Aventon E-Bikes Roundup Review 2024

September 7, 2023

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Aventon is a relatively young e-bike company. It was founded in 2013, and shortly after, the company launched its entry-level, fixed gear bicycle. The founder, J.W., transitioned from sourcing off-the-shelf components like many other e-bike brands to becoming a supplier.

Thanks to this brilliant transition, Aventon managed to grow incredibly fast and provide better customer service. From a one-person operation, the company grew to 11 employees across the factory and the office level.

Aventon owns a factory in China where they produce the parts. Unassembled e-bikes are then sent to the Southern California Headquarters, where they are assembled and inspected.

Aventon produces pretty solid class 2 and class 3 e-bikes. The frames on these bikes are at the next level when compared to the competition. The same goes for many other components, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Aventon bikes - how their e-bikes perform and how they stack up against the competition.

Aventon e-bike over the bridge

Aventon bikes are mainly built for those that do a lot of commuting in the city. If you’re looking for an e-bike that will get you reliably from one place to another, Aventon e-bikes are a great choice.

Of course, Aventon also has something to offer for those that are feeling a bit more adventurous. The foldable fat tire Sinch bike is perfect for weekend adventures on the beach or a mountain trail. Just keep in mind that this bike isn’t as fast as their other models, but it’s incredibly fun to ride.

Although Aventon isn’t the cheapest brand out there, what you get for your money is incredible. Not only are they fast and fun to ride, but their also beautifully designed. The frames are on another level when compared to the competition. The welds are seamless, and since the battery is located inside the frame, the bike’s lines are incredibly sleek.

What Kind Of Drive Aventon Electric Bikes Feature?

Driving aventon e-bike on the beach

Aventon bikes feature “Twist-n-go” drives. These types of drives are not typical for e-bikes, and their advantage over the Pedalec drives is that you can choose whether you want pedal-assist or not.

Aventon bikes offer five pedal-assist levels - with each pedal-assist level allowing you to go faster at the cost of reduced range. One thing that I especially like about Aventon is that they provide you with real-world testing data. Unlike other brands which give you obscure data like “up to 60 miles per charge”, Aventon lists the range of their e-bikes depending on the level of pedal-assist and throttle use.

Keep in mind that most Aventon bikes require you to turn the pedals at least one-quarter of the way to engage the throttle. While this isn’t a significant issue for most, it can be a deal-breaker for those with a disability that prevents them from pedaling bikes.

What Kind Of Motor Aventon Bikes Use?

Aventon e-bike on the lake

All Aventon E-Bikes use rear hub motors. This means maintenance and repair won’t burn a hole in your wallet. On top of that, rear hub motors are quite torquey, which means you’ll be able to take off and speed up a bit faster than with an e-bike that utilizes mid-drive or front-drive motors.

Unfortunately, rear hub motors come with a few cons. For starters, since they’re pretty hefty, if you ride over rough terrain, you can expect you’ll break a couple of spokes. And if you end up with a flat rear tire, you’ll have a pretty hard time replacing it since you have to fiddle with the motor disassembly.

What Kind Of Battery Aventon Bikes Use?

All Aventon bikes come with high-quality lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are built in-house and feature premium cells for a longer than average lifespan.

The battery will lose its efficiency over time. However, most lithium-ion batteries are known for their long-lasting life. A lithium-ion battery will last for around 800 full charge cycles or three years of weekday commuting. If you’re extra careful with the charging routine, Aventon Li-Ion batteries can last for about 2000 half-charges.

What’s The Range On Aventon Bikes?

Aventon Range e-bike

Like I mentioned before, unlike other brands, Aventon provides you with actual real-world stats. The range on these bikes varies depending on what level of pedal-assist you’re using. Most Aveton e-bikes have a range of up to 57 miles on level 1 pedal assist. When it comes to throttle use, most of their e-bikes have a range of around 20 miles per charge.

How Much Do Aventon Bikes Cost?

Aventon e-bikes are not the most affordable e-bikes, but they’re not the most expensive either. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you get for your money, and I have to admit that you get a lot for the price.

Aventon e-bikes are pretty sturdy and feature incredibly sleek lines thanks to the integrated battery. On top of that, some models come in three sizes, like their Pace 500 e-bike.

How Does Aventon Stack Up Against Rad?

Aventon’s direct competition is Rad Power Bikes, so let’s see how they fare.


Unlike Rad, Aventon e-bikes feature a hidden internal controller. The controller is located inside the bike’s frame, which ensures it won’t get damaged, and there are fewer cables to snag.

Aventon Has Class III Bikes

Unlike Rad, Aveton offers Class III e-bikes. Class III e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 27 MPH on pedal-assist or 20 MPH on throttle alone. Rad bikes top out at Class II e-bikes, so if you want to keep up with the traffic, Aventon e-bikes are the way to go.

Fast Charging

Unlike Rad Power Bikes, Aveton includes 3-amp fast charging with all their e-bikes. This significantly cuts down charging time.


Like I mentioned before, all Aventon electric bikes feature an integrated battery. This makes them sleeker and more durable because the battery isn’t as exposed as those in Rad electric bikes.


Unlike Rad bikes, all Aventon electric bikes feature hydraulic brakes. What’s more, their Class II e-bikes feature upgraded hydraulic brakes for more stopping power and reliability.

Frame Sizes

Aventon bikes come in different sizes. Some bikes are available in small, medium, and large (Pace 500, Level). On top of that, most Aventon bikes are available in strep-through form factor.

Aventon Electric Bikes Review

1. Pace 350

Motor: 350W Rear hub motor

Battery: 48V 556.8Wh using Samsung 18650 cells

Range: 20-45 Miles

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Bike Weight: 46 lbs

Charging Time: 5.5 hrs

Wheels: 27.5" x 2.2" Kenda Kwick Seven Sport

Aventon Pace 350

Aventon Pace 350 is a dream come true for a rider on a budget. Pace 350 is a no-nonsense electric-assist bike that's an excellent pick for those that are commuting around 20 miles each day. It’s also a perfect choice for couples who like riding bikes together and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Pace 350 features a double-diamond aluminum frame with a semi-integrated battery. The battery is “hidden” inside the downtube along with cables. This design choice gives the Pace 350 an incredibly clean, sleek look.

If you want to add some aftermarket parts to the bike, you can do so! This e-bike features booses on the frame and the fork so you can add fenders or a rack.

The handlebars are just as incredible as the rest of the bike. They feature a 15-degree sweep back and have an ergonomic grip. The stem features adjustable height, with the throttle and motor control pad on the left.

The Pace 350 features a 350-watt rear hub motor with a planetary gear set. The motor is so small that most people won’t even notice it.

When it comes to speed, this motor can help you reach up to 20 mph via pedaling or throttle, making it a Class II e-bike. The throttle can be engaged only after you’ve made a full revolution of the cranks, which is important to keep in mind if you have a disability or you need to throttle in a hurry.

The ride quality is incredible. Without the motor, the ride is smooth, and thanks to high-volume tires and large wheels, you won’t feel too many bumps on the road. With the motor turned on, the ride gets even better. The pedal-assist gives you just enough assistance without being too easy. My only gripe is that this bike uses cadence sensors instead of torque sensors which are much better for battery life.

Read our full Aventon Pace 350 Review here.

What I Like:

  • Sleek and clean design
  • Comfortable, smooth ride
  • Decent range
  • Excellent price

What I Don’t Like:

  • The throttle doesn’t work if you don’t turn the pedals
  • Uses cadence sensor instead of torque sensors

2. Pace 500

Motor: 500W Rear hub motor
Battery: 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) with Samsung Cells
Range: 3-4 hr
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Bike Weight: 49 lbs
Charging Time: 3-4 hrs
Wheels: 27.5" x 2.2" Kenda Kwick Drumlin

If you’re a newcomer to the world of e-bikes, the Aventon Pace 500 is an excellent choice. This class III e-bike offers superb ride quality, decent range, and five pedal-assistance levels at a fantastic price. On top of that, you can get it in both the normal and step-through versions, which is something very few e-bike brands offer.

Aventon PACE 500

The Pace 500 features an aluminum frame with a semi-integrated battery. Just like the Pace 350, the battery is partially hidden in the downtube. It features swept-back cruiser-style handlebars for a comfortable, relaxed ride. The seat tube features a laid-back angle for a comfortable ride - and it also helps with placing your feet on the ground when stopped.

Unfortunately, the Pace 500 doesn’t feature any shock absorbers. Thankfully, the high-volume tires absorb most of the shock, and the saddle is comfy enough to absorb most of the shock. 

Read our full Aveton Pace 500 Review.

The tread on the tires is aggressive enough for dirt roads, so if you like riding in the country, this electric bike is an excellent choice!

The 500-watt geared rear hub motor on the Pace 500 will get you up to a speed of 28 MPH with ease. Just like with all Aventon e-bikes, you can choose between five levels of pedal-assist, each allowing you to go faster. The motor is a bit noisy, and you will definitely hear it when whirring down at full speed, but that’s the case with most rear hub geared motors. 

If you get tired of pedaling, you can always ride this bike using the throttle. Keep in mind that you will have to turn the pedals one full revolution before engaging the throttle. While this is a great safety feature, it’s not so good if you have a disability or need to take off quickly.

I only wish Aventon added a wider gear range because, at the 28 MPH range, the pedaling cadence was a little bit high.

What I Like:

  • Excellent design
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Decent range
  • Excellent price

What I Don’t Like:

  • Noisy motor
  • It needs a wider gear range

3. Level Commuter

Motor: 500W Rear hub motor
Battery: 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) with Samsung Cells
Range: ~40 Miles
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Bike Weight: 62 lbs
Charging Time: 4-5 hrs
Wheels: 27.5" x 2.2" Kenda Kwick Drumlin

Aventon Level Commuter is a versatile, affordable class III e-bike. It provides pedal-assist to 28 MPH, but you also have the option of using the throttle. And since this is a commuter bike, it also features a rear rack that can carry up to 60 pounds of cargo.

Level Commuter aventon e-bike

This makes the Level Commuter one of the best e-bikes you can buy in today’s market. On top of that, it’s also available in a step-through version if you’re having a hard time mounting bikes.

Level Commuter features a hydro-formed aluminum frame with a reasonably low-slung top tube that provides a low stand-over height. Just like with all Aventon bikes, the battery is integrated into the downtube along with all the cables. For additional comfort, this e-bike also features an SR Suntour Moblie A32 coil-spring fork that’ll absorb even the roughest of roads. 

The fenders are just as good as the rest of the e-bike, and I especially love how they don’t flex or rattle as the plastic ones do.

The saddle is quite wide and comfy, making it perfect for a longer ride. The handlebars feature a very slight sweep for a more comfortable ride. 

Aventon Level Commuter features a 500-watt (750-watt peak) motor that provides more than enough power even for seasoned riders. The brushless hub motor is rated at 50 N/m of torque which is delivered almost instantly via the cadence sensor. You will have to make at least a ⅓ revolution of the pedals to engage the system, but you will feel it once it kicks in.

When it comes to the ride quality, the Level Commuter is on par with the competition. Without the motor on, the ride is smooth, albeit a bit too stiff because of the frame. With the motor on, even on level 1 pedal-assist, you will feel the motor kick in, which can be a problem if you’re not used to it.

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What I Like:

  • High carrying capacity
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio

What I Don’t Like:

  • The ride can be a bit stiff over rougher roads
  • The pedal-assist kicks in a bit too suddenly 

4. Sinch Foldable E-Bike

Motor: 500W Rear hub motor
Battery: 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) with Samsung Cells
Range: ~40 Miles
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Bike Weight: 68 lbs
Charging Time: 4-5 hrs
Wheels: Kenda Krusade 20" x 4" with K-Shield Puncture Resistance

If you’re the adventurous type, you’re in for a treat. Aventon Sinch Foldable e-bike features fat tires that will get you over almost any type of terrain - sand, dirt, rocks; you name it. On top of that, this e-bike has an incredibly small form factor since you can fold it. Thanks to 20-inch diameter wheels, and flooding frames and handlebars, you won’t have any trouble carrying this e-bike in the trunk of your car.

Sinch Foldable Fat E-Bike
The design of this fat tire e-bike is on another level. The frame is built out of aluminum with almost perfect welding lines.

The design of this fat tire e-bike is on another level. The frame is built out of aluminum with almost perfect welding lines. But, the best thing of all is that the battery is completely integrated inside the central tube. You can access it by folding the bike and sliding the battery out.

When it comes to the handlebars, they’re quite comfy and grippy. The saddle is very comfortable, and you won’t have any trouble riding this bike for hours if you want to. For a smoother ride, the Sinch also features RST suspension with 45 millimeters of travel, which is more than enough to absorb most bumps.

The Sinch features a 500-Watt brushless rear hub motor that can hit speeds of up to 20 MPH. While I wish there was a class III version of this e-bike, being able to zoom around at 20 MPH on a fat tire bike is incredibly fun.

Just like all Aventon bikes, the Sinch also features a throttle along with five levels of pedal assist. To engage the throttle, you will have to turn the pedals, which can be annoying to some. Besides that, this bike has absolutely no downsides.

Read our full Aventon Sinch Fat-Tire Foldable E-Bike Review here.

What I Like:

  • Excellent frame design with seamless welds
  • The battery is hidden inside the frame
  • Decent range and speed

What I Don’t Like:

  • You need to turn the pedals to engage the throttle


As you can see, Aventon offers e-bikes for regular commuters and leisure riders. While they’re not as cheap as some other brands, what you get for the price is simply incredible. There are very few other e-bikes with frames this good. What’s more, there are very few brands that offer bikes with such clean lines.

If you’re on the lookout for a durable, fairly-priced e-bike, I recommend you pick up a Pace 350 or a Pace 500. Both bikes offer a smooth ride, decent range, and are incredibly sleek.

After 25 hours of research we recommend:

Avento Pace 350 is one of the best Class II e-bikes on the market. Besides offering an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, it’s also incredibly sleek and clean.

Pace 500

Best Bang For The Buck

Pace 500

Pace 500 is a Class III e-bike that will get you from point A to point B in record time. The second you start pedaling, you will feel the torque of the motor. On top of that, it’s one of the most affordable class III bikes on the market.


Best For Daily Commuting

Level Commuter

Aventon Level Commuter is an excellent choice for those that prefer moving through the busy city streets with a bike rather than with a car. It’s fairly priced, can reach speeds of up to 28 MPH, and can carry up to 50lbs of cargo.

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