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Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750

May 18, 2023

Mountain bikes, whether traditional or electric, have always been a favorite of bike enthusiasts with a love for adventure. But very few would have gravitated towards MTB riding without first cutting their teeth on a BMX as kids. 

Well, Zooz Bikes is now offering a new series of e-bikes that will take you on a trip down memory lane and allow you to relive your juvenile biking days. The Urban Ultralight e-bikes come with a nostalgic BMX bike design that should be a breath of fresh air to the e-bike community. 

In this post, we take a closer look at Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750.

Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750 at a Glance

Texas-based Zooz Bikes have created a crowd favorite with the Urban Ultralight 750. It sports an exciting BMX design that stands out from traditional e-bike designs. Created with urban riders in mind, the bike lets you seek the thrill of the city while reminding you of your childhood days. 

But style and memories are not all you get from this remarkable offering; it comes with a host of practical features to make for a fulfilling e-biking experience. I’m sure you’re just as eager as I am to know what the rest of the package brings to the table. 

So, without further ado, let us put the bike on the hot seat in the following Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750 review. 


Some people have referred to the Urban Ultralight as the Lotus of e-bikes given the dead simple and no-frills look it adopts. The bike is designed with a chrome-plated Chromoly steel frame that will take you back to the BMX days. 

Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750 at a Glance

The 4130 Chromoly steel is a high-quality alloy that is known to be strong yet lightweight and flexible. Despite being made of steel, the bike only weighs 55 pounds and can carry a maximum load of 230 pounds. 

Zooz Bikes did not go big on accessories on the Urban Ultralight, leaving you with a plain yet iconic frame design that will have heads turning on the streets. Instead of burdening you with clutter and clunky accessories, a lot of the attention was given to your comfort as a rider. 

That is why you have a long bench seat with plenty of real estate to make you feel at home, whether you want to sit closer or farther away from the handlebar. The patent-pending motor style seat of the bike houses most of its electronics and can easily accommodate two riders. 

Add this to the riser handlebars and you get a laid-back riding geometry that makes for an effortless experience on the trail. Ideally, the frame of the bike will be a nice fit for riders between 5’ and 6’5” tall. 

Overall, I’d say that the minimalist BMX-style of the Ultralight made me feel like a kid again as I took it for a spin around the city streets. On the flip side, it robs you of urban-friendly accessories such as fenders and racks. 

Also, there is no suspension on the bike, so you want to take it easy on bumps on the road. Nevertheless, I must confess that the Chromoly steel did a decent job of soaking up bumps, leaving me with a remarkable road feel. 


The Urban Ultralight 750 is powered by a 575W geared hub motor that peaks at 960W. This can propel you to a top speed of 20mph when using the throttle mode but you can get to a more thrilling 26mph with your foot on the pedal. 


It also features an already installed throttle that comes in handy when you want a fully laid-back ride, as well as a cadence sensor pedal assist. You get to choose from five different levels of pedal assist for a more customizable biking session. 


Backing the Urban Ultralight’s motor is a 17.5Ah 840Wh Samsung 35E battery pack that is nicely tucked under the seat; you’ll have a hard time noticing it when someone is sitting on the bike. 

The central position of the battery also helps to achieve the ultra-simple frame appearance on the Ultralight while optimally balancing the weight of the bike. When fully charged, the battery has enough juice to last between 25 and 40 miles depending on the level of pedal-assist you’re using. 

This should be enough for you to run your daily errands in town and go on a discovery cruise through the city. You will need at least 4 hours to bring the battery to full capacity once empty, which is a wait you can cope with. 


Zooz bikes decided to go with a pair of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to offer the precise braking performance you need when pushing the speed limits of the bike. These are paired with 180mm and 160mm rotors at the front and back respectively. 


Compared to mechanical disk brakes, I appreciate how responsive the Tektros are on the Urban Ultralight. I didn’t need to pull too hard on the brake levers to bring the bike to a stop, and this helped with my riding confidence. 


The Urban Ultralight 750 rolls on a pair of 24-inch wheels, which are matched with 2.5-inch-wide Maxxis Hookworm tires. Although usually overlooked by most e-bike manufacturers, I feel the Maxxis tires offered impressive grip, especially at lean angles. 

This allowed me to test the bike on some mild off-road terrains without pushing it too far. Although I must say the Ultralight comes to its own on the relatively smooth city tarmac. The durable casing on the tires results in minimal rolling resistance for a seamless riding experience. 


The tires are also just chunky enough to make it easier for you on bumps while the reflective white stripes on the wheel help with visibility for a safer ride in the busy city streets. 

What Do We Like about Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750

 A number of aspects impressed me about the Urban Ultralight e-bike, but what stood out first was the playful and nostalgic BMX-design the manufacturer went with. I think it was ingenious for Zooz Bikes to appeal to our childhood instincts as consumers, and this is what will make you want to buy the bike even before taking it for a spin. 

The bike is conveniently lightweight despite the steel construction and the large battery. I credit this to the well-thought-out placement of the battery in the middle, as well as the stripped-down frame with no accessories. 

Despite limiting the number of accessories on this bike, I appreciate that the manufacturer still managed to deliver comfort for the rider. The combination of BMX-style riser handlebars and motorbike seat ends up in a comfortable frame geometry for a laid-back biking experience. 

The 26mph maximum speed is just suitable for riding in the urban setting. Furthermore, you can choose from five different pedal-assist levels depending on how much power you have in your legs. 

The 4130 Chromoly steel used on the bike’s frame gives it a shine that you can spot from afar. Add this to the reflective details on the tires and it will be easy for motorists to see you on the road, making for a safer commute to town. 

The hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable braking power even when the surface is a little bit slippery. This will come in handy on rainy days when the city tarmac can be slightly tricky to ride on.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Nice frame geometry
  • Charming overall design
  • Good maximum speed
  • Nice range
  • Comfortable seat design

What Don't We Like about Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750

The minimalist style of the Urban Ultralight might be appealing to some but it means you miss out on practical accessories that come in handy when riding in the city. This includes things like fenders, head and rear lights, a horn, etc. 

You might not want to go off-road when riding this bike, especially on a rainy day. The missing fenders mean that you’ll be prone to splashes when you ride through mud puddles and pools of water.


  • Limited accessories
  • Not for off-road use

Advice to Buyers

The Urban Ultralight 750 e-bike from Zooz Bikes is a great acquisition for anyone looking for something other than the normal in the e-bike industry. Its classic design will invoke the best memories from your childhood but its performance will match any modern e-bike you can find on the market. 

If you have $2000 to spare, this is an e-bike that promises great times ahead for your daily commute to the city.


Overall, the Urban Ultralight brings a new sense of style to the fast-growing electric bike industry. It boasts a classic look that will appeal to many old-school bike enthusiasts and will be the perfect vehicle to use in the city.

If you’re not impressed by the technology-heavy e-bikes being rolled out and prefer something more laid-back with an emphasis on riding quality, then the Urban Ultralight 750 is the bike for you!

Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight 750
Our Rating - 79/100

The Urban Ultralight 750 is a minimalist electric cruiser bike that doesn't place much emphasis on extra accessories but rather focus on rider comfort. It comes with a classic BMX-style frame that will remind you of your first bike yet performs like any other futuristic battery-powered bike the market has to offer.

About the author

Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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