Why you should consider an electric bike conversion kit

Why you should consider an electric bike conversion kit

Make the informed decision and get more from your bike. 

Toying with the idea of buying an electric bike motor kit? Here are some things you ought to know..
You probably have a thousand and one reasons why you love your regular bike, but you have also noticed that a growing number of cyclists (some of them are even your friends) have started converting their bicycles into electric ones. By simply buying an electric bike kit with its own motor and battery, its not a complex operation.

This is understandable. E-bikes do not only offer the same benefits as regular bikes but give added perks too, lets dig in!

electric bike motor kit

Note that all of the kits in this review are over 250 W, which is fine if you're in the States, but technically not allowed in Europe, but we won't tell on you if you decide to order and install one. :=)

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