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Summary of Lectric eBikes

Official website: lectricebikes.com

Established in 2018 by childhood friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel, Lectric eBikes originated as a personal project to develop an affordable electric bicycle for Levi's father. They sought to pursue the venture full-time and secured seed investment from Brent Conlow.

The Arizona-based company has since experienced rapid growth through innovative yet accessible design. All Lectric models incorporate versatile folding capabilities and reliable rear hub motors. Entry-level bikes like the Standard XP start below $1,000, while higher-end XP Step-Through and XP Lite options reach around $1,800, delivering exceptional value at their price points.

In addition to developing its lineup of affordable electric bicycles, Lectric has expanded its manufacturing and distribution footprint. A bigger factory and warehouse in Arizona support increased production needs. Partnerships with nationwide retailers like Best Buy have also broadened their customer reach.

Our Review of Lectric eBikes

Reviews consistently commend Lectric for providing usability and affordability above competitors. Their focus on portable folding aluminum frames paired with durable components addresses practical transportation needs.

For example, the popular XP Step-Through series demonstrates how Lectric fulfills its mission to make ebikes accessible. Models offer battery ranges comparable to higher-priced brands while maintaining an easy-on, easy-off stepping design. Integrated folding allows for effortless transport and storage too.

Quality assembly and components remain high despite attractive MSRLs. Comprehensive warranty coverage and in-house service teams further ensure long-term customer satisfaction. Rather than chasing every new market trend, Lectric has intelligently refined its offering to a comfortable niche for casual and practical urban commuters.

Overall, Lectric successfully delivers affordable electric mobility through its accessible price points. What originated in a Tempe garage has resonated into a leading American e-bike brand recognized for prioritizing value without compromise. A Lectric remains a top choice for new riders or cyclists seeking basic transportation on a budget.

Lectric Reviews

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