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Wing Freedom X bike

May 22, 2023

Uniqueness and unusual designs seem to be the hottest new trend in the electric biking world. A few revolutionary e-bikes aside, the same mechanics, similar-looking frames, and other designs and components that look just like the ones on the bike next to it got a bit boring. 

That’s kind of what sparked this revolution in the design language of e-bikes.

Wing Bikes Freedom X is one of those models that will cause every single person to turn around and take a better look at it. But I’m pretty sure that’s what this company was going for, in the first place.

Today, I’m reviewing it and sharing all the details you need to know to form your opinion on the e-bike - and, potentially, consider buying one for yourself.

Wing Bikes


The frame is essential - some would even say the most crucial - part of an e-bike. It’s what gives it structural integrity, ergonomics, comfort, and stability. That’s why I’ve invested extra care when testing and reviewing the Wing Bikes Freedom X. 

And here’s what I’ve found:

The bike’s frame, although looking quite unusual, is like that for a reason. The straight lines and simplicity with which this frame was made have a pretty apparent goal: 

Keeping you steady, safe, and comfortable.

The bike boasts an aluminum frame with smooth welding, and I’ve figured that it makes it easier to do maintenance jobs and basic repairs on the Freedom X.

Also, the resistance to hard hits, falls, and bends are pretty impressive, and it allows you to ride carefree - without worrying about the little things scratching or damaging your bike. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the weight. Clocking in at 39 pounds, this is arguably one of the lighter e-bikes on the market - and that’s always a plus. 


The motor found in the Freedom X is the 36V/550W Bafang with 45Nm of torque, which is quite impressive.

The amount of torque this bike offers allows you to trust your e-bike and not worry about feeling “underpowered” when riding the Freedom X. I mean, 45Nm torque is a pretty decent fit for most - if not all - riders. 

Whether you’re a beginner, a casual rider, or a diehard fan of e-bikes, this amount of torque hits that sweet spot. 

Bafang motors are generally reliable, rugged, and don’t break that easily, meaning you won’t be visiting your nearby bike repair shop that often. Great news, huh? Also, the motor’s as strong as it is reliable, so your legs won’t have to do much work - if you don’t want them to, that is.

The 550W Bafang motor will get you anywhere and everywhere you need to be, but it especially shines in cities and urban environments in general.


When it comes to a care-free ride, it’s essential to talk about batteries. Something that’s making this e-bike stand out from the crowd is its customizable approach. 

What do I mean by that? 

Well, if you go to the bike manufacturer’s official website, you are met with a lot of options. But we’re here to talk about batteries - so let’s stick to them for the time being. 

Batteries are also customizable - and you can choose from three different ones. You can get a Freedom X with an 8.8Ah, 10.4Ah, or 14Ah battery.

Each of these will give you a different maximum range and a different balance of torque vs. your own strength.

The 8.8Ah battery, being the smallest option, is the one that’s usually selected by those new to e-bikes - while the 10.4Ah and 14Ah batteries are better suited for bikers that go long distances or like to feel the motor’s full torque.

All of them are good - just be sure to pick one according to your needs. 


When it comes to safety, brakes are probably the first thing to pop into your mind, right? 

The creators of Freedom X knew this - and thought of everything. The brakes on the e-bike are the 180mm Stainless Steel Rotors that are big and strong enough to stop the Freedom X in its tracks.

Construction-wise, they seem virtually indestructible. You're probably set for life if you do regular maintenance.

Or, in short, these are the type of brakes you can trust.


Rims may not seem that important, but if you want to feel completely safe, you want the whole package - the brakes, the rims, and the tires - to be of the highest quality. 

The Freedom X is an interesting-looking e-bike, and rims are a part of that. The Double Walled Al-Alloy rims are sleek-looking but firm at the same time. They’ll keep your tires safe - and your e-bike going straight.


As mentioned earlier, tires are the last - but not the least important - component of a safe e-bike ride.

Freedom X e-bike comes fitted with the puncture-resistant Kenda tires, which are black - or the puncture-resistant Innova, which are grey. The dimensions of tires for the Freedom X are 26 by 1.75 inches.

Besides the obvious puncture resistance, these tires seem to be durable and resistant to regular wear and tear, making them a pretty decent choice.


Post Test Summary: Wing Bikes Freedom X Pros & Cons

Alright, now that we’ve looked at all the components, let’s talk about the pros and cons.

What I Do Like About Wang Bikes Freedom X

This e-bike is everything a casual rider could ask for - and then some. Well, the people asked - and the Wing Bikes delivered. The reliability of this e-bike, along with its versatility, is a perfect choice for city streets and urban commuters.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Several battery options
  • Two choices of tires
  • Decent amount of torque
  • Good for city streets and commuting
  • Relatively lightweight 

What I Don’t Like About Wang Bikes Freedom X E-Bike

Look, I know that most of you will love the design of this e-bike - but not everyone will. Some of you may appreciate the specs but will be hesitant about the bike’s unusual look. And that’s fine.

I’m not sure that even counts as an actual downside. 

Other than that, one thing worth noting is that this is, by no means, a bike you could - or should - take off-road. It’s just not built for that. 


  • Unusual design that might not suit everyone
  • Not the best for rural environments and off-roading 

Advice To Customers

This e-bike is pretty decently priced - affordable, even - compared to the competition. If you’re interested in e-bikes but don’t have several thousand dollars to spare, this is your opportunity to get a fantastic little commuter. A perfect package at a great price!


It’s important to emphasize how beginner-friendly this e-bike is. The simplicity and safety make it excellent for anyone new to e-bikes.

Beyond that, the way that this e-bike is constructed, the reliable and robust motor it carries, and a decent battery that powers it are something Wing Bikes should be proud of here.

If you’re a fan of its innovative looks, go for it. But if your first thought was, “But why is it so ugly, though?” I suggest you keep on looking. Freedom X obviously isn’t the bike for you.

Wing Freedom X bike
Our Rating - 87/100

Freedom X is one of the most unusual-looking e-bikes on the market, but that shows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a unique and durable e-bike for everyday rides in an urban environment. Reliable and sturdy - but with an interesting and modern vibe.

About the author

Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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  1. They do not stand behind their product.

    We just received our Wings last week, a Freedom X and Freedom ST. I have found the Freedom X to be fine after a minor derailleur adjustment. The ST is another matter. The speedometer and odometer have not worked at all since day one, further, when in PAS 3 the motor vibrates very loudly. We contacted Wing and Billy said he thought it was a motor core issue and that they could send a new core that we would have to replace ourselves. This is a brand new bike with few miles on it, and so we asked if he could send us a whole new rear wheel assembly with a new motor, rather than us trying to do a complicated repair ourselves on a new bike we bought in good faith. Billy responded, no they would not do that, we could take the new motor core to a bike shop and have them do it, but Wing would not reimburse us for the cost. I am totally pissed off about this, THIS IS A NEW BIKE and should be delivered to us in full working order. If we do the motor core install ourselves and something goes wrong then it will be on us and we will be S.O.L. This is just horrible customer service and if Wing does not come through with a better solution they will never get any good word-of-mouth from us.

  2. Wing Freedom X = Many issues & Loud

    Buy at your own risk. This review is based on my personal experience so make your own conclusions. I have owned my Wing Freedom X for just under one year and have had many issues. First customer service is contacted by email and it could be a few days before they get back to you. Most replacement parts come from China and take about a month to get if your lucky. Labor to replace the defective parts is your responsibility no matter how many times it takes to resolve the issue. This bike is a lot louder than most comparable E-bikes that I have rode.

    Here is a list and dates of the issues I have dealt with.

    1/10/23 = Received delivery of E-bike & I assembled in about 2 hours

    1/11/23 = Gears not working – Bike shop adjusted derailleur $$

    1/12/23 = Noticed display chipped / Wing ordered new display / new display finally received 3/6/23 & installed

    2/03/23 = Pedal assist not working / Wing says need new controller, part ordered 2/17/23 / Part received 2/23/23 & installed / Still no pedal assist – Wing ordered new torque sensor part 2/23/23 / Torque sensor part received 3/03/23 & installed 3/09/23 / Part works but is loud

    5/31/23 = Brakes weak & noises / Adjusted brakes

    9/06/23 = Alarm malfunctioning / Wing ordered new alarm 9/06/23 / New alarm received 10/17/23 & installed

    9/07/23 = Pedal assist loud noise / Wing says lubricate planetary gears 9/14/23 / Gears lubricated – still noise / Wing ordered new torque sensor 10/24 / 2nd torque sensor part received 12/10/23 & installed / Noise still exists

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