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Blix Dubbel

November 25, 2023

E-bikes offer a practical alternative to driving cars, whether it's for environmental, health, or economic reasons. While not every e-bike can fully replace a car's utility, the Blix Dubbel is designed to meet the diverse needs we have for transportation. From commuting to work to running errands with a child and carrying groceries, this electric bike offers both thoughtful design and practical function.

But carrying capacity is not the only factor that makes a good e-bike. When you load a little one on the back and fill the front basket with a gallon of milk, jars of peanut butter, and pasta sauce, the additional weight can affect the e-bike's handling. The Blix Dubbel is built to handle reasonable loads without any issues.

But it’s not all about what it can be outfitted to do. It’s also just a wildly fun e-bike with sportier than you’d expect to feel.


The Blix Dubbel is a versatile cargo e-bike designed for commuters who value flexibility. While "cargo" might make you think of business deliveries or pizza runs, it's more than that. Some potential buyers may overlook it, thinking they only need a commuter bike. But the Blix Dubbel is more - it's a commuter bike that can do much more than just take you to work.

Instead of asking what the Blix Dubbel can do, consider what it can't. It may not carry large items like sheets of plywood or a whole basketball team, so it's not like a minivan or SUV. But for everyday activities like dropping off kids at school, grocery shopping, or taking your furry friend to the vet, the Blix Dubbel handles it all effortlessly, allowing you to multitask.

Creating a truly versatile cargo/utility e-bike requires more than just adding a rack or basket. These e-bikes need to carry both passengers and groceries, so they need to handle loads over 300 lbs. That's why the Blix Dubbel is equipped with a powerful 750W brushless hub motor, offering an impressive 90Nm of torque to conquer even the steepest hills.

Torque is crucial for uphill performance, and the Blix Dubbel also features an 8-speed drivetrain that extends the range on both ends. If you've struggled to reach 20 mph on e-bikes with 7-speed drivetrains, you'll appreciate the added power and easier climbing gear.

An e-bike designed to carry more than just one person and a backpack deserves better brakes. That's why the Blix Dubbel comes with robust brakes that ensure precise control.

This is just an overview - let's dive into the details.

The Blix Dubbel rides smoothly on its 20" x 3.3" tires, offering stability even with cargo or extra passengers.

The 8-speed Microshift drivetrain works well and gives the Blix Dubbel the gear range to tackle hills and pedal at Class 3 speeds.

The option to buy a second battery eliminates range anxiety and serves as insurance for those of us who might forget to plug it in.

Range Test and Battery Performance

Dubbel front handlebar

Firstly, I'm impressed by the fact that the two batteries on our Blix Dubbel review model achieved an impressive range of approximately 80 miles, aligning with Blix's claim on their website. Conducting a range test is crucial to determine accurate figures, so it's reassuring to see that Blix has done their due diligence.

Secondly, I'm genuinely excited about the possibilities this bike offers. As demonstrated in our circuit test, even at PAS 1, the bike provides substantial assistance, making those 78 miles more of a jog than a walk. Additionally, the wider tires may offer less maneuverability compared to narrower ones, but achieving 40 miles at a runner's pace is commendable.

Even if you prefer not to invest in the two-battery setup, it's worth noting that the results can be effectively halved, resulting in an expected range of 20-40 miles. For most individuals, this equates to 2-3 days of riding, depending on the level of motor assistance used.

Overall, the range performance of this utility bike is impressive. It demonstrates remarkable efficiency in battery usage, which aligns with our expectations based on our previous reviews of other Blix bikes.

You can find more of our Blix electric bike reviews here.

Motor Performance: Speed and Acceleration


To fully understand the impressive speed capabilities of the Blix Dubbel, potential buyers should use the Blix smartphone app to explore available options. There are two choices: Class 2 operation with a maximum speed of 20 mph, or Class 3 performance with a top speed of 28 mph. 

During our test, we focused on the power of PAS 1. Without motor assistance, our test rider averaged 12 mph on the route. However, with PAS 1 engaged, the Blix Dubbel's average speed increased to 15 mph.

With each subsequent tour of the route, average speeds gradually increased. In PAS 5, the Blix Dubbel slightly exceeded its previous speeds, reaching 28 mph. This speed was achieved with the Class 3 model.

The Dubbel provides a comfortable riding experience with its upright position and riser handlebar. Its rear rack seamlessly integrates into the design, offering ample space for both passengers and belongings.

Additionally, the Blix Dubbel features mounting points on the head tube, allowing riders to easily attach a rack or basket to increase its carrying capacity.

Safety and Brakes Test


The Blix Dubbel is designed for multiple riders, so it requires powerful brakes to ensure a secure stop from high speeds. Blix prioritized the brakes on this bike, using Zoom hydraulic disc brakes, which have proven to be powerful and reliable in our previous reviews.

Additionally, they equipped the bike with 3.3-inch-wide tires on the 20-inch wheels to provide good traction. This allows riders to brake more forcefully without the risk of skidding. Compared to e-bikes with smaller wheels and mechanical discs, the Blix Dubbel stands out with its hydraulic disc brakes and 180mm rotors, making the braking power even stronger.

Ride Comfort, Handling, Cockpit and Accessories

Cargo e-bikes are somewhat difficult to evaluate when it comes to comfort, because the weight on the bike can change by 60 or even 80 lbs. with the addition or subtraction of a kid and some groceries, can’t really be made to be as comfortable as some bikes. They need to be able to support whatever load is placed on them, so the tires need to be pumped up enough to support the heaviest load someone will carry that day—and yes, it’s perfectly okay to change tire pressure on a daily basis.

The Blix Dubbel’s 3-in.-wide Kenda tires balance the need for strong wheels—20-in. wheels are stronger than larger wheels because their spokes are shorter—while offering as much comfort as possible. Beyond the Dubbel’s fairly upright seated position, it offers few other concessions to comfort, but compared to the 10-speeds and BMX bikes some of us grew up with, the Dubbel is plenty comfortable.


The Blix Dubbel comes in just one size which will limit the number of people who can ride it comfortably, but it includes a handlebar with almost 6 in. of rise, which allows the rider to roll it forward in the stem to increase reach for a bigger rider or roll it backward to decrease reach for a smaller rider. It’s a concession to rider fit and comfort that we love and wish more e-bikes were equipped with a handlebar like this one.

The 8-speed Microshift drivetrain may not be familiar to many riders, but it works well and offers a wider gear range than found on most bikes in this price range.

Foot pegs can be mounted on either the chainstays or the seatstays, depending on the height of the passenger. When not in use, they can be folded up, out of the way.

Even though the Blix Dubbel is built with 20-in. wheels, they chose to spec hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors to give the cargo e-bike excellent brake power.

The display will potentially be divisive. Minimalist styling isn’t bad, but some might be wanting for more than a one-metric-at-a-time display.

Blix Dubbel

The Blix Dubbel balances the rider’s need for a calm, stable bike when loaded up with an urban rider’s need for easy maneuverability. Think compact SUV rather than a compact car or full-size SUV.

The handlebar, in addition to its rise, offers some sweep making it more like a cruiser bar than the flat bar of a mountain bike. The Microshift 8-speed shifter works well and is set up in a way that will be familiar to anyone who has used Shimano shifters previously. We aren’t wild about the display, however.

We prefer when the selector and display are different components, which allows the display to be mounted near the stem for easy viewing; putting the display out near the grip makes it harder to view while riding and while we like the big number in the display, it would be nice to be able to see more than one data point at a time.

Anyone who ever rode a bike with an older-style baby seat on the back may recall that there wasn’t much room between the child and the rider’s back. Blix overcomes this by stretching the rear of the bike slightly. This is by no means a long-tail cargo e-bike, but the distance between the pedals and the rear axle is about 3-in. longer than most bikes. What that does is create space for the second battery to be positioned behind the seat tube and allow for a longer rear rack. It also makes space for two different mounting points for pegs that a second rider can place their feet on. The higher position is great for kids’ shorter legs, while the lower position is good for teens and adults.


blix dubbel cargo ebike

Short-wheelbase cargo e-bikes, also known as utility e-bikes, are a relatively new addition to the e-bike landscape in the United States. Compared to long-tail cargo e-bikes and large "bucket" e-bikes, these short-wheelbase models are designed for better maneuverability. The Blix Dubbel stands out with its exceptional frame design, seamlessly integrating the rear rack into the frame for increased strength and higher carrying capacity. Unlike conventional bolt-on rear racks that max out at 50 lbs., the Dubbel can handle heavier loads.

The frame design of the Blix Dubbel is truly exceptional, allowing it to support a rider weighing up to 200 lbs. as well as an additional 150 lbs. of passenger and cargo.

Every aspect of the Dubbel, from its motorcycle-style twin-leg kickstand to its thoughtful accessory selection, emphasizes its ability to accommodate more than just a single rider. Blix offers a range of accessories including various baskets, a pad for a second rider, and a way to secure young children, ensuring that the Dubbel meets the diverse needs of riders.

The Blix website also makes shopping for accessories easy by redirecting shoppers to the accessories page after adding a bike to their cart.

The Blix Dubbel sits at the higher end of the $1500-$2000 price range and the cost increases further with the option of adding a second battery. While it may be pricier compared to some competing bikes, the Dubbel justifies its cost with its exceptional frame design, component selection, and wide array of accessories. Opting for a single battery can save around $500, but investing in the flexibility and insurance provided by two batteries is highly recommended if it fits within your budget.

When evaluating an e-bike and considering potential improvements, it's crucial to weigh the impact on cost. The Blix Dubbel already offers an impressive combination of features, including a powerful 750W hub motor, an 8-speed drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes. Furthermore, the frame design effectively serves the e-bike's intended purpose, leaving little room for substantial enhancements without significantly increasing the price.

While it would be beneficial to see additional frame sizes available and a slightly lower kickstand to avoid curbs, there are a few aspects of the Dubbel that warrant sending Blix back to the drawing board.

The bike unquestionably delivers on its promise of utility and more. We wonder if Blix has plans to introduce additional accessories for the Dubbel, as there are mounting points on the frame that currently don't correspond to any of the offered accessories. This potential for further customization and versatility exemplifies Blix's commitment to exceeding expectations.

One of the biggest advantages of using an e-bike for transportation is the elimination of logistical challenges when running errands. With e-bikes like the Blix Dubbel, the question of "how do I get this home?" becomes a thing of the past. We hope that e-bikes like the Dubbel gain popularity, as their versatility brings undeniable benefits to riders of all kinds.


  • The bike has a range of around 40 miles (advertised 50 miles)

  • Terrific frame design with integrated rack and step-thru design for riders of different heights.
  • Blix' smartphone app for switching between Class 2 and 3 performance, battery health check, route navigation, and connecting with other Blix owners
  • Optional second battery extends the range up to 80 mi. per charge, eliminating range anxiety.


  • The display is integrated with the PAS selector and shows one data point at a time.
  • The design of the kickstand, when up, is one of the lowest to the ground, which may cause it to nick a curb if riding too closely.
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Our Rating - 84/100

The Blix Dubbel is a versatile cargo e-bike designed for commuters who value flexibility. The Blix Dubbel is a commuter bike that can do much more than just take you to work.

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