The Best Bike Routes for Exploring Cumbria + Shops

by Ruaan Nelson 

November 7, 2023

Buying an electric bike can be an expensive affair and you don’t want to mess up when you finally decide to spend your hard-earned money on one. This is only possible if you purchase from an experienced and reputable brand that will guarantee you quality down the line.

The city of Cumbria has many bike shops spread across it, but you won’t get the same service from all of them. To ensure that you get the quality electric bike you’re looking for, here is a guide to the best ebike shops in Cumbria and the best routes to follow for a fulfilling biking experience.

Best Ebike Shops in Cumbria

Cumbria Electric Bikes

Don’t just to buy your ebike from the first store you run into when in Cumbria, consider the following outlets for the highest quality of bikes:

Arragon’s Cycle Centre

Arragon’s Cycyle Centre is an independent bike store based in 2 Brunswick Road Penrith, Cumbria, and brings into the biking industry more than 5 decades of experience. The shop stocks a wide selection of bikes, components, and accessories. The bicycles range from electric MTBs to kids ebikes from brands such as Riley, Genesis, Ridgeback, and Saracen.

This family-owned store also has a maintenance center with services such as bike fitting and repairs on offer. Not to mention that you can buy cycling accessories alongside your new bike, such as a helmet or a cycling jacket that will come in handy when you set out on your biking trip.

For those who don’t want to buy, Arragon’s Cycle has a bike rental service that you can hire cheap electric bikes for as low as 10 pounds for half a day. The hospitable workers are committed to offering the best customer service experience, with swift replies to queries and complaints any time all the time!

E-Venture Bikes

Although it's still new in the ebiking scene, E-Venture Bikes has shown a great passion for cycling and outdoor adventures on two wheels. Ever since it was launched in 2015, the shop’s fleet has significantly grown to include a full range of both ordinary and battery-powered bikes. You can buy an electric road bike or folding ebike that is practical for your daily commute to work or school.

For visitors, you can choose from a selection of motor-assisted bikes and enjoy a tour of the Lake District. The staff will even recommend to you the best cycle routes to follow and simplify the trip for you with custom-made maps, complete with instructions.

The store further sells various cycling gear and accessories; not to mention that you can get your old bike repaired or serviced in the store’s showroom. E-Venture Bikes is located on The Hub, Elliot Park, Keswick, Cumbria and is open to members of the public looking to buy or rent!


This is where you go to when you want a specialist e-bike shop with experts who will advise you on anything you want to know about these motor-assisted two-wheelers. The shop displays all designs of ebikes, from electric cruisers for adults to children’s mountain bikes, carefully chosen from the leading companies based in the country and Europe.

All ebikes sold have fully been pre assembled and tested to ensure that you get a hassle-free experience when you take them on cycling trail. The package also comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure that you benefit from guaranteed repairs in case of anything!

The shop is strategically located on Hartley Fold, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, within an impressive transport network. It is just a 15-minute drive from A66 or a 10-minute ride from Kirkby station, making for easy access. You can walk into the Eden-e-Motion bike store any day of the week.

Powerbikes LTD

This Batribike ebike stockist is based in Sneckyeat Road Industrial Estate Whitehaven, Cumbria. The bikes are handbuilt to the latest EU and UK regulations, so you can rest assured you are riding a high-quality product. A specialist team at the showroom will also guide you on the ideal bike to buy for your adventure if you’re not sure of what you want!

You can buy a nice electric cruiser for a leisure tour of the city and even contact the customer service to schedule a test ride before sealing the deal. For a more practical ebike design, choose from a selection of folding electric bikes that you can easily stow away inside the trunk when you have finished riding.

The shop is open all the days of the week, except on Sundays!

Best Bike Routes in Cumbria

Best Electric Bikes Routes in Cumbria

Hidden Lake District Valley

This fun ride starts at the beautiful village of Askham and makes its way through some nice and peaceful country roads with exquisite views along the way. The Haweswater Reservoir is a sight to behold, which you will encounter halfway through the ride. Here, you can take a breather and sample some local refreshments at the Haweswater Hotel before continuing with the journey.

The trip will take you back to Askham, with the route passing by stunning sights like the bridge on River Lowther and an old red post box. If you have time to spare, don’t shy away from indulging in more refreshments at the Queens Head Inn in Askham.


Edge of the Northern Fells

If you are up for a trip down memory lane, this route will take you past the historic village of Greystock and to the hamlet of Mosedale then back. It is a 16-mile route that will test your mettle, defined by long and steady ups and downs but your efforts will be rewarded by the remarkable sightseeing opportunities along the way.

Landmarks like the Blencathra and northern Lake District fells highlight the exciting ride. Furthermore, you can stop at the Greystoke Cycling Café for a well-deserved rest and sample the refreshments on offer. This route will be a nice option for those who like to spend time in the outdoors while enjoying a laid-back tour.

Eycott Hill Nature Reserve

This is another exciting route that passes by the historic Greystoke village and stretches to the amazing Eycott Hill Cumbria Wildlife Trust reserve. If you are a fan of wild animals, this will be a nice chance for you to come up close and personal with them. 

The route features some long yet steady ascents and descents, with views of the northern Lake District fells on offer. You’ll then head back to Greystoke with a chance to rejuvenate and enjoy some refreshments at the Cycle Café Barn or the village pub. 

You’ll also have a better experience when you take a road bike or a hybrid electric bike!

Cumbria Sky Ride 

If you’re looking to get out on your bike while in Cumbria, Sky Ride is a great excuse to discover the city on free tours guided by cycling experts. The festival has significantly gathered traction ever since it was introduced, bringing bike lovers of all ages and experience together for a remarkable social ride around the city streets.

Organized in partnership with the Sky, British Cycling, and Cumbria County Council, the city roads are cleared to allow people to ride comfortably without having to worry about cars. The ride also takes a range of lovely routes, including a new temporary road that connects Grasmere with Thirlmere.

Previous versions of Cumbria Sky Ride have seen the ride exposing the participants to city landmarks such as Bitts Park, Rickerby Park, and Hethersgill Circular.

Final Thought

So, the next time you decide to visit the city of Cumbria, don’t forget to pop into the best bike shops mentioned above to experience this city in style. There are many sights to see and the above cycle routes will be a treat for any adventurer.


Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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