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November 8, 2023

The Aventon Pace 500.2 blends affordable everyday practicality with trail-capable performance, poised to transform brief errands into lengthier leisurely adventures on paths paved or otherwise.


The Aventon Pace 500.2 is an affordable and versatile commuter electric bike well-suited for urban transportation. Its lightweight aluminum step-through frame with an integrated battery provides responsive handling and low overall weight. A powerful 500W rear hub motor delivers lively acceleration for hills or headwinds. The Pace 500's modern aesthetic, high-capacity 614Wh battery, quality components, and included lighting/racks expand its range of possible applications.

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What I Like About Aveton Pace 500


  • Lightweight aluminum step-through frame
  • Integrated 614Wh battery keeps weight low
  • Swift 500W rear hub motor with torque sensor
  • Color LCD with intuitive controls
  • Smooth-shifting 8-speed drivetrain
  • Hydraulic disc brakes provide strong braking
  • Included fenders, kickstand, front/rear lights

What I Don’t Like About Aveton Pace 500


  • Top speed capped at 20 mph legally
  • No suspension for bumpy surfaces
  • basic gearing only ranges from 12-32T cassette
  • No rear cargo rack on the entry model


aventon 500.2 review
  • Motor: 500W rear hub
  • Battery: 614Wh integrated in-frame
  • Top Speed: 28 mph (with throttle)
  • Range: Up to 80 miles
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum step-through
  • Gears: 8-speed, 12-32T cassette
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc 180/180mm
  • Tires: 27.5" x 2.2”
  • Weight: 57 lbs

About Aventon

Founded in California in 2015, Aventon has quickly grown as a leading affordable electric bicycle brand. Its efficient retail model offers quality e-bikes at competitive prices. Aventon focuses on lightweight aluminum frames, powerful motors, and user-friendly components to attract new riders to electric two-wheeling. Its designs tend to showcase modern and minimalist styling.

Aventon Pace 500.2 Test and Review 

Offering quality performance at an affordable price, the Aventon Pace 500.2 continues to stand out as a versatile everyday electric bike. Powered by a potent yet sensible 500-watt rear hub motor paired with a generously sized 614Wh battery, it delivers swift acceleration and capable range well beyond most commutes. Where other e-bikes save money by sacrificing grade-tackling power or lights/racks for safety and convenience, the Pace 500.2 includes these invaluable additions. Its lightweight aluminum step-through frame integrates the battery low and centered for dynamic handling. With hydraulic brakes and smooth 8-speed transmission, Aventon's second-generation urban machine expands accessible electric two-wheel transportation beyond casual cruising to robust recreational use.


Propelling the Pace 500.2 is a powerful yet efficiently designed 500W rear-geared hub motor. Generating 50 Nm of torque, it easily climbs any urban grade while preserving battery life. Tuned to supply only as much assistance as needed via a torque sensor, its acceleration feels natural, and riding remains an exercise in pedaling.


The included 614Wh battery charges in around 7 hours and affords an estimated range of up to 80 miles based on moderate pedal-assist usage. This is demonstrated in real-world performance, accommodating longer commutes and leisurely weekend journeys. For multi-day trips, two included battery-mount points allow doubling capacity.

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aventon pace 500.2

Frame and Design

At the heart of the Pace 500.2 is its lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum step-through frame. This design provides easy step-over access while preserving a low center of gravity. Integrated into the frame’s downtube is Aventon’s sizable 614Wh lithium-ion battery, dispersing weight optimally.

A relaxed geometry delivers stable handling. Front and rear fender mounts, plus eyelets for optional racks, invite customization. Overall, the clean monocoque frame exudes a modern style suitable for urban errands or recreational rides. Its low 22-pound weight contributes to peppy acceleration and climbing ability.

Riding Experience

Smooth and controlled handling make navigating traffic natural on the Pace 500.2. Its low step-over design proves intuitive for mounting at stops. On the open road, quick acceleration from stops leaves gas bikes behind. Pedaling feels enriched with assistance rather than replaced. Even uphill, cadence remains the focus instead of anxiously mashing gears.

Overall, the Pace 500.2 carves an accessible entry point to electric two-wheel transport. Its affordability, 20 mph legal speed, and capable 80-mile range satisfy basic daily needs while providing a gateway to the joy of recreational riding assisted by electric boost. Those seeking an approachable commute or leisure option will feel right at home on this modern e-bike.

Braking Performance

Confident stopping power comes from Shimano hydraulic disc brakes front and rear. 180mm rotors deliver smooth, progressive braking power whether carrying cargo or speeding downhill. Automatic motor-cutoff stops any forward motion as brakes are applied, enhancing safety. Easy modulation allows confident control, even one-handed.


The Pace 500.2 lives up to its name with a powerful yet controlled 500-watt rear hub motor. This motor delivers ample acceleration from stops and enough boost to ascend any urban grade. Riders enjoy a maximum 28 mph pedal-assisted top speed for blending confidently with traffic. The torque sensor ensures assistance scales intuitively to rider cadence, integrating smoothly with pedaling for a natural cycling feel. Whether cruising on flats or conquering hills, the motor provides responding passing power or climbing support.

aventon pace 500 next generation


Aventon rates the Pace 500.2's high-capacity 614Wh battery as capable of up to 80 miles per charge. Real-world riding finds this an achievable estimate depending on terrains, loads and riding styles encountered. The integrated design minimizes rolling resistance for maximized efficiency. Lighter or more aerodynamic riders making good use of pedal-assist lower levels may see closer to 80 miles. In comparison, downhill-averse loaded shoppers can expect a still-respectable 30 miles between charges. The dual battery mounting positions allow convenient doubling of capacity for multi-day excursions.

Drivetrain and Shifting

Gearing is delivered through a Shimano 8-speed cassette and trigger shifter, providing a usable range from 12-32T. This efficient drivetrain lets the motor operate within its optimal power band under varied terrains and loads. Crisp shifting permits spin-to-win climbing or relaxed flat cruising.

The integrated torque sensor moderates motor output based on pedaling cadence, preserving a natural cycling feel. Riders experience exercise benefits while covering longer distances with less exertion—ideal for approaching e-biking recreationally.

pace 500 energy bar


Mounted ergonomically on the Pace 500.2's handlebars is a backlit LCD that provides an intuitive interface for controlling the electric systems. Through simple arrow buttons, riders can toggle between the five levels of pedal assistance tailored for differing speeds and terrains. The display also shows vital readouts for current speed, battery level, wattage output, mileage and an odometer. Downloading Aventon's app additionally unlocks walk assist, cruise control and customizable settings that further expand riding modes. Bluetooth connectivity allows navigating routes and monitoring bike data directly from a paired phone. Overall, the controls offer easy adjustability and transparency that empower riders throughout excursions.


Out of the box, the Pace 500.2 arrives prepared for commuting and recreational jaunts with integrated front and rear lights, front and rear fender mounts, an included rear fender, plus expanded accessory mounting points. The rear rack, while optional, bolts on easily to expand cargo options. A suspension seatpost softens vibrations from the road. For off-road diversions, throwing on sturdier tires transforms adept handling. Customizable add-ons like a rear basket, child trailer or cargo panniers tailor the bike precisely to how it will serve. The modular design satisfies basic transport needs while inviting endless ways to optimize the e-bike for each owner's evolving adventures.

Usage Scenarios

Commuting to work or school becomes effortless on the Pace 500.2, preserving energy. Limited hills are no obstacle while carrying gear. It handles errands and grocery trips as if on a standard bike. Outdoor recreation transforms as scenic routes unfold accessibly. Families can cruise trails together at leisurely paces. Ultimately, the Aventon expands how and where two wheels may transport each day or weekend.


Bolt-on mounts front and rear equip the Pace 500.2 with racks, integrated lights, a rear fender, and an optional suspension seatpost or kickstand. This modularity adapts the bike to any purpose, from grocery getter to tourer overnighting bags. Options like fat tires convert it seasonally to light urban trails. Overall, customizing enhances how the e-bike can serve diverse transport styles.


The Aventon Pace 500.2 is available in three frame sizes - small, medium, and large - to accommodate riders from 5'2" to 6'2" in height. While the step-through frame makes mounting intuitive, the varied lengths ensure a proper fit based on leg length. Riders can utilize Aventon's online sizing guide paired with inseam measurements to determine their best option. The overall geometry is slightly relaxed to provide comfort on longer treks. Regardless of the size, control and handling remain consistent thanks to the Pace 500.2's tested design.

To Buy or Not To Buy

For casual cycling near urban and natural areas, commuting short distances, and performance that expands the scope of weekend wanders, the Aventon Pace 500.2 earns high praise. While basic in gearing and lacking rear racks or suspension as tested—external upgrades provide solutions—this e-bike delivers strong value through its lightweight and aerodynamic design integrated with powerful components. Those new to electric two-wheels will find the Pace 500.2 satisfies practical transportation while fostering a love of cycling.

aventon 500.2 review
Our Rating - 88/100

Aventon Pace 500.2

The Aventon Pace 500.2 is one of the sleekest, most comfortable class III e-bikes on the market. On top of that, it’s incredibly affordable, making it perfect for both season e-bikers and newcomers too!

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