15 December 2022

Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike – How Impactful Are They On The Environment?


Although they might seem quite similar - electric dirt bikes and gas dirt bikes have several key differences that can be a decisive factor when choosing one from the other.

For starters, dirt biking can be branched into two categories - off-roading and motocross. If we solely focus on that, then it’s pretty obvious that choosing one from the other is imperative, depending on your main plans when riding a dirt bike.

In today’s article: “Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike,” we’ll learn the main differences and similarities that these bikes share, as well as cover the pros and cons of each dirt bike.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at electric and gas dirt bikes!

gas vs electric dirt bikes

Electric Dirt Bikes

Even though electric dirt bikes were invented in the 1890s, people needed to wait until the late 1990s and early 2000s for them to be put on the mass market. Up until that point, electric dirt bikes were complicated to obtain, as only a handful were available for purchasing.

During those two periods, electric dirt bikes shifted from heavy lead-acid batteries to lighter lithium-ion batteries, which steadily made the production of lightweight electric dirt bikes possible.

Before you plan on running your electric dirt bike, it’s imperative that the electric battery needs charging. On most occasions, electric dirt bikes will force you to charge them anywhere between 2 to 6 hours, depending on their maximum range. A common rule is that batteries charge faster if they can produce a bigger range. 

Electric dirt bikes don’t have combustion, fuel, or fuel pipes. So, riding one is always followed by no mess and has an easy starting and running process. The engine on electric dirt bikes doesn’t require a warm-up procedure. Furthermore, they will keep running until their battery runs out of charge.

With the combination of a light-frame design and reliable balancing predispositions, electric dirt bikes are ideal for both grown-ups and up-and-coming kids that enjoy riding both off-road and motocross.

Man on dirt bike racing on dirt road in nature.

Pros and Cons Of Electric Dirt Bikes

Of course, we need to take a closer look at the main advantages and disadvantages of electric dirt bikes - starting with:


  • Maintenance - Without the need for oil changes, engine service, spark plugs, or a coolant - the electric dirt bikes are excellent starting dirt bikes for all up-an-coming enthusiasts that wish to test their like and experience an adrenaline rush while on the run.
  • Environmental effects - Unaccompanied by the presence of ignition inside the engine of the electric dirt bike - no emission or combustion of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide is manifested. Furthermore, they produce minimal noise, which is terrific whenever you wish to ride this bike in cycle zones.
  • Safety - As we previously mentioned, a lightweight frame offers the riders exceptional control of the bike when discussing balancing issues. As such, electric dirt bikes are ideal riding vehicles for both adults and kids.


  • Sensitive to water - All electric dirt bikes, regardless of their design, need to be treated extra carefully whenever you wish to ride them on terrains that are filled with ponds or other water sources. Because of that, electric dirt bikes should only be ridden in temperature-controlled environments.
  • Pricing - Even though gas dirt bikes require more maintenance issues, electric dirt bikes are overall more expensive to purchase.
  • Speed - Electric dirt bikes are fast, but aren’t as fast as gas dirt bikes. This is especially apparent when comparing these two models in the high-end market.

Gas Dirt Bikes

All gas dirt bikes are divided into two categories - two-stroke and four-stroke. Both of them have internal combustion engines with cylinders, fuel, pistons, exhaust, and a crankshaft.

They are powered by ignition, a combination of air and fuel to move pistons up and down within the cylinder, powering the crankshaft. By carefully controlling the transmission and the clutch, you can command the speed of this dirt bike.

Gas dirt bikes have a similar starting history, being created in the late 1890s. But gas dirt bikes made their global debut much sooner.

They excel in rough riding, as they are made with robust materials - as such, gas dirt bikes are impressive bikes for hard-hitting trails.

When comparing the two-stroke model with a four-stroke one - the former is more meant for kids who enjoy riding, whereas four-stroke gas dirt bikes are broadly more present in professional races, driven by adults who have years of experience.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that gas dirt bikes are undeniably louder than electric dirt bikes, especially four-stroke modes, which are powered with stronger motors, offering higher speeds.

gas dirt bike 1


  • Power - The gas engine will always outshine the overall top speeds produced when compared to lithium-ion batteries.
  • Reliability - Gas dirt bikes were available much sooner than electric dirt bikes. As such, more time was infused into their creation, making them more reliable in the long run.
  • Cost - If we don’t account for the maintenance expenses, gas dirt bikes are cheaper than electric dirt bikes.


  • Maintenance - Air filter cleanings, engine maintenance, oil changes, leak checks, and many more.
  • Noise - Gas dirt bikes are noisy rides, making them unpleasant when compared to the nearly noise-less electric dirt bikes.
  • Environmental effects - The presence of the emission of carbon dioxide harms the environment, whereas electric dirt bikes don’t manifest such problems.
gas dirt bike 2

Electric vs Gas Dirt Bike - Which One Is Better?

With all of the above in mind, today’s topic “Electric vs gas dirt bike” has reached the finishing lap.

Unfortunately, if you were looking for a concrete answer to which one is better, then you’ve stumbled upon a brick wall. Both dirt bike models excel in different subjects, so it all comes to two things:

  • If you wish to save the environment, we highly recommend the electric dirt bike.

  • On the other hand, if you wish to feel a stronger adrenaline rush, then the gas dirt bike will be more suitable for you.

We hope that you have enjoyed today's topic - until next time!

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