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himiway c1 kids electric bike

December 13, 2023

Finding age-appropriate activities for your children to enjoy the outdoors can sometimes be difficult. You want them to experience the joys of exploring nature, yet safety is always the top priority. The Himiway C1 electric bike was designed with this balance in mind.

Catering to riders ages 4 to 12, the Himiway C1 offers protection, supervised freedom, and fun. Its simple yet sturdy frame comfortably carries younger children, while older ones can pedal along trails with guardrails and learning-friendly features. 

In this review, you'll gain insights into how the Himiway C1 succeeds in stimulating children's curiosity in cycling.

himiway c1 kids ebike
kid getting onto the Himiway C1


The Himiway C1 kids electric bike offers versatile performance tailored for young riders. Its lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum frame can comfortably carry children between 3'3" and 4'9" tall, up to a total payload capacity of 165 lbs. Powering the bike is a high-torque 350W rear hub motor paired with a 36V 10Ah LG lithium battery featuring 21,700 battery cells. This enables 45-50 miles per charge, keeping kids pedaling longer.

A user-friendly LED screen display makes it easy for children and parents to check the battery level and switch between pedal-assist modes. Adding to the carefree riding experience is the bike's minimal 32 lb weight and inclusion of a 2.0A smart charger for quick battery replenishment. With a top speed of 15 mph and the option to pedal independently, kids can confidently explore the Himiway C1 while building cycling skills.

Safety remains a priority with features like the rear wheel brake, ergonomic handlebars, and lightweight yet durable construction. Whether keeping up with friends on neighborhood adventures or trails, the Himiway C1 empowers young cyclists to pedal ahead into a lifelong love of the outdoors.


Himiway C1 Kids Electric Bike Review and Test

Having tested a variety of kids' e-bikes on the market, the Himiway C1 continues the tradition of prioritizing children's safety, fun, and long-term engagement in cycling. Its lightweight yet durable aluminum frame pairs perfectly with an efficient motor and high-capacity battery for rides that younger kids and new cyclists will enjoy without limitations.

The C1's compact and step-over design makes mounting and dismounting intuitive for its targeted age range. Moreover, the battery stays stealthily hidden, helping the C1 look like an ordinary kid's bike without the risk of a protruding power source.

At just 32 pounds, the Himiway C1 boasts a nimble feel commensurate with a child's natural enthusiasm and energy levels. Its supportive ergonomics encourage proper cycling form as skills progress. Overall, the quality components and thoughtful engineering prove that Himiway understands what it takes to inspire a lifetime of fun, fitness and outdoor passion through approachable e-biking.


The Himiway C1 has a 350W rear hub motor, the ideal amount of power for helping kids master cycling dynamics. Its torque-sensing system engages smoothly and subtly as young riders pedal, providing assistance tailored to their skill level. 

Whether traversing flat streets or inclines, the motor contributes just the right boost to keep kids motivated without allowing them to coast entirely. This encourages continued pedaling practice that builds stamina over time. The pedal-assist also scales back intuitively as speeds increase, mirroring a natural riding sensation.

The 350W motor maintains a traditionally styled profile with its discreet wiring and in-wheel mounting. It powers the C1 to a top speed of 15 mph, fast enough for wide-grin adventures but safe for developing hand-eye coordination and hazard awareness. Small riders can focus on balance, steering and group control rather than feeling strained.

Himiway C1’s Battery

The Himiway C1 relies on a robust 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery to keep the fun going all the way along the ride. Its 21,700 high-density battery cells are arranged and protected by an advanced LG chemistry that remains stable through charging and discharging cycles.

This powerful yet compact battery tucks discreetly beneath the C1's down tube for a balanced riding position. It can typically propel riders for 45-50 miles of combined pedaling and motor-assist on a single charge. Even with stops to rest and play, most children will experience several outings per charge.

battery c1

As with all aspects of the bike, the battery adopts child-friendly usability. A convenient charge port includes a 2A fast charger to replenish it overnight or in as little as 5-6 hours for quick morning rides.

An easy-to-read display also allows young riders to monitor the remaining charge independently.

Designed with a 5-year service life at a minimum, the durable lithium-ion battery complements the C1’s longevity. It ensures kids have lasting enjoyment from their first bike and continues developing an active lifestyle outdoors.



The Himiway C1 e-bike boasts an exceptionally lightweight design that belies its strength and durability. Constructed from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, its frame can effortlessly be held with a single hand despite weighing a mere 32 lbs.

This makes assisting young riders with mounting and storage a breeze for parents or guardians. The compact frame is also extremely portable at just 45 x 28 x 29 inches, snugly fitting in most family SUVs where up to 4-5 C1s can be transported together for group rides.

Despite its lightness of form, the aluminum construction retains impressive load capabilities. Each C1 can effortlessly carry weights up to 165 lbs, meaning two or even three 10-year-old boys could easily be accommodated. Yet for solo child riders, the bike remains a joy to maneuver, balanced and easily responsive to guide.

Stability and strength are never compromised in the name of lightweight design. Parents can feel confident that the durable yet svelte C1 frame will encourage cycling adventures for many years.


One of the Himiway C1's key attributes is how it delivers power smoothly and sustainably to young cyclists. At the heart of this is a 350W rear hub motor, providing ample torque to help kids overcome hills, headwinds or fatigue.

The motor engages gently and proportionately based on how hard the child pedals via the optical torque sensor. This ensures riders are still actively contributing rather than coasting along.


Keeping young riders safe is the top priority, which is why the Himiway C1 features effective braking systems. It utilizes both hydraulic brakes and an electronic brake triggered by the motor controller.

This redundant braking provides extremely reliable and responsive stopping power at any speed. Whether slowing gradually or engaging an emergency stop, the brakes clamp down smoothly and predictably.

Parents can feel secure knowing their child fully controls the bike's speed. Adding an extra layer of protection is a safer thumb throttle that cannot be accidentally engaged. This eliminates the risk of unwanted acceleration catching new cyclists off guard.

Between the hydraulic braking, electronic motor braking, and careful throttle design, the Himiway C1 gives kids the tools to manage speed confidently - a crucial skill as they progress. Combined with the built-in speed limiter, it's a safe first e-bike to build valuable braking habits.


To ensure young cyclists have an enjoyable experience learning to ride, the Himiway C1 features easy-to-use controls. At the heart is a high-quality 36V controller that reliably delivers smooth and consistent power from the 350W motor.

Riders can monitor the key functions on a bright LED screen display. It allows them to toggle between three preset speed modes tailored for different skill levels - 7, 13 or 15 mph. This grows with the child as they gain confidence and control.

The standard pedal-assisted sensor brings a natural riding feel preferred by kids just starting. And for hill climbs or extra zip, an ergonomic thumb throttle provides assistance on demand without any complicated switches to learn.

Overall, the simple yet robust controls empower independent exploration. Without intimidating advanced options, children can just hop on and pedal and smile, benefitting endlessly from the positive cycling habits being instilled with each joyful ride.


How a bike handles has a huge impact on the fun and confidence levels of young riders. The Himiway C1 was designed to emphasize nimble and predictable steering performance.

Its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame allows for quick reactions to taps of the handlebars. The 16-inch wheels and short wheelbase inspire an almost skateboard-like flick ability that kids love. Whether zipping along or weaving around obstacles, the C1 is eager to change direction seamlessly.

Subtle features like its ergonomic upright handlebars and low center of gravity also contribute. Riders feel securely in control, whether moving in a straight line or making tight turns. This builds handling skills efficiently as opposed to wrestling with a sluggish ride.


One thing that stands out about the Himiway C1 is how remarkably easy it is to assemble right out of the box. The included instructions feature clear diagrams and straightforward steps.

The assembly process can be completed in a short period. With the handlebars, seat and wheels securely attached to the aluminum frame, connecting the battery, attaching the pedals and inflating the tires takes only minutes. Before long, the e-bike is standing on its own, ready for its first test ride.



The Himiway C1 is designed specifically with kids aged 4 to 12 years old in mind. Its frame is adjustable to suit young cyclists within the recommended measurements comfortably:

Height: 3'3" to 4'9"

Weight: Up to 165 lbs

Age: 4 to 12 years old

This size range grows along with developing riders over many happy seasons of use. The generously scaled sizing also means siblings or playmates of varied shapes can all find their fit.

Safety Features

The Himiway C1 prioritizes safety in every aspect of its design. The dual braking system combines hydraulic disc brakes with an electronic brake controlled by the motor. This provides highly reliable and responsive stopping power to ensure safe and secure braking from any speed.

An ergonomic thumb throttle replaces a traditional twist accelerator, reducing the risk of accidental engagement that could catch young riders off guard. The circuit system employs water and fireproofing to avoid electrical malfunctions or shocks during wet weather or charging.

Non-combustible, flame-retardant materials construct the battery casing as well. A sophisticated Battery Management System continuously monitors temperature, current, charging level and more. This prevents overcharging and helps safeguard against potential overheating issues.

With these measures and more, Himiway aims to assure parents that the C1 provides dependable protection as kids explore and build confidence on their first electric bicycle. Safety clearly serves as the top guiding principle.

conclusion himiway c1 kids electric bike

What I Like About The Himiway C1 Kid’s Ebike


  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame that's comfortable for riders up to 4'9" tall
  • Powerful 350W motor and LG battery provide ranges of up to 50 miles per charge
  • Intuitive LED display makes it easy for kids to check battery level and switch between pedal assist modes
  • Maximum speed of 15 mph is perfectly safe for younger riders still learning
  • Rear wheel brake and ergonomic handlebars improve safety
  • Easy to assemble and minimal maintenance needed
  • Affordable price point for an e-bike designed specifically for kids

What I Don’t Like About The Himiway Cruiser


  • Only comes in one frame size and may not accommodate all young riders
  • No suspension, so riding on rough trails can be bumpy
  • Battery charging time is on the longer side at around 6 hours
  • Limited color options compared to some kids' e-bikes


In summary, the Himiway C1 delivers an exceptionally well-rounded experience for young cyclists and their parents. It fosters valuable riding skills through intuitive handling and controls tailored for developing riders. Plus, ample range and swift recharging enable boundless outdoor time spent exploring on two wheels.

Overall, Himiway has crafted the ideal e-bike to ignite wanderlust and confidence during the wonder years of childhood. The C1 empowers kids with freedom of movement and joy of the open road, making memories to treasure for life. It earns top marks for delivering the perfect riding companion through growing miles and smiles.

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Our Rating - 89/100

Overall, the C1 empowers kids with freedom of movement and joy of the open road, making memories to treasure for life. It earns top marks for delivering the perfect riding companion through growing miles and smiles.

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