a kickstand that will prove handy when you have to park the bike and interact with the public. There’s also a rack at the back that enables you to carry supplies if needed.

The alpha platinum aluminum frame of the Trek Police allows the bike to remain sturdy without slowing it down when you want to hit top speeds. The suspension fork does a good job of soaking up the shocks on bumps and other uneven surfaces.

The disc brakes are a useful inclusion that will stop the bike in its tracks whenever necessary. This ensures that it is safe to ride in wet conditions, as well as steep descends at top speed. 

Finally, the Purion controller allows you to stay ahead of the ride by managing the different electric aspects, including the motor assist and battery use. You’ll always know how much you still have in the tank!


  • Comfortable geometry
  • Powerful motor
  • 28mph max speed suitable for patrol work
  • Multiple rack mounts and patrol-ready features         
  • Long-range battery

What Don’t We Like About Trek Electric Police?

For a police patrol bike, you’d expect that the Electric Police would come with at least front and rear lights, which are imperative for the nature of law enforcement work. The same is true for accessories such as sirens, which have become synonymous with police work. However, it doesn’t, so you’ll have to buy them separately to install.

This bike is exclusively produced for the police and may not readily be available to ordinary citizens. Unless you are part of the men and women in uniform, you may not be able to get your hands on this exciting electric bike.

Besides these apparent downsides to the professional side of this eBike, there are other issues worth mentioning here. And these might even convince you that it’s good that you can’t buy this e-bike as a civilian.

Here’s what I mean: 

The tires and rims seem to fulfill the criteria needed for everyday police work. However, if you’re someone who enjoys bike rides in a more rural environment, this isn’t the bike for you.

The versatility of terrains you could conquer by riding the Trek Electric Police isn’t that vast - and anything even a bit steeper or rougher could easily cause some difficulties.


  • No lights
  • No sirens

Advice to Buyers

The Trek Electric Police lives up to its name by being an efficient patrol bike. It has an array of features that are best suited for patrol work and deliver the kind of performance that a patrol car may not sufficiently offer.

Considering that it’s a police bike, you won’t find the Trek Electric Police in your local bike store, and neither will you find it online. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find the bike through the manufacturer!


Overall, the Trek Police Electric is a rugged and efficient patrol e-bike built exclusively for the men and women in blue. It is equipped with a powerful motor that propels you to top e-bike speeds and paired with a high-capacity battery to ensure long-range operation.

The light frame and suspension fork make for a smooth ride while ample storage capacity makes this bike perfect for law enforcement work. Aside from the exclusion of lights and sirens, the Trek Electric Police has all it takes to bring out the “macho-man” in you!

Trek Electric Police
Our Rating - 90/100

  The Electric Police is an excellent bike from Trek that makes the challenging patrol work of law enforcement officers feel like a walk in the park. It packs a range of high-quality features that deliver a comfortable performance, allowing law enforcement officers to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

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