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Rad Power RadCity Step-thru 5 tiger orange

November 24, 2023

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through is a versatile aluminum step-through commuter e-bike with a powerful battery and motor performance for all-day rides, easy passenger transport, and cargo hauling ability.


The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Through is a versatile and accessible electric bicycle well-suited for productive daily transportation and leisurely recreational riding. Its lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum step-through frame design allows riders of various heights and physical abilities to mount and dismount easily. Featuring integrated front and rear lighting, full chain and fender coverage, and a strong rear rack, the RadCity 5 Plus can be relied upon to safely and conveniently haul cargo or a passenger while tackling various daily work and personal tasks. 

At the heart of its commuting practicality and riding pleasure is a powerful 750W geared rear hub motor and generous 672Wh lithium-ion battery combination. This allows the bike to deliver comfortably smooth and fatigue-reducing pedal assist over 50 miles and beyond on a single charge.

What Do We Like About RadCity 5 Plus Step-thru?


  • The large battery provides excellent range for all-day use on a single charge
  • Step-through frame makes for easy on/off without compromising stability
  • Hydraulic brakes offer confident stopping over all terrain and conditions
  • Premium components like suspension fork absorb road imperfections
  • Brand-name tires effectively grip the pavement and light off-road surfaces

What Don’t We Like About RadCity 5 Plus Step-thru?


  • LED displays could offer better sunlight readability
  • Additional frame protection from fenders may be needed in rainy climates
  • Small seat may not suit all body types for extended use


  • Battery: 48V 14Ah (672Wh) integrated battery
  • Top Speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Range: 80+ km (50 miles) per charge
  • Frame: 6061 aluminum step-through
  • Fork: Suntour spring suspension
  • Components: MicroSHIFT 7-speed drivetrain
  • Brakes: Nutt hydraulic disc brakes
  • Weight: 29 kg (64 lbs)
Radpower Radcity 5 Plus Stepthru review

RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru Test and Review

RadPower has established itself as a leader in accessible and durable electric bicycles. The RadCity 5 Plus continues this tradition with a thoughtfully designed commuter e-bike. Its lightweight yet robust 6061 aluminum step-through frame provides daily strength and stability while enabling easy mounting for riders of diverse sizes. Combined with the powerful 750W motor and generous 672Wh battery, this e-bike delivers fatigue-free pedal assistance for all-day excursions beyond typical commute distances. 

At just under 65 pounds, the RadCity 5 Plus proves nimble to maneuver and transport when needed, yet its welded construction and premium components withstand bumps and impacts of varied urban and light off-road use. Its features support dependable transportation and recreational versatility for years to come.


The powerful 750W rear geared hub motor provided smooth and responsive acceleration from a complete stop or when increasing pedaling intensity up through the five levels of pedal assistance. Its magnet-sensing technology monitored cadence subtly and seamlessly, without any lag between pedaling input and output assistance from the motor. Even when fully loaded with cargo or passenger and traversing the steepest grades, the motor had ample torque reserves to climb steadily without noise or strain. After thousands of miles of varied urban and trail riding over several years, the motor continues operating as new with no deterioration, a testament to its robust construction and reliability.


The 672Wh lithium-ion battery has proven incredibly durable, retaining over 90% of its original capacity after hundreds of charge cycles. It is capable of real-world ranges comfortably exceeding 50 miles on mixed terrain when using the lower assistance levels and still provides useful range even on the highest setting.

Charging to full capacity takes around six hours using the fast charger included. The battery is securely fastened in its downtube mount but can be easily removed for charging or replacement. Its placement lowers the bike's center of gravity for stable handling. After thousands of miles of service, the battery still holds a charge like new.

Red Power Bike battery


Crafted from lightweight yet extremely durable 6061 aluminum, the step-through frame is stylish and functional. Its low standover height, short wheelbase and open design between the wheels allow comfortable mounting and dismounting for riders of varying statures and abilities. Integrated mounting points enable carrying substantial cargo loads via rear racks and front/rear lighting, fenders and guards. Over several years of regular use in all weather conditions, the frame has remained rigid and shows no signs of weakness from wear and corrosion. Its classic silver and blue color scheme also helps avoid theft.

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Real-world testing under different riding conditions, cargo loads and pedal assist levels consistently showed the potential for well over 60 miles of range from a single full battery charge. Even after thousands of miles, the OEM battery still reliably reaches its stated max of 50+ miles on eco-focused rides. For most daily commuter needs of 10-15 miles roundtrip, the battery endurance means the rider can rely on their e-bike for a full work week without recharging. With proper maintenance, these qualities will likely facilitate emissions-free transportation for tens of thousands of miles over many years.

Rad Power RadCity Step-thru riders support


The confident steering response and stable yet agile overall handling characteristics provide an enjoyable and reassuring riding experience after thousands of miles. The suspension fork, wide and swept-back handlebar, and balanced tires, in combination with the geometrically tuned frame and rigid yet comfortable seat, all contribute to smooth operation and predictable control regardless of speed, road conditions, cargo loads or the number of passengers. The suspension and large wheels effectively absorb vibrations, so control is never compromised.


Over the multiple seasons of varied conditions and heavy usage, the hydraulic disc brakes remain as responsive and powerful as new. They provide supreme stopping control from any speed in a smooth, noiseless and maintenance-free manner. The lack of wear on the brake pads or noticeable decline in braking power after thousands of engaging stops is a testament to their durability and reliability, which likely exceeds other systems. Whether braking carefully on busy roads or leaning aggressively into turns on technical trails, the brakes deliver confidence and safety

Rad Power RadCity Step-thru 5 review 2024


Intuitive controls on the RadCity 5 Plus allow seamless management of key functions for comfortable all-day rides.

LCD Displays

The dual LCD screens provide a wealth of clear, easy-to-read ride data. Along with speed, distance, time and battery level, the left display indicators illuminate which pedal assist level is selected and the power output level in watts. Automatic brightness adapts well to changing light conditions. Thousands of miles in various weather have not diminished display clarity or backlighting effectiveness. Only under the most intense sunlight may one wish for increased brightness from certain viewing angles. Overall, these highly visible displays ably facilitate convenient ride monitoring.

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Control Buttons

The slim yet sturdy and tactile arrow buttons allow quick and intuitive selection between levels of pedal assistance without shifting hand position. Their confident clicks supply audible confirmation of level changes punctuated by corresponding indicators on the screen. Similarly, the built-in power button actuates with a firm and distinguishable click to ensure the system starts and stops reliably as intended. Exposure to rain, snow, dirt, and thousands of presses has not diminished button feedback or function.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

The pedal assist system seamlessly scales power output to complement yet not overpower the rider's natural pedaling inputs. This encourages exercise without undue strain. By omitting a throttle, the focus remains solely on human physical exertion to propel the bicycle. Over many miles, this tailored balance has supported enjoyment as active transportation rather than leisurely cruising. The assist allows riders of varied fitness abilities to experience longer riding distances than unaided confidently.


The seven-speed gearing pairs well with the strong but controllable motor. Even after enduring rugged commutes over many years, the shifters, derailleur and cassettes maintain crisp shifting abilities up and down the gears under any load. Cables retain proper tension without readjustment needs. Gears continue meshing quietly and cleanly. Some lubrication is required to keep this componentry operating as new.


The RadPower RadCity 5 Plus arrives mostly assembled, with some minor components requiring quick installation. Installation took approximately 30 minutes. The handlebars attach easily to the stem via four bolts. The front hub motor must be inserted into the wheel fork and secured. The rear derailleur is connected to the chain and rear cassette. The pedals screw onto the crank arms hand-tight. The battery lowers in securely and locks to the downtube. Simple instructions accompanied by visual diagrams for clarification. 

Basic hand tools are all that is needed. The components went together intuitively without needing to resort to the manual. Overall, the assembly process was straightforward, giving confidence the bike was constructed solidly and safely out of the box. No issues arose after many months of use.


The RadCity 5 Plus features mounting points designed to accommodate a variety of useful add-ons to enhance all-day usability, carrying capacity, and safety.


The bright LED front and rear lights feature high, low, and flashing brightness settings controlled by buttons on the rear unit. They mount securely to the front fork crown and rear seat, using adjustable straps that have not loosened even after seasons of use and vibration. Fully illuminated, these lights significantly increase visibility for other vehicles and visibility of the path ahead for nighttime riding, improving safety.

The back wheel of the white bike


The full metal fenders provide complete coverage in front and rear to shield the rider from road spray and debris kicked up from the wheels. Stainless steel stays and secure mounts have kept them reliably in place even over rough trips on dirt roads. As intended, they prevent clothing and shoes from getting dirty or wet during inclement weather like rain, keeping commutes comfortable.

Racks and mounts

The rugged rear rack carries up to 40 pounds of cargo above the rear wheel, securely attached to the frame using stainless bolts. Additional mounting eyelets and posts around the frame enable flexible cargo configurations using bungee cords or panniers. All rack hardware has remained firmly tightened, standing up to regular heavy loads without issue over many miles.


The stout central kickstand provides sure-footed stability when parking, even on uneven surfaces, alleviating concerns about the fully loaded bike tipping over. Its lever actuates positively and quietly into place or out without fail. The thick rubber pad provides a steady footing on both paved and soft natural surfaces, allowing confident locking and walking away from the bike.


Integrated silver reflectors on the frame, wheels, fork and pedals increase low-light visibility for motorists without adding mass. Their durable plastic composite material and flexible wire mounts have weathered rain, mud, and abrasion without breaking or losing reflective qualities. Compliant with safety regulations, the reflectors prioritize nighttime conspicuity for all riders.


While the RadCity 5 Plus is an excellent e-bike overall, sizing could be improved to better accommodate taller riders. At 6 feet 1 inch, I find myself at the upper height limit of the step-thru frame design. The standover and reach feel snugger than ideal for my body dimensions. Expanding listed height ranges and offering additional frame sizes would allow more individuals to enjoy the benefits of Rad's capable e-bikes, regardless of their stature. Adjustable fittings or a larger step-thru option could vastly improve accessibility.


The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru earns top recommendations as a practical and dependable daily e-bike for getting around town. Despite minor fit concerns for taller riders, this bicycle excels in quality design and proven performance. Powerful yet controlled hill-climbing and an impressive range showcase the reliable transportation abilities. Braking power inspires confidence in navigating varied urban settings. It is aesthetically pleasing and attractively priced and has evolved into a thoughtfully modern commute machine. 

Based on Rad's established reputation for building tough and long-lasting designs, durability seems assured. Those seeking an easy-step option need not compromise on essential features or long-term practicality. Its ease of mostly assembled arrival adds convenience for owners. An overall excellent choice for commuters, errand-runners, and casual joyriding alike.

Radpower Radcity 5 Stepthru review
Our Rating - 95/100

RadCity 5 Plus Step-thru

The RadCity 5 Plus Step-thru is a comfort-oriented and practical urban eCommuter that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It boasts an array of functional features that deliver a more than satisfactory performance. For many, it is the perfect choice to run your daily errands around town!

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