QuietKat vs Rambo vs Bakou – Who gets Crowned The Hunting Bike King of 2024

by Daria Vitel 

May 9, 2023

Someone has to take home the crown this season for the best hunting bike of 2022. 

Who will it be?

The three most prominent names in the game, and at the same time, the top contenders for the title, are QuietKat, Rambo, and Bakou.

These are the three hunting bike brands that have the most potential to take this year's number one spot when it comes to all things hunting-related.

For some reason, there’s a big gap between these three and the rest of the hunting e-bike world, which further proves our point that these brands are the best ones to consider.

Putting them side-by-side and seeing where they lack - and where they exceed the expectations - will give us the most unbiased look at which of these three will go home with a crown and the title of the best hunting bike of 2022.

We’re excited to see how this race turns out, to say the least. All three e-bikes are phenomenal for many reasons, but as we’ve said, there can only be one king.

Without further ado, let’s look at these three competitors and see which one has the most to offer to the users!



Source: quietkat.com

Often searched for as “Quiet Kat” or “Quiet Cat” - both are incorrect, by the way - is one of the best places to start your search for a hunting e-bike.

They have been in the business for quite some time and have worked with many electric bikes over the years. The wide range of e-bikes they offer is proof of that.

QuietKat has, as we’ve mentioned, a wide variety of e-bikes available - but one of their most popular models has to be the Jeep e-bike. 

Seriously, it's regarded as one of the most reliable electric bikes out there.

Maybe the only problem that we’ve run into when talking about QuietKat is the fact that they’re often out of stock.

Granted, that isn’t something that can be classified as a problem with the actual bikes they offer. However, it’s still a technical issue worth noting here, as it puts this competitor well below the rest of the roster.

QuietKat's out-of-stock issue wouldn't look so bad if the other two - Rambo and BAKCOU - weren't as good at ensuring their models are in stock most of the time. But they are.

We understand that this is partially caused by the current situation - the global pandemic put the entire world to a halt in 2020 and is still going strong in 2022. 

And at the risk of sounding harsh, we have to add:

If the rest of the competition managed to pull it off, so should you. 

As far as their line-up of electric bikes goes, it’s a no-brainer.

The Jeep bike we’ve mentioned previously is literally one of the best e-bikes out there. Its frame and tires allow for an optimal experience on almost any rural terrain.

The 14.5Ah/48V long-range Panasonic battery allows its users to have up to 58 miles of range with this e-bike.

We'll admit that's quite an envious range of the bike's battery, but let's wait and see what other competitors have to offer in this field.

For the sake of this review staying unbiased, let’s take a look at some other specs of QuietKat.

An example we like to use often is the fact that the Jeep bike has the SRAM 9-speed gear system, where Rambo Venom 1000 XRP has 14 gears available. It's easy to see why the latter would be much better for terrains that demand a change in gears more often.

As far as the weight of all three bikes goes, they’re pretty much all in the same ballpark: 

The QuietKat Jeep e-bike clocks in at a hefty 70 pounds, while the Rambo Venom 1000 XRP and BAKCOU Storm weigh 71 and 72 pounds, respectively.

For us, these differences aren’t nearly as important as some of the other specs - like, for example, the gears that we’ve mentioned.

One thing that emphasizes the differences between these three e-bikes is the battery, though.

We’ve mentioned that the QuietKat Jeep e-bike has a 14.5Ah 48V battery, whereas the Rambo Venom 1000 XRP has a 17Ah 48V battery that provides its rider up to 40 miles of range.

Yup, that's right. Even though Venom's battery has more amp-hours, it falls short in the range department.

Weird, huh?

On the other hand, the BAKCOU Storm has an Extended Distance 48V 17.4aAh or 21Ah lithium-ion battery that allows its users to have up to 82 miles of active use. 

Now, that's flat-out mind-blowing.

These are all indicators that, while QuietKat is among the top three best hunting e-bikes in the world, there’s still room for improvement.

I’d like to see both QuietKat and Rambo put a bit bigger batteries on their e-bikes and be direct competitors to BAKCOU in that sense. 


The Rambo Venom

Source: ebikegeneration.com

We’ll take the Rambo Venom 1000 XRP as an example since this is one of their most popular models - and, in our humble opinion, probably the best one they offer.

Generally speaking, Rambo e-bikes are of good build quality and have more than decent features that put most of their products on the top of the market for hunting e-bikes.

That fact is not without reason. 

Most of their bikes have a decent battery, with more than an amazing frame -  and several features that are unique to their e-bikes.

As we’ve mentioned before, their battery is a direct competitor to QuietKat - but other than that? 

Well, everything else might be even better than what most of QuietKat’s models have to offer in that price range. 

That sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it? 

While we’re on the topic of prices, it’s important to mention that Rambo did not have the same problems with going out of stock for an absurd amount of time as QuietKat did. 

But to be fair, that’s not something that should be considered as an upside to Rambo’s e-bikes. It's more of a downside when it comes to QuietKat's company as a whole.

Does this mean that Rambo’s e-bikes are the best out of these three? 

Well, not exactly. Hold your horses.

It seems that every time we find something that Rambo e-bikes are better at than QuietKat, the BAKCOU bikes come in and show us who really dominates the market.

Granted, it's usually not something so obvious and easy to spot for someone watching from the sidelines - but the advantage is there, nonetheless. 

And it's enough to give BAKCOU an edge over the competitors.

But, let’s get back to the characteristics of the Rambo bikes; we’ll have enough time to talk about what BAKCOU has to offer.

Rambo e-bikes - and, more specifically, the Viper 1000 XRP - have a lot of impressive qualities to them. 

One that caught our eye is the GT860 Air Fork that is special for one reason - it’s inverted.

We’ve been skeptical about this spec until we tried it out for ourselves and seen the results on our own.

The amount of stress that you don’t feel while driving a Viper 1000 XRP is mind-blowing. And it's funny to think that it's all because of that inverted fork.

This might seem and sound like something that we deliberately paid attention to, but trust us when we say you wouldn’t miss the difference in the feeling even if you didn’t know that that improvement was present.

It’s clear that there are major upsides to that, but to some people, this is not important when you compare it to the battery capacity or the mileage available on that particular e-bike.

Granted, it all comes down to your personal list of priorities; that’s the only thing that truly matters here. 

Maybe the best one for you is the Jeep e-bike available on QuietKat’s website, or maybe it’s some of the Rambo’s bikes - it all depends on the person.

But, we’re here to offer an unbiased review that will present to you the best qualities - and the worst downsides - of the three best hunting e-bikes on this year's market.



Source: ebikegeneration.com

In the making of this article, we agreed on one thing. When we started our research, at some point in time, it became painfully evident how unfair it was to compare anything that BAKCOU had to offer to other competitors on the market.

You are probably asking yourself why. 

Well, besides arguably being the website that has the widest range of e-bikes to offer and almost never being out of stock - yes, we mentioned that again - the cost-to-performance ratio is far better than anything we’ve seen this year. 

And probably a few years back, as well.

More on that later, since we now need to focus on raw specs in order to make this as unbiased as humanly possible. The goal is to present to you these bikes as they really are, after all.

One thing that we did mention before is the fact that there are some major differences in batteries between these three competitors and that the BAKCOU definitely gets the number one spot every time we do a battery comparison test.

A significantly stronger battery that allows up to twice as much mileage as the other two competitors is a good indicator that they’re doing something right.

It might be one of the biggest and most looked at characteristics of any e-bikes on the market: 

People are most interested in the amount of mileage they’ll be able to get with a single charge of the battery.

Besides the battery, BAKCOU has some amazing features that far exceed the competition.

For example, the load capacity is around 300 pounds, which is pretty impressive since we’re still talking about a bike at the end of the day.

Now, for the cost-to-performance ratio. 

We don’t like to talk about exact prices, but it's enough to say that all three of these e-bikes are in the same price range.

However, by going with the BAKCOU Storm, you’re getting a bigger - and better - battery, a frame that can hold more load, and additional features that may not necessarily be present in the other two competitors' bikes.

That's the key to leading a successful business - to offer the most value while keeping the price as low as possible. Best bang for the buck, as they say. 

On that note, if you want true value for money, BAKCOU Mule - rugged, fast, agile, and versatile - is the ultimate pick and an absolute workhorse of a hunting e-bike. 

Let’s Crown The King

Okay, it’s finally time to crown the king among these hunting e-bikes. Are you excited about the final verdict as much as we are? 

Yeah, we figured you’d be. 

Now, we’d like to make one thing clear: 

Even though we had a lot of fun testing and comparing all three of these brands - and their top e-bikes - reaching a verdict was, by no means, an easy thing to do. It’s a bit like trying out three amazing dishes, but you can only pick one as your favorite.

So, again, we’d like to emphasize that all three are a reliable choice for anyone who’s looking to get a hunting e-bike.

However, we’ve come to a unanimous decision to crown the BAKCOU as the number one hunting e-bike of 2022. 

The specifications speak for themselves, and the price-to-performance ratio is - well, too good to be ignored. For these reasons, we’ve decided to give the crown to BAKCOU. 

We’ve looked at a few models from all three of these companies - but the BAKCOU Storm and Mule take the cake as the most enjoyable to ride and use on a regular basis.

QuietKat vs. Rambo vs. BAKCOU - Our Final Thoughts

Hunting e-bikes have only recently begun to earn the recognition they deserve; this is a young market, and there’s still plenty of room for improvements. That goes for any and every company that’s manufacturing and selling e-bikes for hunting. 

Our newly crowned king is victorious this year - and for a good reason, too. But we’re all very excited about what will hit the market next year and what new models - and new or upgraded features - of re-released models we’ll see next spring.

Things are looking pretty interesting if you ask us. 

The improvements made from last year were so major that they pretty much leveled out the playing field between the smaller and the bigger companies that produce these bikes.

For us, the single most crucial thing is the customer’s experience with the end product - and not what’s being advertised.

That is why these three bikes were at the top of our hunting e-bikes list this year: 

They listened to their customers' feedback and took notice of the things that needed to be fixed or improved.

Real companies who strive to survive for a long time on the market do exactly that. 

That’s why it’s completely fine to trust any of these three companies. All three deserved our seal of approval - and you’re free to choose the one that fits your desires and expectations the best.


Daria was born and raised in the Ukraine, studied in Barcelona (where she discovered her passion for e-biking), and is currently living in Barcelona. Her main passion is cycling and digital marketing, that's why she is always looking for an amazing new e-bike to make her journey even more unforgettable!

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  1. Nice article.
    Purchased BAKCOU MULE a month ago
    Excellent package pricing
    Cant wait to start testing it
    Live in Ohio as well…will be taking it to the hills of mid southeastern Ohio

  2. After reading your review I did not see any where were you actually tested the battery limits as to the "proclaimed" milage these manufacturers put out. I do not believe that Bakcou has a battery that will take you 80 miles. Perhaps with the major upgrade battery! That is like safe manufacturers saying their fire rating is 3-5 hours when in fact it's not. Unless you actually put the bike to a true test over hills and rough terrain etc. I bet you'd have found that their battery life isn't what they claim. Claiming is one thing. Actually performing it is another.

    What I also didn't understand is you stating that the Bakcou had a greater load capacity? Ahh they all have a 300 lb rating. So I'd say even! The Bakcou & the Ranger are a 9 speed bike where as the Venom is a 14 speed. Huge difference I'd say! Oh and you started off referring to the Rambo Venom then down in your comparison were mentioning the Viper? Two completely different bikes! The Bakcou is in the 6200 range and the Jeep E bike is in the 7300 range. Where as the Rambo Venom is 8500. Not even remotely close! Rambo is by far the better built bike with better lines etc. I discovered that another "bike manufacturer has the exact same frame as the QuietKat Jeep E bike. Making me wonder if they are the ones who actually are making the frame.

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