15 December 2022

Top Cycling Blogs We Love


Looking for a good lunchtime read or some insider bike knowledge? There’s an ever-growing selection of cracking blogs dedicated to the latest bike chat – perfect for browsing at home or your local bike cafe.

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We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, so time to get reading!

Le Bidon

Recommended by our Twitter community, Le Bidon is full of interesting stuff. Whether you’re looking for a cycling event to enter, or a bike-friendly café stop, the chances are you’ll find something of interest here.

Featuring a wide range of contributors, we really like Le Bidon’s broad variety of regularly refreshed content. If you’re anything like us, you’ll particularly enjoy this article on the Five best cakes for cycling.

Patisserie Cyclisme

Patisserie Cyclisme began life in 2010 sharing recommendations and reviews of cycling cafés and rest stops. The blog has developed into a brilliant resource, bursting with well-written recommendations, great images and a nice contemporary feel.

And as it’s optimised for mobile devices, you can even review a café you like while you’re sampling the menu.

Electric Biking

Electric biking is an exciting blog that lifts the lid on everything you didn’t know about electric bikes. Focused on both newbie enthusiasts and seasoned e-bike users, this is where you go to get a taste of the e-bike experience and bring yourself up to speed with the latest developments in the electric biking world. 

The blog offers in-depth and unbiased reviews on all manner of e-bike models and brands in the market; from eMTBS and electric cruisers to battery-powered road and dirt bikes. Whether you’re looking for the most sought-after fat tire e-bikes around or planning to invest in a practical folding e-bike for your daily commute to work, this site recommends to you the best products on offer.

To ensure that you get exactly what you want when you walk into a bike store, electric biking offers professional buying guides touching on all the crucial features and specifications that make a bike top-tier. It also matches the different types of bikes reviewed with the experience and specific preferences of a potential buyer for the best electric biking experience.

Overall, we like the easy, friendly, and fun writing style of the bog with all the technical words and details explained for the uninitiated readers to understand. If you are all about electric bikes, the highlights and revelations in this blog will interest and excite you at the same time!

Cycling for Girls

Cycling for Girls comes recommended by our friends at Breeze, as a ‘one stop shop’ for female cycling enthusiasts.

With a blog that’s easily accessible – and simple to contribute to – it’s a great forum for discussion and developing understanding for newer bike riders.

Be warned though, the site’s full of lots of tempting products, so perhaps wait until after pay day before checking this one out!

Ordinary Cycling Girl

We love the easy-reading, jargon-free style of  Ordinary Cycling Girl. It’s bike and lifestyle focus is complimented with lovely imagery and contemporary design.

We particularly like the ‘author introduction’ section, a refreshingly sincere way of building a relationship with readers.

While setting its stall out as a blog for women, its lifestyle focus is ideal for any cyclist of a ‘pootling persuasion’.

The Secret Pro

The Secret Pro offers a hugely interesting and entertaining insight into the elite cycling world. Protected by anonymity, the blog sets out to break the omertà, or code of silence, long associated with professional road cycling. The juicy titbits it reveals will entertain even cyclists with only a passing interest in the elite side of cycling.


A blog for the cycling revolutionaries amongst us, Copenhagenize explores how the Danish capital transformed itself to a bike-centric city and how the lessons might be applied to other global cities.

With a film series also hosted from the site, the blog promotes a wider cycling agenda, while also managing to be both entertaining and informative.

A View from the Cycle Path

David Hembrow, a British ex-pat based in Holland via New Zealand, has drawn on his experience organising cycling infrastructure tours to develop this popular blog. 

Promoting greater emphasis on bikes in city planning and development, Hembrow frames this very topical debate in an informative and entertaining manner, promoting consideration of cycling in town planning and development.

Alex Staniforth

Blogs - Alex

Young Alex Staniforth is on a mission to conquer Mount Everest in 2015, as part of his ‘Epic 7’ series of challenges (and to fundraise for the Sherpas affected by 2014’s terrible avalanche).

Though focussed on mountaineering, the Epic 7 includes several bike challenges, notably an eight day ride from Chester to Chamonix. But it’s not just the severity of Alex’s challenges that set his story apart. His compelling blog is a story of triumph through the adversity of his own personal and health difficulties. It’s developed into a cracking extreme sports and cycling blog well worth keeping up with.

In The Know

Some bike buys are impulse purchases. For everything else, there’s In the know. This site is all about gathering all the information you need if you’re thinking about buying a new bike, parts, or accessories. The site’s blog combines reviews with general info from the cycling world and some nice digests of topical goings-on.

Have we missed your favourite bike blog from our list? Let us know on Twitter using #bestbikeblogs.

About the author

Ruaan is an electrical engineer born in South Africa and currently working in Oslo, Norway. He loves tech and gadgets and owns an electric car (Tesla) as well a front-wheel-drive electric bike. He rides his bike all year, even through snow and ice covered roads in the cold winter.

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