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Trek Verve+ Review (Updated 2020)

November 24, 2023

The Trek Verve+ 2 is an accessible, versatile commuter electric bike that pairs reliable performance with practical utility. 


The Trek Verve+ 2 is an accessible and versatile commuter electric bike well-suited for urban transportation. Its Alpha Gold aluminum frame balances comfort, durability and practicality. Featuring mounts for fenders, racks and a rear kickstand, it can easily be outfitted to carry daily essentials or take longer recreational rides at the weekend. 

Bosch's proven mid-drive electric motor system, paired with the long-lasting 400Wh battery, enables many miles of stress-free, emissions-free commuting. Commuters will appreciate the electric assistance for easily handling hills and arriving at destinations without sweating. Summarily, the Verve+ 2 offers a smooth, reliable ride for navigating busy streets.

What Do We Like About Trek Verve+?


  • Alpha Gold aluminum frame is lightweight yet durable
  • The rear kickstand, rack and fender mounts add practicality
  • Bosch mid-drive system delivers natural, reliable pedal assist
  • 400Wh battery facilitates multi-day commutes on a charge
  • 9-speed drivetrain strikes a good performance/value balance
  • Hydraulic brakes offer strong, predictable stopping power

What Don’t We Like About Trek Verve+?


  • Steel fork damps vibrations but lacks suspension
  • Alivio drivetrain isn't as durable as higher-end components
  • Top speed of 20 mph limits riding on busy roads
  • Smaller 35mm tire width offers less traction than wider tires

Trek Verve+ 2 Specifications

  • Motor: Bosch Active Line 250W mid-drive
  • Battery: Integrated 400Wh downtube battery
  • Max Speed: Class 1 (20 mph)
  • Range: Up to 37 miles per charge
  • Frame: Alpha Gold aluminum
  • Fork: Verve steel
  • Wheels: 700c double-wall alloy, 700x45c tires
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Alivio 9-speed
  • Brakes: Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc
  • Weight: 51.5 lbs
  • Rider Limit: 300 lbs

Trek Verve+ 2 Review and Test

Trek has established a strong reputation for producing dependable electric bicycles at accessible prices. The Verve+ 2 carries on this tradition with a functional design optimized for urban commuting. Its Alpha Gold aluminum frame provides lightweight strength for daily use while mounting points allow versatile cargo carrying. The Verve+ 2 benefits from Bosch's refined mid-drive system for natural, fatigue-reducing pedal assistance. 

At just over 50 pounds, it remains agile to maneuver yet durable enough to withstand the bumps of city riding for years of low-stress transportation. Its step-through frame also ensures comfortable accessibility for riders of different heights and ages.


The Bosch Active Line mid-drive motor is a workhorse that powers the Verve+ 2 reliably. Rated at 250W continuous and a peak of 340W, it delivers natural yet substantial pedal assistance through a wide range of 40 Nm torque.

Mounted close to the bottom bracket, its smooth rotational force engages almost instantly to boost takeoffs and climbs with minimal effort. A sophisticated sensor monitors cadence precisely to scale assistance in direct proportion to how hard the rider pedals.

With an IP54 weather resistance rating, the compact design withstands rain, snow, salt and debris to maintain peak performance annually.

Bosch Active Line engine at the black background


The integrated 400Wh lithium-ion battery uses advanced cell management to achieve a long-lasting lifespan of over 500 charge cycles. Locked securely below the downtube, it recharges to full power in 5 hours through the compact onboard 2A charger. With a capacity providing over 37 miles of average riding range, it allows stress-free multi-day commutes from a single charge. A fuel gauge on the digital display conveniently indicates remaining charge levels for planning refueling stops. Its integration remains discreet, keeping the ride aesthetics clean and predictable energy on hand.

Bosch PowerPack battery on the blue bike


Constructed of lightweight yet extremely durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the Trek Verve+ 2’s frame is engineered for resilience. Horizontal top tube design and low standover height allow comfortable mounting and dismounts. Integrated Bosch internal cable routing tidies things up while providing reliable component protection. Numerous rack and accessory mounting points facilitate customization with add-ons to suit various carrying needs, from groceries to cargo. Combined with a longer wheelbase and short chainstays for agility, its geometry lends stability and confidence at any speed.


Trek pairs the 250W Bosch motor with a smooth-shifting 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain to scale power delivery perfectly to riders’ input. Five levels of assistance empower all ability levels, from basic startup momentum to full 250W of boost. Even steep grades pose no difficulty thanks to the rotary force dishing out 40 Nm of torque. The cadence sensor detects how vigorously the pedals are turned to determine the ideal man and machine power blend. Hills that would strain regular bikes present no challenge. It effortlessly fades into the backdrop for breezier flats and cruising to let natural cycling take over.

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Trek’s cautious estimates predict an average range of 37+ miles from the 400Wh battery, but optimal conditions could push it farther. Too many variables affect battery life to promise identical results for all, but most average riders should comfortably ride 2-3 days between charges. The intuitive digital display monitor helps manage energy usage. Though distances may dip more with assist levels cranked and fully loaded touring, the ample fuel capacity still covers typical commutes with significant reserves. It recharges fast, too, making topping up hassle-free and maximizing the miles between plug-ins.


The Trek Verve+ 2's aluminum frame and component selection lend it predictable and sure-footed handling. The slightly shorter wheelbase and chainstays paired with the Alpha Gold frame's inherent stiffness translates rider input promptly without feeling twitchy. Up front, the steel fork provides compliance over ruts and pavement seams while keeping control precise. Wider 700c wheels with 45mm tires offer stable traction on rain-slicked or bumpy roads. Its upright riding position instills confidence in navigating traffic or path corners. Overall, the responsive but planted handling inspires confidence in steering a 27.5-pound electric bike through urban scenarios or around winding joyrides.


Reliable braking performance is crucial for any bike navigating busy streets, and the Verve+ 2 delivers with Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes.

The single-piston front and rear calipers are easy to modulate, delivering smooth and immediate stopping power even under heavy loads or high-speed situations. 160mm rotors up front and rear provide plenty of pad surface to bleed off speed even in adverse weather conditions.

Serious stopping power that feels linear and progressive inspires trust that the Verve+ 2's brakes will be there when needed most. Maintenance needs are simple, from easily replaced brake pads to a sealed system keeping dirt and grime out.

Brakes on the Trek Verve
black tires of the Verve+


The Verve+ 2 prioritizes user-friendly control interfaces to ensure intuitive electric bike operation.


The backlit LCD display provides all necessary ride data clearly and visually intuitively. Mounted centrally on the handlebars, its large digits are easily readable in direct sunlight and low-light conditions thanks to automatic brightness adjustment. Beyond the current pedal assist level selection from 1-5, it shows real-time speed in either miles or kilometers per hour, total trip distance, a digital clock, and a battery level indicator gauge. Five bars indicate the remaining charge percentage that updates live. Simple and effective delivery of key information enhances the riding experience.

trek verve plus 2 lcd

Control Buttons

For smooth and distraction-free control of essential functions while riding, the Verve+ 2 implements four hardware buttons. Situated ergonomically beneath the LCD in a central horizontal row, their shape and spring-loaded tactility allow easy pressing and feedback without looking down. The upward and downward arrows cycle smoothly through the five levels of Bosch pedal assistance preferred for any tempo or terrain. A power button turns the entire system on/off, while a menu button accesses basic bike settings. Reliably raising or lowering power is just one quick thumb motion away.

Pedal Assist

Riders maintain full control over their electric experience through natural pedaling input alone. No throttle means exercise is guaranteed. The assistance sensor mounted to the bottom bracket instantly gauges the force of each pedal stroke and smoothly engages the Bosch mid-drive motor in direct proportion. Amount of boost scales from basic momentum up to 250 watts of rotational force assistance as exertion increases. Subtle adjustments to cadence or how hard one pedal modulates power for rolling hills, quick acceleration from stops, or maintaining optimal cruising speeds with ease.


A 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain provides a wide spread of gearing ratios to complement the powered pedaling experience. The rear derailleur and twist shifters offer intuitive and crisp shifting to precisely dial in the right balance of pedaling effort versus vehicle speed for any terrain grade or load. A greater number of gears than single-speed improves versatility, allowing easier climbing of steeper hills in lower gearing and higher top speeds in upper ranges for flats or light descents.


Assembly of the Verve+ 2 is straightforward for any moderately experienced wrench. The manual provides clear diagrams and instructions. The drivetrain, brakes and electrical components come partially assembled for simple installation. Mounting the compact rear rack takes minutes, while the pedals require a standard wrench. Inflating tires to proper psi is quick, and the handlebar/stem assembly clicks neatly into place. Rather than a full mechanical build, it involves mostly securing major parts like the battery, motor, and wheels. With basic tools, anyone can complete assembly within an afternoon. The process familiarizes new owners with the e-bike's core components before the first ride.

trek verve+ 2 battery


The Verve+ 2 features mounting points to customize cargo and safety gear for any commute or ride.


Bright front and rear USB-charged lights from brands like Spanninga ensure riders are seen day or night. Integrated mounts securely hold lights in place without interfering with components. LED bulbs provide years of use from a single charge while achieving maximum visibility on evening rides and commutes. Lights promote safety without draining the battery.


Full-coverage plastic fenders defend against road spray and mud from the rear wheel. Clips attach them neatly under the chainstays at the back and around the fork legs up front. Optional flick/mud-flap extensions on the rear protect the rider and components from debris kicking back. Fenders make riding comfortable in all weather.

Racks & Mounts

In addition to the standard rear rack, additional mounts allow customizing the bike for different needs. Side racks from Topeak provide extra stable platforms for panniers or trailer attachments. Water bottle mounts keep hydration close at hand. A rear rack extends the cargo capacity.


The integrated center-mount steel kickstand holds the Verve+ 2 securely when parked without the risk of tip-over. It supports the full weight of the bike plus additional cargo on level or angled surfaces during stops.


Integrated wheel and leg/pedal reflective stickers enhance visibility to car headlights and streetlights within a 250-foot range after dark. They meet safety laws and reduce the risk of being overlooked on evening rides and commutes.


Trek offers the Verve+ 2 in three frame sizes to accommodate riders from 5'5" to 6'6". The size chart recommends heights and inseam lengths for a proper fit. The Medium is ideal for heights between 5'5" and 5'9" with an inseam of 30-33 inches. The Large size targets heights of 5'9" to 6'1" and an inseam of 32-35 inches. For taller riders between 6'1" and 6'6", the XL frame provides standover clearance for those with 34-37 inch inseams. Proper sizing ensures control and comfort, whether riding for errands or exercise.


At $2,849.99, the Verve+ 2 offers strong value for an electric bike with proven Bosch drive system performance. Its features and quality components blend routinely retail for over $3,000 in comparable e-bikes. Commuters easily recoup the investment in just over a year versus driving, thanks to fuel savings and maintenance costs alone. The battery health and motor lifespan are designed to provide years of powered transportation. Additional savings come from using it as a fitness device to replace gym memberships. Factoring utility, savings and pleasure into ownership balances out the upfront expense over the lifespan.


For commuters seeking a powerful and hassle-free electric companion, the Trek Verve+ 2 delivers an exemplary package. Its reliable Bosch motor paired with a long-range battery empowers consistent emissions-free commutes with ease. Well-designed controls and an intuitive interface require a minimal learning curve. The solidly built frame and components uphold daily miles with confidence. 

Accessory mounts allow custom configurations, too. Overall, it strikes an ideal balance of performance, compatibility and value that is difficult to beat in the premium e-bike market. The Verve+ 2 earns a strong recommendation for anyone commuting to new levels of efficiency.

Back of the Trek Verve+ 2 on the black background

Trek Verve E-bike Series

The Trek Verve series consists of two models, the Verve 2 and Verve 3, which comes with a couple of differences. For instance, the Verve 3 features a Removable Integrated Battery with 500Wh, 50Nm motor torque, and runs on 700 by 50c Bontrager E6 tires. On the other hand, the Verve 2 uses an exposed 400Wh battery, 40Nm torque, and runs on 700 by 45c Bontrager H5 tires.

Trek Verve+ Review
Our Rating - 82/100

Trek Verve+ 2

 The Trek Verve+ 2 is a hybrid electric bike that will boost your need for outdoor adventures! It is designed for commuting comfort, recreational cruises, and daily outings. It furthermore offers a slew of rider-friendly features. The best part of it all is that it is a very competitively priced electric bike!

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