29 December 2022

Best Electric Bike Brands Made In USA – The Complete Guide


Electric bikes are great and are becoming more popular daily. The United States market for e-bikes is huge, and it's currently offering thousands of different e-bike models from hundreds of manufacturers. Many e-bike brands are available, and picking one that works best for your needs can take time and effort.

Many companies make their bikes outside of the US, and their quality is often sub-par compared to American-made products. We advise you to look at American manufacturers of e-bikes, as their quality stands out compared to the rest.

To help, we compiled a list of the best electric bike brands made in the USA. Continue reading to see the top brands to look into! 

Aventon eBike

Now that we have discovered the need for American-made electric bikes, it's time to talk about the best brands. We had a great time researching and reviewing all the products on this list, so listen!

Below, you will find the ten best electric bike brands made in the USA!

1. Aventon

Aventon Ebikes

Aventon is an e-bike brand that is easily everyone's favorite. Starting in California, they have released many e-bikes to the public. Now, the company's main focus is on performing updates on existing models and improving performance. 

This company successfully succeeded in the e-bike world because it responds to the customer's needs and desires in a regular electric bike. The models are held to the highest standards during production, and all models have a great riding range and good speeds and are very comfortable. 

Aventon makes e-bikes perfect for commuters and bikers who ride the e-bike for fun. The company offers three e-bike models - Level, Pace, and Sinch, and the bikes provide all the essentials you might need, but they don't pack excessive accessories.

Aventon is an in-demand brand because of its affordable products while serving high quality and durability. The Level e-bike is outstanding and offers more than the average electric bike in that price range. 

Other e-bikes Aventon offers are cheaper but lack extra accessories you might need for your daily commutes. The rest is pretty basic, but if you need something cheap to get you to and from work that you can rely on, Aventon is the brand for you. 

The Level e-bike packs the maximum-allowed motor of 750W and a maximum speed of 28 mph. It can get you where you need to go, with a kickstand, fenders, rear seat in case someone joins you for a ride, and a set of hydraulic brakes!

2. Rad Power

Rad Power ebikes

Rad Power was founded in 2015 and is well-known for its high-quality products. However, one product truly made Rad Power famous: the fat-tire e-bike.

Many e-bike models have won their category the 'best e-bike' award. Rad Power might not offer a huge variety of models, but their products make a difference in electric biking.

The most popular options are the commuter bikes - the Rad Mini and Rad City. These bikes are great for daily commutes and running errands, but they need to pack more space for carrying things - for those, we advise you to check out Rad Power's cargo model.

A cargo model is a highly-popular option for people working the delivers, as it's eco-friendly, fast, and affordable. The fat-tire bike is also extremely popular, and it's the product that made Rad Power so famous in the world of electric biking.

Each model packs extra power, most of their e-bikes pack a motor of 750W, and they rarely go below that. Some models are updated - but the updates serve to perfect an already-amazing product. 

Each e-bike model is carefully thought out before being released to the public, so the updates only help give the customers what they need.

Rad Power offers fantastic bikes that won't break the bank. Most e-bikes don't come cheap, and Rad Power doesn't either - but compared to other brands, it is certainly more affordable than most.

3. Juiced

Juiced eBikes

Juiced is undoubtedly one of the most popular e-bike companies in the US. It is no surprise, but the Juiced company was founded in California in 2009. It was originally known as The Juiced Riders, but the company shortened the name along the way. 

Juiced's main focus is on city and commuter bikes, and the company quickly became famous for manufacturing the said e-bikes. The company wanted to keep the prices down, which is why they directly sell the bikes, allowing the quality to remain the same. 

Over time, the company has been developing more e-bike models, and its popularity is soaring because of the fantastic direct-sale policy. Juiced offers four different e-bike models at the moment, and they all can be characterized as road, city, or commuter bikes, and each model has several variations.

Three of four available models feature fat tires, which is neat to know if you are looking into fat-tire e-bikes exclusively. It is pretty obvious when looking into the Juiced company that it wants to keep the prices down while remaining budget-friendly.

The electric bikes pack prime long-range batteries, extra power, and superior top speeds. Two of the available models are bike-motor hybrid, so you will essentially get a moped for the price of a regular e-bike.

That makes Juiced something different compared to the rest, as the company goes above and beyond to provide e-bikers with something different without asking them to take their checkbooks out. 

4. Blix

Blix eBikes

Blix is one of the newest USA brands of e-bikes, as they entered the market in 2014. Being relatively young, this e-bike company mainly focuses on designing and manufacturing its models, and the company quickly saw some success.

Blix is quickly expanding and has Swedish roots, but it was established and seated in California. Many e-bike brands are located in California, and Blix here, meaning flash in Swedish, is no different. 

Because this company is still early in the e-bike race, they do not have many models to present to the market, but they offer four different models. They have a cruiser, commuter, and foldable bike to respond to the current e-bike needs. 

Blix is relatively affordable, despite e-bikes costing plenty of money in general. The e-bikes manufactured by this particular brand pack the same motor, so it can be safe to say that Blix found the ideal power for a regular commuter bike. 

The most popular model would have to be the Sol, Vika+, and Aveny. The design of each model is very attractive and features light colors that will make the riders stand out in the morning traffic.

Blix has a motto - change is good, and the company's focus is on constant updates and fix-ups to include various accessories that make electric bike riding much more fun. Blix is a great brand to look into because they never fail with the quality, despite the updates and new versions!

5. Trek 

Trek eBikes

Trek is an e-bike company established and based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, back in 1975. Trek is ranked high compared to the other e-bike brands, as they have an exceptional design that attracts attention on the street. 

Each bike is biker-friendly, and the Trek bike is a synonym for comfort and enjoyable rides. The brand is very active on social media, and you can see the manufacturers participating in podcasts, and the blog on the website is very useful too.

The Trek company wants to educate people about biking and encourage them to include biking in their daily lives. Trek shares its enthusiasm for biking, which is why people trust Trek and often go to this company exclusively for a new bike. 

If you are looking for maximum variety, Trek is your brand. The company currently offers an astonishing 42 e-bike models, far more than most reputable American e-bike brands. 

Trek stands out because it offers a unique hybrid, so if you are looking for something unseen, this hybrid is worth looking into. Verve+ and Allant+ are all-purpose bikes, so if you aren't sure what you need, these electric bikes can do it all. 

Many bikes can withstand even light off-road rides, but if you want to ride off-road all the time, consider buying a fat-tire bike. The bikes have fantastic weight distribution to minimize damage from rides, and the accessories will blow you away!

6. Ride1UP

Ride1UP eBikes

Ride1UP does not stand out in the crowd, especially compared to the largest brands, such as Rad Power and Aventon. However, this company is rising quickly because it offers amazing e-bikes at relatively affordable prices. 

Located in California, Ride1UP is no different than most e-bike companies, and it is currently on its mission to make its market share much larger. The company mainly focuses on creating efficient e-bikes, and they rely heavily on simple, straightforward designs. 

Even with a simple peek at a Ride1UP bike, you can tell that the e-bikes are packing something different because of the simple appearance. Each model is focused solely on performance, and the bikes offer an exceptional range with huge motor power. 

The bikes aren't exactly trendy-looking or stylish, but they are powerful and will get you quickly and reliably where you need to go. They also offer much more feature-wise, even compared to high-end models, but they severely lack the accessories that make life easier. If accessories are what you seek, Ride1UP might not be able to present you with the model of your dreams.

Affordable e-bikes are not expected to reach top speeds of 28 mph, but Ride1UP delivers the max speed without much issue. You can see that Ride1UP is focused on the American market for Americans, which is why they are focused on the efficiency of each model. 

The prices are reasonable, so if you want to take your business to Ride1UP, you won't regret it!

7. Addmotor

Addmotor eBikes

Like all of the e-bike companies we have previously mentioned, Addmotor was founded and based in California in 2011. The company aims to deliver high-quality, outstanding models of e-bikes to regular bikers. 

The brand carries a fairly unusual name without a real explanation of what it means, but we can take it literally - the company adds a motor to the regular bike. So at the very least, their e-bikes improve the regular pedal-operated bike. 

Addmotor stands out in the US market because they mainly produce fat-tire e-bikes. All the e-bikes produced by Addmotor can be called fat-tire bikes, but each model has a different purpose. 

Each model features different specs and a specific design along with various components to respond to the needs of a certain biker group. Because of that, the company offers city, foldable, trike, cruiser, and hybrid bikes!

The point of each bike was to provide the biker with the choice of terrain they want to ride their e-bike on without sparing comfort. Another point where Addmotor stands out is that the customers can choose the frame design. 

On top of it all, the customers will be pleased to find out that the e-bikes are affordable, despite packing extremely impressive features. The battery range and the motor power alone will blow you away!

The foldable bikes can be step-over or step-thru, and the customers can choose them for maximum convenience. All bikes pack a 750W Bafang motor and 80Nm of torque, enabling them to reach impressive top speeds of 25 mph without assistance!

8. Specialized

Specialized eBikes

Specialized is, to no surprise, based in California, and their e-bikes are no joke. The company has a long history - it was founded in 1974, and the manufacturer holds superior knowledge of design and the components used for the build.

Specialized is a brand that is hard to beat, and it's one of the largest brands in the country. Everything is manufactured and built in California, so you can remain worry-free that you are investing in something and getting prime quality for your hard-earned money.

Currently, Specialized is offering seven turbo e-bikes to the US market. The company's main focus is on exceptional performance that makes the bikes stand out compared to the competition. 

Of the seven, four e-bikes are road vehicles, so it's safe to say that the company is concentrating on commuting customers. Three e-bike models are in the 'active' category, and these electric bikes are perfect for hardcore off-roading, as they will withstand it all. No worry that the bike might fail under extreme roads; Specialized got your back.

If you are one of those bikers that want the newest technology and the fanciest accessories, you won't be failed by Specialized. This brand offers current innovations, which is why Specialized e-bikes always make their way into every top-10 list in the country. 

Some e-bike brands offer affordable products, but Specialized does not. However, the silver lining is - you do get what you pay for, including the superior design.

9. Cannondale

Cannondale eBikes

Cannondale is almost a household name, as the company was founded in Connecticut in 1971. Dorel Industries from Canada acquired the company, but it was based in the US, where the products are still manufactured. 

Cannondale paved the way for many popular e-bike companies, and its effect can be noted even today. Americans trust the Cannondale company, and for a reason. 

The company made its dough by making bikes, but the e-bikes it produces now are no joke. The company sells 15 different e-bikes, far more than most e-bike brands in the US. With such a huge variety, the customers can choose an e-bike crafted to their needs, no matter what they are - Cannondale even offers an all-terrain bike!

The company's main focus is on the production of performance-superior electric bikes, as well as fitness-oriented products. Cannondale's trademark is performance and body fitness, so it's only natural to go this route with e-bikes. 

Each e-bike was carefully designed to give it a robust frame to make that e-bike withstand anything. The most popular model would have to be the road bike, Synapse Neo, and it's one of the most popular choices for a road e-bike in the US.

If you are looking for an extremely durable e-bike that will not sustain any wear and tear during daily rides, Cannondale is your chosen brand. The company constantly innovates and includes new useful accessories so that you can expect a top-tier bike!

10. Pedego 

Pedego eBikes

Many things happened in 2008, but it was a golden year for e-bike fans because that was when Pedego was founded. The Pedego company only has one goal and one goal to give the bikers a stellar experience riding an e-bike.

When you examine the design and the performance of the Pedego e-bikes, that is exactly what you can conclude - that the company is truly focused on making the experience unforgettable. Because of that, Pedego has soared in popularity ever since it was founded, and it has over 100 stores in the country, all locally owned. 

The Pedego bikes stand out in the street because they all have brightly-colored frames. The company wants the bikers to have fun and having a fun-colored frame can only help in that department. 

The models mainly fall into the cruising, commuting, and city category, as the company focuses on the city bikers, and from what we hear, this is where Pedego excels. On the other hand, if you want an off-road biking experience, you can set yourself up with an off-road electric mountain bike, trike, or cargo. 

The cargo is one of Pedego's best-sellers, but the company's most interesting product would have to be the tandem model!

If you are buying your first e-bike, you might be worried that your chosen e-bike is not very durable. Lucky for all of us, Pedego offers a 5-year warranty with all of their e-bikes, and that confidence is what we were looking for!

Final Thoughts

Best eBike Brands Conclusion

Lastly, you now have all the pertinent information about the best electric bike brands made in the USA. We have also compiled a helpful guide to make it easier for you to choose a reputable e-bike brand that will provide you with a bike that suits your needs perfectly.

We always advise people to stick to American-made e-bikes despite having a higher price than bikes from other countries. You will be provided with exceptional quality and durability that certainly pays off. 

If you want to pick out an electric bike brand, just pick one from the list - those are the best of the best!

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