7 November 2023

The Best Bike Routes for Exploring Leicester + Shops


Fed up with all the boredom that comes with “staying at home” in the middle of the pandemic? Well, you can always get on your bike and venture into the outdoors for a much-needed change of scenery! For those who find themselves in the city of Leicester, there are a number of e-biking cycling routes that will make for an exciting adventure.

In this post, we provide you with a guide to the best e-bike shops to buy a bike as well as  shops where you can hire e-biking gear. We’ll also highlight some on and off-road cycling routes you can explore for the ultimate e-biking experience. 

Leicester City Bike Shops

You can’t head out on your battery-powered escapade without the required tools of the trade. As such, you’ll need to get an e-bike if you don’t already own one, as well as relevant cycling gear, such as a helmet. Luckily, there is a range of bike stores spread across the city of Leicester where you will be able to find the best suitable e-bike for your adventure. 

Ebike Cycle Center

One such a shop is the Ebike Cycle Center, located on Gnabry Street in the city center and just 100m from the Leicester Railway Station. Its strategic location puts it central to the Midlands and East Midlands areas, where you can buy affordable e-bikes and benefit from the regular rail services to neighboring towns like Birmingham, Wigston, Hinckley, etc.

This bike shop offers you a full range of exciting electric bikes! Whether you’re looking for a step-through electric cruiser for a leisurely ride or a folding e-bike that can fit inside your trunk, they provide a free test ride to ensure that you buy the right bike for the adventure.

Leicester electric bikes

FMB Cycles

You can also check out FMB Cycles, which stocks all kinds of electric bikes to serve the local community. This bike shop is situated on 210 Saffron Lane, Leicester, and is open seven days a week. Aside from buying the e-bike you fancy, you’ll also enjoy a full bike setup, personal and maintenance services, as well as specialist advice to get you fully acquainted with the e-bike experience.

Rutland Cycling

Another store you can visit to buy or hire an electric bike is Rutland Cycling in Everards Meadows. It is located on Copper Way and remains open from Monday through Sunday. With more than 100 bikes on display, you get to choose from a range of electric mountain bikes, cargo, and hybrid bikes!

For those who don’t want to buy a bike,  you can hire a road bike for yourself or a kid’s electric bike for a family adventure. A full range of cycling gear is also available for hire to ensure safety during your biking escapade. The shop also has a team of fully-trained experts to offer you a free e-bike demo and test ride on purpose-built cycling routes.


Green Hybrid

Another option you will find is the Green Hybrid bike showroom in Leicester, which gives you access to all designs of electric bikes. The shop allows you to buy online and even book a test ride before you decide to seal the deal. You’ll particularly enjoy the fat-tire electric bike brands on offer when you want to hit the off-road backcountry trails.


Last but not least, Justebikes is another e-bike shop to visit when you find yourself in the Midlands. This shop is situated on 261 Hinckley Road and sells commuter, recreational, folding, cargo, as well as family electric bikes for every kind of adventure you have in mind. The friendly staff are always on hand to provide help and advice when you need them!

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Leicester City Best Cycling Routes

Wondering where you can go for a ride in Leicester? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! There are numerous exciting trails and cycle routes for all on-road and off-road adventures you can think of. Some of these include:

Victoria Park Ride

One of the highest-rated routes is the Victoria Park Ride. Spanning a distance of 5.9miles, the route starts at Victoria Park and goes round through the Great Central Way before bringing you back to the beautiful shopping district of Clarendon Park. The cycle paths are suitable for all types of e-bikes which is great for a family adventure.

KNIGHTON Park Explorer

This is a shorter cycle path that will be more suitable for a jaunt on your electric bike. The 3.1-mile route is relatively comfortable and its 27-meter climb shouldn’t be a problem for you. You’ll have the opportunity to view pristine picnic areas, flower beds, and woodland as you make your way along this laid-back bike trail. The tarmac route is also suitable for all kinds of electric bikes.

Lost Villages

If you’re up for an off-road adventure on your battery-powered bike, the Lost Villages is one the best options for you in Leicester. Starting at the charming Roundhay park, this cycle route exposes you to some scenic country roads that make their way through the small villages in the northern part of Leeds. The trip takes you around the perimeter of the Harewood Estate, with a small climb to deal with as you approach the Eccup reservoir.

You’ll have plenty of time to stop and revel in the scenic views along the way before coming back through the Alwoodley for a relaxing cup of coffee and cake. This route is about 23.6 miles long and offers you a great way to experience the town of Leeds on an electric bike.

 Leicester Sky Ride 

Leicester sky ride is more of a festival than it is a ride! Organized by British Cycling and Sky in conjunction with the Leicestershire City Council, the event brings together bike enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy a ride around the city on traffic-free streets.

The route allows you to discover some of the city’s most famous landmarks like the King Power Stadium, Town Hall Square, Cultural Quarter, etc. as you cycle in a carnival-like atmosphere. Leicester sky ride is a great opportunity for electric bike users to converge and socialize as they enjoy an exciting tour on two wheels led by members from British Cycling!

Leicester Suffragettes Ride

If you haven’t been on a bicycle for a while, this ride offers you the perfect way to get back in the saddle. The route is relatively easy-going, starting at the Bike Park in Town Hall square and allows you to ride at a comfortable pace. There is little to no traffic on the way, which allows you to bring your kids for an outdoor adventure on two wheels.

Riding this route also provides you with the opportunity to get a taste of Leicester city history by letting you discover influential women in the Suffragette movement when you get to the Blue Plaque sites. Get to know about notable public figures like Alice Hawkins and their contribution to the campaign for women’s rights to vote, as well as various social reforms.

A Trip to King Lear’s Lake

This 12-mile route takes you to the northern part of Watermead Park, where you get to discover the panoramic King Lear’s Lake. With a 23-meter climb to challenge you, this will be a nice way to break a sweat on your electric bike. You will experience the legend of the British monarch, who reigned in the 8th century.

This dramatic ride further enables you to witness the lake exhibit statues, which capture the final scene of King Lear, the famous Shakespeare play! Whether you own an electric MTB or beach cruiser, this route will comfortably accommodate all kinds of e-bikes.

Final Thought

So, the next time you visit the beautiful city of Leicester, don’t feel completely foreign when you want to explore the outdoors on an electric bike. The guide above allows you to visit the best bike shops in your location, as well as some scenic cycle routes for your biking adventure.

Happy E-biking!


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