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rad power radrunner 2 review

November 24, 2023


At the heart of the RadRunner 2's hauling versatility and riding pleasure is a powerful 750W geared rear hub motor. This motor is paired with a massive 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery, providing excellent range and usefulness. The large battery capacity delivers comfortably smooth and natural-feeling pedal assistance. Even when fully loaded with cargo or a passenger, the battery provides assisted riding up to 45 miles on a single charge. This extensive range makes the RadRunner 2 capable of handling intensive multi-purpose daily activities or long recreational rides without needing to find an outlet.

The efficient motor and battery combination work seamlessly together. They offer ample power for cruising on flat terrain or climbing hills while transporting heavy loads. Subtle and responsive, the pedal assist adapts well to varying cargo needs and rider inputs. It encourages enjoyable riding over rugged or varied surfaces, ensuring busy schedules or fun excursions are never cut short due to battery depletion.

What Do We Like About RadRunner 2?


  • Enormous battery capacity provides excellent range for working and playing
  • The upright step-through frame is stable yet easy to mount with cargo
  • Huge carrying capacity
  • User-friendly display
  • Fat tires absorb road imperfections
  • Premium components stand up to regular heavy-duty use

What Don’t We Like About RadRover 2?


  • The display could offer better visibility in direct sunlight
  • Fenders provide good coverage, but additional protection may be needed
  • A standard seat may not suit all body types for extended use


  • Motor: 750W rear geared

  • Battery: 672Wh, 48V 14Ah integrated

  • Top Speed: 20 mph

  • Range: 25-45 miles per charge

  • Frame: 6061 aluminum step-through

  • Fork: Rigid steel

  • Drivetrain: Single speed — 52t front sprocket

  • Brakes: Tektro Aries mechanical disk brakes

  • Weight: 65 lbs

Bicycle gear of a green bike

RadRunner 2 Test and Review

Once again, RadPower demonstrates its leadership in the utility electric bicycle market with the well-crafted RadRunner 2. This e-bike combines a rugged yet ergonomically comfortable heavy-duty transport frame with a potent motor and industry-leading battery capacity. The result is a do-it-all workhorse capable of hauling considerable cargo loads or transporting one passenger while retaining stable and enjoyable riding characteristics. 

With its versatile rear rack, full protective fenders, and powerful yet well-matched drivetrain components, the RadRunner 2 is equally poised for strenuous daily tasks as it is for recreational excursions on weekends. Its premium construction utilizing automotive-grade components is designed to withstand years of punishing payloads over varied surfaces. Owners can depend on the RadRunner 2 to reliably meet all mobility needs for cargo or passengers for seasons to come.


The rear geared hub motor is rated for 750W of continuous power output with a peak rating that allows for bursts of additional power when needed for hills or acceleration. It utilizes an advanced internal 3-stage planetary gearing system, which multiplies torque from the motor while allowing it to maintain output over a wide speed range efficiently. This provides smooth and responsive assistance to complement the rider's pedaling. With high torque, riders can easily climb slopes and grades with motor assistance, even at lower RPMs. Located directly in the rear hub, it delivers torque to the rear wheel for maximum power transfer and realistic pedal-feel.

rad power rad runner 2 ebike


The 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery pack has a sizable energy capacity of 672Wh, allowing the bike to travel well over 25 miles on a single charge during moderate pedal-assist use, depending on terrain, weight, and other factors. LED indicators clearly show the state of charge so that the remaining range can be estimated. For convenience, it mounts below the seat tube for a low center of gravity but can be easily removed for recharging on or off the bike. Internal balancing circuits maintain a steady voltage output over the battery's cycle life. 

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The frame utilizes aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum constructed through hydroforming for strength without unnecessary weight. This material provides a confident yet comfortable platform for all-day riding. A rigid steel fork manages road imperfections while maintaining precision handling. Ergonomic rubber grips mounted on riser-style aluminum handlebars facilitate an upright posture for easier pedaling and better visibility. This supports relaxed touring over long distances. Meanwhile, a tailored Rad Power Bikes saddle topped with springy foam encourages blood circulation on long rides. Together, these frame and component choices craft a rider triangle that balances sporty responsiveness and accessible control with cushy endurance qualities—just right for urban utility transportation year-round.

The frame of the green e-bike with the battery


To help fatigue-free riding, the geared rear hub motor delivers natural-feeling pedal assist through four Eco, Trail, Sport, and Turbo modes. Eco mode provides minimal power boost and is ideally suited for flat terrain. Trail and Sport modes up the assistance to comfortably handle hills or headwinds. Turbo provides a maximum of 750W power for quick starts or passing maneuvers. Riders can also enable a separate twist throttle for temporarily boosting acceleration without pedaling. Regardless of the setting, the balanced power curve flawlessly blends with the rider's pedal stroke for intuitive pedal-as-you-feel control over speed and distance, reducing strain.


The Radrunner's high-capacity 48V/14Ah lithium-ion battery enables an impressive 25-45 miles range based on typical riding conditions and assist level usage. Average-fit riders averaging 15mph can expect to travel 30-40 miles on Eco or Sport without fully draining the charge. However, the range varies significantly depending on physical factors like rider weight, weather conditions like temperature or wind, and hilly terrain requiring higher assists. Periodic checks of the battery level display allow adjusting assist modes or taking battery-preserving breaks to maximize mileage. An included charger repowers the battery to full in around 8 hours for day-long riding enjoyment.


The Radrunner exhibits nimble yet stable handling, befitting street riding and recreational use. Its low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution between the sturdy 20-inch wheels promote agility and easy steering without sacrificing comfort. The 6061 aluminum diamond frame delivers rigidity without stiffness, while the suspension fork absorbs bumps to prevent jolts from reaching the rider. At just under 65 pounds fully assembled, the e-bike feels light on its wheels yet inspires confidence via its weighty construction. Wider 20 x 3.3 inch Kenda tires provide unflappably calm rolling over road irregularities yet tenacious traction in all conditions. Between the upright riding position, short wheelbase, and centralized motor, navigating traffic, corners, and trails is intuitive fun. Together, these attributes comprise a handling character that's sure-footed yet lively for big smiles on every journey.

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Powerful Tektro mechanical disc brakes utilize 180mm rotors front and rear to deliver smooth, confidence-inspiring stopping performance. Compared to rim brakes, discs continue braking optimally in wet conditions. Their increased capacity is well-suited to managing the e-bike's extra weight and higher speeds. Precise control and stopping power enhance safety for riders and those around them.

Wheels and Tires

Sturdy aluminum rims with 36 stainless steel spokes and brass nipples provide durable, long-lasting hoops that securely support up to 300 pounds of bike and cargo weight. Thicker 20-inch diameter and wide tires soak up road imperfections. The rear houses the geared hub motor, while the front uses sealed bearings for efficient rolling.

Broad 20 x 3.3 inch Kenda K-Rad tires deliver plush suspension, maximum road traction, and a self-sealing strip that minimizes flat risks. Their reassuringly wide and textured footprint improves control no matter the surface. Comfortable padding and low air pressure result in a smooth, enjoyable ride.


The RadRunner 2's controls utilize intuitive manual inputs paired with app-enabled electric functions for a seamless experience.


While the RadRunner 2 lacks a built-in display, it is compatible with the Rad Power Bikes app, which allows a connected smartphone to function as the display. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the app provides key riding data like current speed, total distance traveled, pedal assist level selection, and battery level indicator. The intuitive app interface makes monitoring this information simple and convenient. Riders can easily customize their pedal assist preferences directly from their phone's large screen. 

In the event of a stop, leaving the phone safely in a backpack or mounted bike holder doesn't compromise access to assist levels or safety lights. This simplified approach avoids a dedicated display's extra cost and complexity while retaining core functionality through most riders' ever-present smartphones.

radrunner 2 review

Control Buttons

Convenient buttons on the handlebar-mounted display allow the rider to switch between the 4 levels of pedal assist - Eco, Trail, Sport, Turbo - from a seated position. Pressing the plus or minus buttons cycles through each increasing motor power level. Another button checks the battery level by lighting up the fuel gauge. The power button turns the entire system on/off. Buttons are ergonomically positioned within easy thumb reach so the rider's hands stay on the bars, prioritizing control.

Pedal Assist & Throttle

The pedal-assist sensor and adjustable motor control modes work together intelligently. Pedaling registers a cadence that the motor assists proportionally up to the selected speed/power limit. This natural cycling feel is complemented by an auxiliary throttle for limited "twist and go" burst ability off the line or up hills. The supplementary power blends seamlessly to suit riders of varying abilities and trip purposes.

Front wheel of the green RadRunner 2 ebike


Keeping mechanical upkeep simple is a single-speed drivetrain with no derailleur or complex shifting. The chain connects the 52T front chainring directly to the 16T rear cog for smooth rotations forward. Low gears are suited for hill-climbing efforts, while high assists boost flat/slight inclines, reducing strain on the rider. Reliability and ease characterize this no-fuss system that works quietly in the background.


Assembly of the RadRunner 2 is straightforward and can be completed in just a few hours with basic hand tools. The frame arrives fully assembled, so the main tasks involve mounting the wheel hubs, attaching the pedals and handlebars, installing the starter battery, and securing accessories like the front and rear racks. Comprehensive printed instructions guide homeowners clearly through each step. With some patience and an extra set of hands, the whole bike can be ready for its first ride in the afternoon. Quick assembly makes the RadRunner 2 an appealing option for those seeking electric cycling convenience without the multi-day mechanic shop wait.


A sturdy moped-style kickstand extends from the frame for easy parking anywhere and loading or unloading cargo. It securely props the fully loaded bike at a walking-friendly angle. While fenders aren't included, mounts on the front and rear ends allow mounting optional full-coverage fenders to protect the rider and motor from road spray. Rad Power Bikes offers over 330 official accessories that can be mixed and matched to customize the RadRunner 2. From integrated rear racks and utility baskets to mirrors, motor and battery upgrades, and lighting packages, riders can configure the bike to suit their needs perfectly. With so many customizable add-ons, it's easy to create a uniquely tailored commute, adventure, or urban assault machine.


Sizing: With its step-through frame, adjustable handlebars and seat tube, the RadRunner 2 is designed to comfortably fit a wide span of teen and adult riders. Those 4'11" to 6'2" tall should find their preferred fit on this bike. The open frame design makes for easy mounting and dismounting. At the same time, the range of adjustment means riders can achieve a lean-forward cycling posture or a more upright adventure position depending on preferences. This universal sizing contributes to the bike's versatility in all urban environments and riders. Proper fit ensures an enjoyable experience for all.


This e-bike is a compelling option for commuting, errands, and casual recreational riding. Its customizable utility, user-friendly controls and apps, and accessible step-through design expand mobility options for various cyclists. Powerful yet eco-friendly pedal assist promises easier cruising around town than a regular bike. And the modern mid-tail kit looks right at home on busy urban streets. 

While the fixed single-speed gears and lack of a built-in display mean sacrificing some versatility, these seem minor compared to the smiles and exercise this bike will put on its rider’s face. For those seeking a practical and enjoyable way to replace car trips under 10 miles, the affordable RadRunner 2 delivers functionality and fun in an approachable electric package. Its combination of value and capabilities earns it a strong recommendation.

The tires also feature a puncture-resistant lining that will protect against thorns and broken glass you run over on the trail. You won’t need to worry about flat tires to inconvenience you in the middle of running your errands. 

rad power rad runner 2 ebike
Our Rating - 90/100

 RadRunner 2

 The RadRunner 2 is a powerful and affordable utility battery-powered bike that is part cargo and part mountain bike. The manufacturers included a number of features to deliver a versatile bike that is suitable for various terrains. It will also surprise you with the amount of cargo it can carry!

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