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Unbiased Trek Allant+ Review (Updated 2020)

November 25, 2023

The Trek Allant+ 7 is an accessible, versatile electric bike that pairs premium specs with build quality to deliver a dependable e-riding experience for mixed terrain commuting and recreational rides.


The Trek Allant+ 7 offers versatile performance for mixed-terrain pavement or light trail rides. Its high-performance hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame provides a stiff yet comfortable platform. The SR Suntour Mobie 25 suspension fork with 45mm travel smooths out bumps on unpaved sections. Bosch's proven Performance Line CX motor, paired with the 500Wh integrated battery, enable distances up to 50 miles per charge. An integrated lighting system with a rear rack and included fenders complete this e-bike's multi-purpose ability. Whether running errands around town or exploring nearby nature paths, the Allant+ 7 empowers efficient adventures.

What Do We Like About Allant+?


  • Hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame is lightweight yet strong
  • SR Suntour Mobie 25 suspension fork absorbs light trail bumps
  • Bosch Performance Line CX motor delivers smooth, natural pedal assistance
  • 500Wh battery enables ranges up to 50 miles per charge
  • Integrated lighting, rear rack, and included fenders unlock versatility
  • The compact design and step-through frame allow easy mounting/dismounting

What Don’t We Like About Allant+?


  • Front suspension fork only offers 45mm travel for rougher trails
  • Shifters and drivetrain are lower-end Shimano Alivio components
  • The top motor speed of 20 mph limits use on busier roads
  • A rear rack weight capacity of only 35 lbs reduces cargo options
  • Additional battery packs must be purchased separately


  • Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX 250W mid-drive motor
  • Battery: Integrated 500Wh downtube battery
  • Max Speed: Class 1 (20 mph)
  • Range: Up to 50 miles per charge
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum, integrated battery
  • Fork: SR Suntour Mobie 25 air spring, 45mm travel
  • Wheels: Alex MD35 tubeless-ready, 27.5" x 2.4" tires
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Alivio 9-speed
  • Brakes: Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Rider Limit: 300 lbs (bike, rider, cargo)

Trek Allant+ e-bike on the black background

Trek Allant+ 7 Review and Test

Having tested a variety of Trek's high-quality electric bicycles, the Allant+ 7 continues its tradition of well-designed performance machines at an affordable price point. Pairing a durable aluminum frame with proven Bosch drive components enables confident adventures on pavement or light trails.

Its compact build makes the Allant+ 7 accessible for different riders, with its low step-through design and adjustable sizing from Small to Extra Large. The integrated battery remains stealthily hidden from view, maintaining a clean appearance. The overall weight of 54 lbs remains nimble despite formidable e-bike components underneath.

Bosc Allant + engine at the black background


Powering the Allant+ 7 is a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor. Rated at 250W continuous power, this motor provides eager acceleration. Its magnesium motor housing keeps weight low while maintaining strength. Assist scales sensitively based on pedaling input, feeling natural without overwhelming the rider. The top assisted speed is 20 mph, allowing for pavement rides alongside traffic. Bosch's proven motor offers reliable, elegant performance perfectly matched to Trek's renowned frame quality for balanced and enjoyable e-riding.


Powering the Allant+ 7 for extended adventures is a Bosch PowerTube 500 integrated downtube battery. Rated at 500Wh capacity, it packs plenty of energy using 40 lightweight lithium-ion 18650 cells in a 36V configuration. During testing, the 13.4Ah battery provided impressive range. An optional second battery doubles that capability using Bosch's Range Boost feature. Weighing just 6.4 pounds, the unobtrusive PowerTube packs substantial power into its compact hydroformed casing. Riders enjoy countless emissions-free miles per charge.

Man`s hand removes the battery from the frame
Black tire of the Allant+


Trek crafts the Allant+ 7's lightweight yet durable frame from high-performance 6061 hydroformed aluminum. Its integral downtube hatch houses the removable PowerTube battery while maintaining a clean appearance. Internal cabling keeps lines tidy. The frame seamlessly integrates Bosch's motor with protective Motor Armour reinforcement. Rack and fender mounts extend cargo options. Up front, an SR Suntour Mobie 25 suspension fork soaks up 45mm of trail bumps through a lockable coil spring and rebound damping adjustable via its tapered steerer. The compatible fork travel reaches a maximum of 63mm for rugged rides off-road.


The Allant+ 7 is powered by a proven Bosch Performance Line CX motor mounted internally in the frame. This mid-drive unit is rated at 250W continuous with 85Nm peak torque and provides natural and responsive pedal assistance. Its top assisted speed of 20 mph on the Class 1 e-bike allows comfortable cruising alongside traffic. Riders enjoy efficient boosted miles on every pedal stroke.

trek allant+ 7 city ride


Trek estimates the Allant+ 7's 500Wh integrated PowerTube battery can extend rides up to 50 miles on a single charge. During testing, the long-lasting lithium-ion power pack endured multiple long-distance mixed-terrain journeys without issue. Thanks to the robust on-board energy source, riders enjoy ample freedom to explore further before recharging.


The Allant+ 7 steers nimbly through traffic yet tracks true on uneven surfaces, inspiring riding confidence. Its stable handling nature and widely-spaced wheels encourage exploring distant destinations with ease. Combined with sturdy 2.4-inch tires built for puncture resistance, the Allant+ 7 rolls over pavement cracks, gravel paths, and dirt roads comfortably while damping bumps and brambles effectively.


A Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake setup provides reliable stopping power. Large 180mm rotors grasped by the dual-piston brake calipers at the front and rear bring the Allant+7 to a rapid, controlled halt from any speed. Whether soaking up speed during descents or coming to a quick stop in traffic, precise modulation is enabled by the brakes' responsiveness. The hydro system requires little to no maintenance and performs dependably even in wet conditions. With maximum rotor sizes of 180mm front and rear, plenty of braking force is available for varied riding situations.

Wheels and Tires

The Allant+ 7 features durable wheels well-suited for on and off-road cycling. The rims are Alex MD35 with 32 tension-supported spokes and tubeless compatibility for low maintenance and puncture protection. Their 35mm width and Presta valve stems endure demanding terrain. Schwalbe G-One folding tires in a versatile 650x57mm (27.5x2.1") size offer dependable cushioning with fast-rolling speed. The max tire clearance of 27.5x2.4" allows fitting larger rubber for heavy loads or serious trail use if desired. These components provide smooth rolling over varied surfaces while holding up to heavy loads and electric pedal assistance.


The Allant+ 7 utilizes a simple yet effective control interface to manage its Bosch-powered system easily.


Information and assistance levels are adjusted via Bosch's proven Purion display unit. Its large 1.75-inch grayscale LCD screen clearly shows current speed, battery level, ride metrics, and assist level in an easy-to-read format. Convenient buttons allow the rider to increase or decrease pedal support or engage the walk mode with intuitive controls. Holding buttons accesses additional functions like lights and readout changes.

Electric bike controller on a handlebar

Pedal-assist and Throttle

The Allant+ 7 relies solely on pedal assistance without a throttle for the most natural riding feel. Its Bosch system measures the rider's every pedal stroke over 1,000 times per second to instantly adjust power output proportionate to input between the four Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo levels.


Shifting through 9-speed gears is handled with a Shimano Alivio M3100 shifter and T4000 rear derailleur combination, providing reliable performance. An alloy narrow-wide chainring from 40-48T sizes paired with an 11-36T HG200 cassette cassette offers a wide range of ratios well-suited to hilly terrain or high-speed pavement. Durable components ensure confident pedaling in any condition.


Trek ships the Allant+ 7 almost completely assembled for a quick and simple startup. After carefully removing the e-bike from its compact shipping carton, riders need only install the wheels by threading the quick-release axles and inflating the tires to the proper pressure. The handlebar and saddle can then be adjusted to the rider's measurements using easy-to-turn screws. Once the battery is fitted into its downtube port and the included 3A wall charger is plugged in for a full charge, the Allant+ 7 is ready for smooth assisted rides. Minimal assembly means more time enjoying electric adventures on two wheels.


Several included and optional accessories expand the Allant+ 7's versatility.


The rugged Racktime rear rack is a worthwhile addition to transport personal items and purchases on trips around town or longer tours into the countryside. Constructed of durable aluminum alloy, it boasts a weight capacity of 55 pounds, so runners, panniers, or boxes can be carried confidently. The rack's standard gauge tubing ensures rigidity, whether the path is smooth or bumpy. Its sliding rear mount with integrated bungee loops gives multiple flexible options to safely and securely lash down anything from a backpack and jacket to a weekend's groceries. On long e-bike journeys or daily commute utility runs, this rack proves sturdy yet lightweight for extended loaded carrying convenience.

trek allant plus 7 review


These full-coverage plastic fenders are an essential accessory for frequent all-weather riding. Mounted securely at the front and rear through threaded dedicated attachment posts, they shield the electric drivetrain components from splashing mud, grit and road spray with ease. Their 65mm width blankets the wheels completely while allowing adequate clearance for tire changes when required. The snap-on installation process takes mere minutes, and they can be swiftly removed for compact transport or storage. Whether braving rains or sliding through puddles, the fenders keep the bike clean and protected, reducing corrosion and maintenance needs for a longer component lifespan.


Mounted through a heavy-duty 18mm connection point directly at the frame's rear for maximum stability, the retractable kickstand is an essential convenience when stopping for breaks or arriving at a destination. Its wide stance can balance the loaded Allant+ 7 impeccably on all terrains, from paved paths to loose gravel. Small yet sturdy springs cushion open and closed movements to avoid stress on the mounting hardware. Riders of all heights trust its steady support, whether parking for a quick coffee shop run or securing the bike upright overnight at camp. The included kickstand adds hassle-free practicality to any adventure on two wheels.


Ensuring safety and peace of mind on evening rides, the 180-lumen Hermans headlight and powerful dual-LED AXA rear light are essential gear. Permanently and securely mounted to the fork crown and rear rack, respectively, through rugged attachment points, these lights integrate flawlessly into the Allant+ 7's structure. From dark trails to dawn commutes, their bright beams and side-facing reflectors cut through the gloom, alerting others to the rider's presence and illuminating the path ahead with clear visibility. Designed for all-weather use, the lights remain impervious to rain or spray, keeping rides stress-free even after sunset or before daybreak when conditions demand extra visibility.


The Allant+ 7 is offered in size Medium or Large/XL to accommodate a wide range of riders. Medium-sized bikes feature a 170mm alloy crank arm length for riders between 5'3" to 5'8", providing optimum ground clearance and full pedal stroke ergonomics. For taller individuals from 5'8" and above, the Large and XL models upgrade to a slightly longer 175mm crank. Beyond the powertrain, the bikes adjust easily with seat posts and handlebars that slide and lock to the preferred set-up. Regardless of size, the Allant+ 7 maintains consistent geometry to ensure confident handling for all riders exploring together on the trail or road.


At its accessible price point, the Trek Allant+ 7 delivers well-rounded e-bike performance. Its capable blend of Bosch components and quality Trek frame construction prove it a solid value. Riders enjoy aided miles from casual joyrides to daily commutes over varied surfaces. And Bosch's renowned durability provides years of dependable service.

The Trek Allant+ 7's balance of features and value makes it a smart purchase for recreational riding or heavy-duty errands. It expands access to enjoyable rides while unlocking versatile adventures.


For commuting or recreational riding on pavement and light trails, the Trek Allant+ 7 delivers capable performance at an attractive price. Its stalwart Bosch-powered system pairs dependably with Trek's renowned frame quality. Riders feel empowered to explore farther with countless miles of on-board range.

While not as burly as high-end e-MTBs, the Allant+ 7 handles varied terrain with balance and poise. Beginners and experienced riders alike will enjoy the empowering adventures it enables.

For versatile daily transportation or recreational riding, the Allant+ 7 earns a strong recommendation. Trek has crafted an accessible, well-designed e-bike for active lifestyles at an affordable value.

Trek Allant E-bike Series

The Allant E-bikes series from Trek is composed of three different variations that include the Allant 7, 8, and 9.9. Each of these models also feature high-step and step-through designs. The Allant 9.9 is made up of a carbon frame and fork while the other two use aluminum alloy material. It also features a 12-speed drivetrain while the Allant 8 uses 10-speed, and 9-speed for the Allant 7.

Trek Allant+
Our Rating - 92/100

The Trek Allant+ 7 is a top-performance e-bike that was designed for commuters who enjoy a lavish, stylish, and durable riding experience with a touch of speed. It boasts a wealth of high-tech and advanced specs that make it the smartest way to get around in town.

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