7 November 2023

The Best Bike Routes for Exploring London + Shops


London is one of the most visited cities in the UK; you can credit this to its breath-taking skyline, historical landmarks, and diverse culture. With more people ditching their regular bikes for the more practical electric bikes, there is no cheaper and more convenient way of exploring the capital of England than on a battery-powered bicycle!

But to do this, you must know the right cycling paths and routes to follow! So, to ensure that you have the perfect e-biking experience when you visit London below is a guide to the best stores to buy/hire electric bikes and the cycling routes ideal for your outdoor adventures.

Best Ebike Shops in London

Manufacturers have taken advantage of the growing e-biking trends in the urban centers and this is why you won’t run out of options if you ever need to buy or rent an e-bike in the city of London. Some of the best stores you can find include:

Fully Charged

With more than 150 ebikes in stock (including fat tire ebikes), you’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect two-wheeler for your escapade. The store is located on 37 Bermondsey Street and offers some of the world’s leading e-bike brands. You’ll find electric urban bikes that will be excellent for your daily commute and practical folding ebikes that you can easily stow away inside the trunk.

For those looking for a more rugged option for those backcountry trails, you’ll also find eMTBS and trekking/hybrid bikes to suit your planned adventure. If it is just a single-day escapade, you can alternatively opt to rent the bike at rates as low as 40 pounds a day. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10-minute test ride offered before buying or hiring the e-bike.

electric bikes

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Electric Bike Store

This is another suitable bike store that you can visit. Located at the London bridge close to the Borough market, this bike store is a stone throw away from the city center. The showroom houses a full range of electric bikes, which allows you to find the right e-bike for your exploits. Whether you’re looking for an electric road bike or a beach cruiser, this is one shop you’d want to check out.

You can book a test ride to try out your bike of choice before buying and take advantage of the opportunity to engage with the staff, who are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. The shop also offers valuable accessories such as helmets, chargers, and bike locks to make sure that you’re fully covered.

Electric Bike Sales

According to a poll carried out among London cyclists, Electric Bikes Sales is among the stop 5 bike stores in North London. The retailer stocks all manner of electric bikes, ranging from men’s to women’s and even kid’s electric bikes from world-renowned brands such as Raleigh, Cube, and Lapierre. You’ll also find great use in the stage 1-4 maintenance and repair services on offer.

Urban eBikes

Urban eBikes is a one-stop-shop for all your electric biking needs in London. The store offers a range of both premium and cheap electric bikes from leading manufacturers across Europe. You can choose from a selection of touring bikes, folding commuter e-bikes, cargo bikes, eMTBs, as well as 28mph speed pedelecs.

Apart from selling, other e-bike services offered include servicing, repairs, and leasing for those hoping for a quick adventure through the city streets. The store is open from Monday through Saturday and is located on 513 Cambridge Heath Road.

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Best Cycling Routes in London

To get the most out of your biking adventure, you must pair your bike with the appropriate riding surface. This means the cycling path you choose has to be suitable for the type of bike you have. While in London, the following are the best cycle routes for all your on-road and off-road exploits on two wheels.

Hyde Park Fantasy Loop

This exciting route will ensure that you get more than simply a bike ride. It offers you the rare opportunity to sample the amazing sights that Hyde Park has to offer. The 4.3-mile route starts at the Black Lion Gate docking station found in the park and includes an 11-meter climb that should literally be a walk in the park for you.

Featuring mostly tarmac paths, the route is suitable for all types of e-bikes. The fond memories of your childhood will be brought back to life when you get to the Peter Pan statue, as well as the 900-year-old tree stump named Elvin Oak! The easy-going nature of the route makes it perfect to bring your kids along and enjoy some valuable family time in the outdoors.

Central London Four Parks

This is another simple and short route that you can enjoy riding on at a leisurely pace. Despite being just over 4 miles, the route loops through four parks in the city, exposing you to amazing historical landmarks and charming sceneries on the way. The trip starts at the Canada gate, near the Constitution Hill and opposite the Queen Victoria Monument.

Other highlights along the route include the Diana Memorial fountain, as well as the Buckingham Palace. You can also take a short break and stop at Hyde Park café for some refreshments to make the most of your ride. Overall, the route is largely flat with a brief 13-meter climb. The tarmac paths and lack of traffic make it the perfect option for inexperienced riders.

London Sky Ride

The London Sky ride offers thousands of e-bike fans from around the globe a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride on some of the most famous streets in the city. The roads are closed to ensure there is no traffic, and bike lovers arrive in droves to discover the capital from a unique perspective.

This route is suitable for all kinds of bicycles, and the tarmac streets make for an effortless cycling experience. You’ll get to interact with fellow e-bike enthusiasts during the ride as you explore some world-renowned landmarks of London, including St. Paul’s Cathedral. In short, the London Sky ride is an awesome route that you can’t afford to miss out on!

Comedy School Ride

This is the ideal bike adventure for those looking for a little physical challenge. The 11.7-mile route features a 187-meter climb, which you can use to break a sweat, especially without motor assistance. This tour by London’s Comedy School will expose you to the blue plaques of comedy greats like Peter Sellars, Tony Hancock, and Willy Rushton.

For the faint-hearted, there is a shorter and easier route that you can take. The Comedy School Ride-Central will be a more suitable option for novice riders who still want to enjoy the ride.

East-west Superhighway and Royal Parks

This is another interesting route you can follow during your quest to discover London with your bike or dirt bike. The route spans 12.1 miles and features a 68-meter climb. With its starting point opposite the Liberty Bounds, the cycle path takes you through the aEst-West Superhighway from Tower Hill to the Parliament square.

It offers a nice opportunity to discover the capital from a fresh point of view, with sightings of various renowned sights.

Final Thought

There are so many ways to explore the famous city of London and cruising on an electric bike is one of the most convenient options you can take. With so many routes and cycle paths meandering through the city, you’ll have a ball discovering the monuments and landmarks on offer.

The above post ensures that you know exactly where to go when you want to buy or rent an electric bike and the routes to follow for a refreshing adventure in the city!

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