September 7, 2023

Despite being pretty new to the e-bike market, the Cyrusher brand has made quite a splash. They’ve become well known for producing excessive-looking fat-tire commuters and all-terrain e-bikes.

Kommoda is a perfect example of Cyrusher’s design “doctrine”. From a distance, the Kommoda looks like your typical fat-tire e-bike. But as you get up close, you soon discover that the engineers took a “kitchen sink” approach when designing this e-bike.

The dual-crown suspension forks look like something lifted from a motorcycle, while the fat tires give it that all-terrain look. However, the tires are only 20”, which is more common among electric mopeds.

When put on paper, these design features shouldn’t gel together. But Cyrusher somehow managed to make it work on the Kommoda.

Cyrusher Kommoda Frame


The Kommoda features a standard step-through fat-tire commuter frame design. However, thanks to the double suspension, the entire frame has a giant U design, which just adds more flare to the entire e-bike.

Speaking of suspension, it looks like something taken straight off of a motorcycle and a mountain bike

What do I mean by that?

Well, the front suspension is lifted straight off of a motorcycle. It consists of two oil pistons that have up to 110 mm of preload adjustment. Put simply, the front forks have a lot of travel, ensuring a smooth ride.

Kommoda Front Suspension

Of course, the Kommoda wouldn’t be so comfortable if it didn't come with a rear suspension lifted straight from a mountain bike.

Although not on the same level as the top-shelf stuff, the rear suspension provides the rear wheel with just enough travel to make the right smooth and comfy.  

I wouldn’t take this bike to any serious downhill tracks because the rear suspension won’t be able to handle it.

Even though the frame provides a pretty laid-back riding position, I wouldn’t recommend you buy this e-bike if you’re over 6 feet high.

This is because the handlebars aren’t adjustable, so if you’re on the taller side, you will be forced to ride this bike in an upright position. Due to this, your spine is going to take the brunt of the road bumps.

With that slight criticism out of the way, here are a couple of good things about the frame:

For starters, the battery is integrated into the frame, so there are very few cables hanging from outside the bike.

The frame is built out of durable 6061 aluminum and the welds are pretty clean ensuring superb durability.

Another good thing about this e-bike is that it comes with a rear cargo rack and fenders. Most manufacturers these days offer fenders and racks as an additional accessory which I’m not a huge fan of.

Lastly; the Komodo is available in a couple of colors, including white, blue, orange, and gray.

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Kommoda Motor


While you might think the double suspension is this e-bike's main feature - that’s just a bonus. The real MVP of this e-bike is the motor. 

The Kommoda comes with a 750-watt BaFang motor that produces around 80 Nm of torque. That’s insane value when you factor in this e-bike's affordable price.

You’ll have a hard time riding this e-bike slowly, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

You’ll have to resist not cranking the pedal assist to the max and zoom at 28 MPH around town or on an offroad track.

Motor Controller

Another pleasant surprise about the motor is that it comes with a full-color LCD display. This is something you rarely see on e-bikes in the price range.

The display displays (pun intended) all the crucial information about your ride, including a wattmeter, odometer, and trip meter.

The controls are pretty simple. There are two buttons for adjusting the level of the pedal assist and a button for turning the e-bike on/off. On top of that, you can customize the display your heart’s content.

Kommoda Motor Controller

On top of all this, the Kommoda also comes with a twist throttle. I prefer this style of the throttle over the thumb throttle. It feels much more comfortable to use, and it perfectly goes with this e-bike’s motorcycle flair.

Just be careful with how you use the throttle. It will go through your batter like it’s nothing.


Kommoda Battery


The Kommoda comes with a 672 Wh Samsung li-ion battery. that should be good for more than 800 charging cycles.

If I were to trust Cyrusher, the battery should support around 50 miles of riding. But that’s not the mileage I got. 

Sure, I’m a bit on the hefty side, and I did use the throttle quite a lot, but I only got around 25 miles from one charge.

I guess you could squeeze out an extra 15 miles if you use the pedal assist, but I don’t see how you could ride this e-bike 50 miles on one charge. 

Add to that a 4 to 6-hour recharge time, and you get a pretty limited range. And since you can’t upgrade the battery, the only way to offset this lack of range is to get another battery. This way, you won’t have any downtime for charging.

If you’re planning on using this e-bike as a daily commuter but don’t want to invest into a spare battery, you can always take the charger with you and recharge the battery while you’re not riding.


The biggest fault of most fat-tire e-bikes is that they’re pretty heavy. And the heavier an object, the harder it stops.

Thankfully, the engineers at Cyrusher are well aware of Newton’s laws of motion which is why this e-bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes.

Since they’re hydraulic, the brakes are incredibly responsive and will get you to a full stop in no time.

Kommoda Brakes


Just be careful how you brake while at full speed. The brakes are pretty snappy, and if you’re not careful, you’ll start sliding.


The rims on this e-bike are your standard fare. They’re built out of aluminum and have pretty hefty spokes, so don’t worry if you run over a pothole or two. The rims are built to withstand quite a lot of punishment before they break.


Kommoda Tires


The tires on the Kommoda are lifted straight from an electric moped. This means they have a pretty low center of gravity which makes this e-bike pretty maneuverable.

On top of that, since they’re pretty thick, they also work as an additional layer of suspension.

 The tires will absorb most of the minor road shock and transfer anything more serious to the front/back suspension.

I’m not sure whether they’re puncture resistant or not, but since this is a budget e-bike, I wouldn’t ride this bike over nails or glass shards.

Post Test Summary: Cyrusher Kommoda Pros And Cons

Based on what I said above, what impressions does Kommoda leave on you?

I honestly think this e-bike is one wonderful mess. The double suspension gives it a lot of flair and makes the riding experience that much smoother.

I wouldn’t take this ebike on serious mountain bike trails, but I couldn’t find a better e-bike for leisurely nature trail rides.

It can also double as a daily commuter.

Thanks to fat, yet small tires, the Kommoda has a pretty low center of gravity, which is perfect for navigating tight city streets.

The only thing holding this e-bike back is the somewhat lackluster battery. 672 Wh might seem a lot, but if you rely on the throttle too much, you’ll decimate your range.


  • Double suspension
  • Comes with a cargo rack and fenders
  • Color LCD controller
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Maneuverable

There’s quite a lot to like about the Cyrusher Kommoda.

For starters, you get insane value for your money. Double-suspension e-bikes are pretty expensive. The most affordable ones start at $2000. 

While the suspension isn’t capable of handling serious downhill courses, it’s perfect for nature trails and for commuting around town.

On top of that, you get fenders and a cargo rack, which is something that’s usually not included with the bike.

Lastly, you get a color LCD. This feature is something that’s pretty exclusive to mid and high-end bikes.

And let’s not forget the 750 Watt BaFang motor. It packs more than enough power that you’ll have no problems reaching the top speed of 28 MPH in mere seconds.


  • Unimpressive range
  • Not comfortable for taller riders

As is the case with most fat-tire e-bikes, the Komodo isn’t best suited for riders over 6-foot high. 

Taller riders simply won’t be able to sit in a laid-back position. Instead, they’ll be in an upright riding position which means there is a lot of pressure on the spine. If you’re over 6 feet,  you know what I’m talking about. After a couple of miles, you’ll feel your back getting tired and painful.

Another thing I’m not impressed with is the battery. Although Cyrusher claims Kommoda has up to 50 miles of range, during my time with it, I could hardly squeeze out 25 miles. If you’re going to use this bike as a daily commuter, I recommend you get a backup battery.

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Advice To Customers

If you’re looking for a fun, comfortable bike that offers lots of value for your money - Cyrusher Kommoda should be on your radar. It comes with a pretty beefy motor, and the double suspension ensures superb comfort. 


Cyrusher took an unorthodox approach to design this e-bike that somehow managed to pay out.

The result is an e-bike that rides like a dream with a motor that has no trouble conquering the steepest of hills.

Sure, its suspension isn’t top-of-the-shelf, but it gets the job done. I look forward to any improvements to the design.

If it only came with a bigger battery, I would make it my go-to leisure ride.

Cyrusher Kommoda Orange
Our Rating - 89/100

The Cyrusher Kommoda is a pretty comfortable, fun little fat-tire e-bike. Although it’s a bit pricey for what it is, it comes with a powerful 750-watt motor and double suspension that’ll makes the riding experience as smooth as it can be.

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