Wing Bikes Roundup Review – Can This Newcomer Compete With Bigger Brands?

May 17, 2023

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Wing Bike Freedom Fatty 2
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Wing Bikes Freedom S2 Review - What You Need To Know
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Located in New York, Wing Bikes has innovated once more with its newest releases. Their new e-bikes combine the latest sophisticated technology with the modern and sleek appearance and functionality of an ordinary lightweight road bike.

In a world where everyday commuting is utterly disrupted, it still remains a number one priority - and Wing Bikes offer reasonably priced, sustainable, dependable, and highly efficient solutions to modern problems. 

Let’s have a closer look at this relatively young brand and its electric bikes in this in-depth Wing Bikes round-up review.

Introducing Wing Bikes

Founded in 2017 by Seth Miller, a year-round New York City bike commuter, Wing Bikes brings a new take on urban traveling for the modern commuter with smartly built and reasonably priced electric bikes.

Seth Miller set out to develop a smart e-bike that would take the labor out of daily commuting - while keeping the enjoyment and practicality of a regular bike. 

Wing Bikes accomplished this with its four models:

  • Freedom 2

  • Freedom S2

  • Freedom Fatty 2

  • Freedom X

Wing Bikes’ models all include an intuitive pedal-assist, a “turbo boost” throttle, rear and front lighting, an integrated security system, a long-lasting battery, a control panel, and a lightweight frame.

Wing Bikes offer the right blend of function and design for the modern-day commuter, whether traveling to work in a bigger city, enjoying a relaxing ride in the park or alongside the beach or perhaps searching for an eco-friendly alternative.

Electric bikes are increasingly becoming an enjoyable and handy way to get around traffic, but they aren’t cheap: 

Your average electric bike costs somewhere around $3000, and some models cost up to $5000 - and even more.

However, as new models are hitting the market, pieces are going down. And if you don’t mind going without some of the more advanced, high-tech features - such as inbuilt digital displays, theft monitoring, recovery, and retractable cable locks - you could get a pretty good quality electric bike for around $1500.

That’s where Wing Bikes, a New York City-based business, comes in as the newcomer in this lower-priced e-bike category.

Wing Bikes aspires to become the low-cost electric bike for city dwellers who are simply tired of clogged subways and dodgy ride-hailing services. Even if you don’t live in an urban city, Wing’s electric bikes might be an interesting and viable alternative to owning a regular car.

Wing Bikes

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Wing E-Bike

Who Are Wing E-Bikes For?

When it comes to shopping for any type of product, not just for electric bikes, one of the first things that come to mind is the question: 

“Who is this product for?”

You see, Wing Bikes’ lineup of electric bikes seems to be intended for beginners as well as the more experienced riders on a budget. 

However, just because these electric bikes come at a significantly lower price point compared to their competition, it doesn’t mean they are of low quality. As a matter of fact, Wing Bikes’ e-bikes are extraordinarily well designed and manufactured.

Wing Bike’s e-bikes are made out of high-quality aluminum - their frames feature no plastic parts and are entirely built out of 6061 aluminum. And that means they are meant to last.

Apart from the high-quality build, Wing Bikes’ e-bikes pack high-performing motors. Each Wing Bikes’ Freedom bike features a Bafang electric motor that offers you more than enough power for your daily commuting.

What Type Of Drive Do Wing E-Bikes Feature?

First off, there are two types of electric bike droves - throttle and pedal assist.

The throttle works in a way that you either press on a thumb throttle or twist the handle, and the bike will get going.

Conversely, pedal-assist monitors your pedaling and provides you a boost based on the speed setting you select. The top speed you can expect with this type of drive in most places is set to 20 MPH.

With that out of the way, we’re happy to tell you that Wing Bikes equipped their e-bikes with both drive modes. 

What that essentially means is: 

If you ever get tired of pedaling manually, you can simply switch to throttle - and relax while enjoying the scenery.

What’s The Battery Like In Wing E-Bikes?

Wing Bikes’ electric bikes feature batteries that range from 8.8Ah to 14Ah. And of course, the higher the battery’s capacity, the longer the range of the bike. 

The good thing is that the battery on all models is fully charged in four hours - which is on the faster end charging times-wise. Not only that, the battery is removable. You can pop it off quickly and take it with you to charge it when needed without having to carry the entire bike.

The neat thing about the battery on all Wing e-bikes is that it can be locked with a key. There's no reason to worry about it being stolen - which is always a plus.

What’s The Range On Wing E-Bikes?

All e-bike models in Wing Bikes’ lineup have a range of about 60 miles. However, keep in mind that the range is heavily based on the riding conditions - besides the battery itself.

For example, if you’re riding on flat terrain, you can expect to hit the advertised maximum range. But if you ride off-road or in a hilly area, the range will probably drop significantly.

All Wing Bikes have a relative battery indicator on the controller - you can see how much battery charge you can expect based on the current riding conditions. 

So, for example, if you’re using the throttle to go up a steep hill, you’ll notice the battery bar drop off substantially.

While we’re at it, you can check your battery’s current status by pressing the indicator button found on the battery itself.

What Kind Of Motors Do Wing E-Bikes Feature?

Even though Wing is focused on designing and delivering budget-friendly electric bikes, that doesn’t mean they went cheap with their motors - which, by the way, is the single most critical component of an e-bike.

All Wing Bikes’ e-bikes feature a pretty decent Bafang electric motor. Each model is equipped with a 550W motor except the Wing Freedom Fatty 2, which comes with a 750W motor - since it’s meant to be ridden off-road.

The torque the Bafang 550W motor produces might be too much for beginners, but it won't take long until you’re used to it. 

How Much Do Wing E-Bikes Cost?

As we already mentioned, Wing Bikes focuses on designing and manufacturing budget-friendly electric bikes.

With that being said, even their most expensive electric bike - Wing Freedom X - costs around $1300 at the time of this writing. While this may seem pricy for some, remember that the e-bike prices range from $1000 to $5000 - and even more.

So when you take everything into consideration, Wing Bikes’ e-bikes are an absolute bargain. There aren’t many e-bike brands that manufacture and sell high-quality electric bikes at such a low price.

Top Wing Bikes’ E-Bikes In 2022 Reviewed

Wing Freedom X bike

Wing Freedom X

Just like the other e-bikes in Wing Bikes’ lineup, the Freedom X is meant to revolutionize urban daily travel - and it does so marvelously well. 

The Design

Wing Freedom X looks fantastic. It features a sleek and minimalistic design; many people would confuse it for an ordinary bike.

The lightweight e-bike weighs about 39 pounds and comes with a unique built-in alarm system, detachable battery, integrated rear and front lights, and swept-back handlebars that can provide unrivaled maneuverability and comfort.

Cable-operated brakes are adequate - and provide a decent stopping force. 

It’s also worth noting that the Wing Freedom X fits most riders, from five-foot-six to six-foot-four.

The Specs

While the company focuses on manufacturing budget-friendly electric bikes, their best model is Freedom X - which packs some amazing specs for such an affordable option.

The frame of this e-bike is made out of lightweight aluminum (AL-ALLOY 6061), with signature smooth welding.

This e-bike has a 35-mile range, which should be more than enough for your daily city commute - but that’s about it. Wing Freedom X is powered by a powerful that provides a decent amount of torque, though, meaning you will be reaching 24 MPH speed in no time.

Plus, you have the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur with a seven-speed 11-28T freewheel at your disposal.

Wing Bikes’ Freedom X features mechanical disc brakes with 180mm stainless steel rotors that will deliver a decent amount of stopping power. In addition, it has puncture-resistant Kenda 26 x 1.75 Kenda tires. 

The Motor And Battery Power

The Wing Freedom X comes equipped with a powerful 36V/550W Bafang electric motor with 45Nm of torque. Reaching the maximum speed is possible in a matter of seconds. 

The main battery powers the integrated rear and front light, so you’ll never have to replace AAA batteries or coin cells. The 36V battery is attached to the down tube and can be removed if you want to charge it. 

On that note, a full charge on Wing Freedom X will provide you with stunning 60 miles of riding.

The battery weighs approximately 5 pounds, and it takes only four hours to charge it fully, which is always a plus.

When you mount the battery on your Wing Freedom X, you can use the key to lock it away from the thieves. Apart from the physical key, Wing Freedom X comes with a key fob-operated alarm. How’s that for anti-theft protection?

2. Wing Freedom Fatty 2

Wing Freedom Fatty 2

Wing Freedom Fatty 2

Wing Freedom Fatty 2 is an all-terrain fat tire e-bike that’s designed for the paths less pedaled.

The Design

Like the previous model, the Freedom Fatty 2 has a sleek design. However, the one thing that stands out is the big fat tires that are designed to take the rider off-road for some more extreme riding.

Wing Bikes’ Freedom Fatty 2 weighs approximately 39 pounds. It also boasts a unique built-in alarm system, a detachable battery, and integrated rear and front lights.

This electric bike is also designed to accommodate riders from five-foot-two to six-foot-three.

The Specs

Wing Bike’s Freedom Fatty 2 is made out of aluminum and smooth welding AL-ALLOY 6061. It features mechanical disc brakes with 180mm stainless steel rotors that provide a good stopping force. 

The main feature of this off-road electric bike would be its tires - puncture-resistant 20 x 4 Kenda Krusader fat tires give you the ability to take it off-road and conquer some demanding trails.

It has a high polish alloy stem that's 90 millimeters long, and an optional handlebar is included in the box. The crankset is made out of high polish alloy 54T, and shifters are Shimano RapidFire.

The Motor And Battery Power

The Wing Freedom Fatty 2 comes with a 36V/750W Bafang electric motor with stunning 80Nm of torque. In a matter of several seconds, you can reach the bike’s top speed of 28 MPH.

Furthermore, this e-bike comes fitted with Shimano Tourney rear derailleur with 7-speed 11-28T freewheel.

As for the battery, Wing Freedom Fatty 2 features a 36 Volt battery. It takes four hours to charge this battery fully, which is pretty decent. And when it’s fully charged, you can expect to get up to 50 miles of range out of it. 

Also, the battery weighs around 5 pounds and is detachable for maximum convenience

3. Wing Freedom 2

Wing Freedom 2

Wing Freedom 2

Here, we have the company's original flagship electric bike designed for urban riding. The Wing Freedom 2 offers the same comfy ride and sleek design as the newer Freedom X model. 

However, the key difference is that Freedom 2 utilizes a handlebar-mounted digital display and cadence sensor.

The Design

The sleek design of Wing Bikes is their trademark; every model in their lineup features the same minimalistic appearance, yet every model looks absolutely amazing - and Wing Freedom 2 is no exception. 

Like its brothers, it clocks in at around 39 pounds and has an integrated rear and front light.

The Specs

Okay, by now, you know what to expect construction-wise. 

This e-bike features lightweight aluminum smooth welding AL-ALLOY 6061 frame and fork and high polish ergonomic handlebars.

Mechanical disc brakes with 180mm stainless steel rotors provide a good stopping force. As for the tires, the Wing Freedom 2 comes fitted with rugged 26 x 1.75 Kenda tires that are puncture resistant. 

The crankset is from custom high polish alloy 54T, while the rims are made out of double-walled Al-Alloy.

The Motor And Battery Power

The 550W Bafang electric motor provides this bike with 45Nm of torque - pretty decent. Wing Freedom 2 can develop a top speed of 25 MPH, which is ideal for your daily commuting around the city.

As for the battery, Wing Freedom 2 features a 36V removable battery that can provide you with up to 60 miles of riding when fully charged. Even though the battery is removable, it can also be locked with a key, preventing thieves from stealing it.

Read the full review here.

4. Wing Freedom S2

Wing Freedom S2

Wing Freedom S2

Last but not least, Wing Freedom S2 is a compact electric bike built for tight spaces and smaller riders. 

Here’s how it compares to its bigger brothers.

The Design

Integrated lights are built directly into the electric bike’s sleek frame for a seamless night riding experience. Speaking of the frame, the Wing Freedom S2 is made out of lightweight aluminum, too.

The total weight of this e-bike is around 39 pounds. It comes with double-walled Al-Alloy rims and features a custom high polish alloy 54T crankset.

As we have already mentioned, the Wing Freedom is an electric bike that’s primarily meant for smaller riders - it fits for most riders up to six-foot-one.

The Specs

It’s worth noting that the bike’s mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors provide a substantial stopping force. Furthermore, high polish alloy seat post and zoom shock absorption suspension are noteworthy features of this electric bike, too.

Puncture-resistant Kenda 20 x 1.75 tires provide you with a relatively comfortable experience. 

In addition, Wing Bikes’ Freedom S2 comes equipped with a custom LCD display and Shimano RapidFire shifters.

The Motor And Battery Power

As for the motor, the Wing Freedom S2 features a powerful 550W Bafang motor that provides a decent 45Nm of torque. Even though it’s a more compact electric bike, it can still go pretty fast - with a top speed of 22 MPH.

Furthermore, the removable 36V battery provides a range of up to 60 miles when fully charged - and it takes just four hours to charge it, which is always a plus.

Like previous models, the battery on this model can be locked, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.

Read the full review here.

How Do Wing E-Bikes Compare To The Competition?

Now that you know what Wing Bikes’ lineup has to offer, let’s look at how this brand compares to the competition.

Wing Bikes Vs. Rad Power

Wing e bike

Rad Power is one of the main competitors to Wing Bikes. Both brands are known to produce some high-quality - yet budget-friendly - electric bikes.

The main difference between the bikes of these two companies is the motor they use in their bikes. Rad Power uses beefier motors in their electric bikes and generally has a slightly higher range than Wing Bikes’s models.

Another notable difference is that the Rad Power typically uses a half-throttle on their electric bikes - whereas Wing Bikes utilize a thumb throttle.

In addition, Rad Power offers a wider product selection. However, that’s because they’ve been on the market for a longer time compared to relatively young Wing Bikes. We’re confident Wing Bikes will catch up soon enough.

Apart from these differences, everything is more or less the same. If you’re looking to support a startup company, though, we suggest you go for a Wing e-bike. 

But if not, you can check out what Rad Power has to offer. Read all about Rad Power e-bikes here.

Wing Bikes Vs. Juiced

Another company that offers budget-friendly electric bikes is Juiced, although most of their bike selection falls in the mid-range category.

Compared to Wing Bikes, Juiced e-bikes provide a slightly higher range, and some models are notably faster. However, that also implies that Juiced e-bikes are generally far pricier than Wing Bikes’ models.

With that being said, the build quality of Wing Bikes’ electric bikes is on par with Juiced, and the same goes for the comfort of the ride.

If you opt for one of Wing Bikes’ e-bikes, you’ll receive pretty much the same high-quality build and comfort with a slightly shorter range, but at a lower price, which is a more than decent trade in our book.

Read all about Juiced electric bikes here.

Wing Bikes Vs. Cannondale 

Unlike the previous two comparisons, comparing Wing Bikes and Cannondale isn’t fair. You see, Cannondale has been around for quite some time now - more than half a century. 

In addition to that, Cannondale manufactures high-end electric bikes that just blow Wing Bikes - even its top models - out of the water.

Compared to Wing Bikes, Cannondale electric bikes offer superior range and speed. With that said, not every rider out there has the budget for Cannondale electric bikes, which are typically found in the high-end price range.

So, if you’re looking to buy an electric bike but you’re tight on budget, we recommend going for Wing Bikes. 

Do keep in mind that Wing Bikes is a relatively young company, and they offer a limited product line. So we can only hope that they’ll expand more in years to come - perhaps into the high-end e-bike market such as Cannondale?

Read all about Cannondale e-bikes here.

After 40 Hours Of Research, We Recommend

Wing Freedom X

Our Top Pick

Wing Freedom X

High-quality build, strong acceleration, very good motor, affordable compared to the competition, incredible looks - this electric bike checks all the boxes.

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