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Addmotor E-Bikes 2024 Roundup Review 

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Addmotor Grandta M-340T
$3000 & Above
0 user reviews
Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
Addmotor GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo E-Bike Banner
$1500 to $2000
2 user reviews
Addmotor M-550 Ebike
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
$3000 & Above
0 user reviews
addmotor groopro m-800
$2000 to $3000
0 user reviews
Addmotor Motan Fat Tire E-Bike Review
$1000 to $1500
1 user reviews
Addmotor Foltan M160
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
$1500 to $2000
0 user reviews
Addmotor Citypro Banner
$1000 to $1500
0 user reviews

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Founded in 2011, Addmotor is a California-based electric bike company whose main goal is to offer top-notch e-bikes to the general riding public. 

Although the brand doesn’t state the exact meaning behind its name, one can assume that it’s to be taken literally. And since it was founded as an electric bike company, the name connotes an improvement over the standard bicycle.

This aligns with the brand’s promise to continue delivering customer satisfaction by investing in the development of electric bikes, parts, and accessories.

Addmotor made its mark in the industry by focusing on fat-tire e-bike models. All its models fit the fat tire category since they integrate the said tires. The company introduced variety through the combined specs, design, and components. 

Because of this, Addmotor can offer models from several categories, including:

  • Folding
  • Cruiser
  • Trike 
  • All-terrain
  • Hunting 

With that being said, one can expect Addmotor’s models to be versatile in the various types of terrains they can handle as well as in riding comfort. They also provide many different options when it comes to frame designs. 

Another interesting feature of most of their e-bike models is their relatively budget-friendly cost, making them all a great value because of their impressive specs. 

In this article, we’ve covered some amazing Addmotor electric bike models from each category.

Addmotor Electric Bikes - An Overview

Admotor Motan

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7, is a powerful electric bike from the folding e-bike category that comes stock with suspension, a good-sized battery, and fat tires, making it a great off-road machine that can also be folded up when it’s time to go back home.


MOTAN M150-P7 electric bike features a powerful Bafang hub motor that offers a continuous 750W of power. To help with acceleration, hill climbing, and slogging through snow, sand, and gravel, this motor has 80Nm of torque.

The motor of this e-bike enables it to reach a top speed of 25 mph if you use the throttle or pedal assist, making this a class 3 e-bike.

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7


This electric bike runs on a 48V system with an 11.5Ah battery that offers a range of 25 miles with pedal assist. The battery is placed behind the seat post, making the M-150 P7 a bit back-heavy because the motor is also located in the back wheel. 

The battery is removable for more convenient charging and storage.


MOTAN M-150 P7 electric bike is one frame size and weighs nearly 61lbs making it pretty heavy for a folding e-bike. However, the M-150 P7 comes with fat tires and front suspension, which increase the weight quite a bit.

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7 Battery

The single tube design keeps the standover height low, making it easy for the rider to place their feet flat on the ground at a complete stop. The gussets help reinforce the frame, increasing structural integrity while decreasing frame flex. The frame folds in half, and the handlebars fold down for easy and convenient storage.

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7 Frame


The M-150 P7 e-bike features a Mozo spring suspension that offers 100 mm of travel. This suspension does a good job at mitigating moderate shocks, but it’s not well suited for more extreme downhill trails.


This folding e-bike comes with a Shimano Tourney derailleur and a 7-speed cassette. The gearing system uses a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter on the handlebars' right side.


Addmotor Motan M-150 P7 Gearing

MOTAN M-150 P7 has Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors which offer ample stopping power. The brake levers come with motor inhibitors, which cut power to the motor instantly whenever you press the brake levers.

Addmotor Motan M-150 P7 Breakes


This folding e-bike feels like a good option for those who love the outdoors but don’t have a lot of space to store their bike. The AddMotoR MOTAN M-150 P7 is a great folding e-bike that can easily cruise around the city but also handle some modest off-roading. 

The motor is quite powerful and has more torque than most folding e-bikes, making this a perfect choice for those living in a hilly area or expecting to run into snow, sand, or gravel on their adventures.

With this demand scenario in the market, different electric bike brands have introduced their own folding electric bike models to keep customers engaged.

To keep up with electric bike brands, Addmotor is also keen to produce electric bikes for a diverse community of riders. 

Featuring a distinct design, the Addmotor Foldtan M-140 R7 is an electric bike that is suitable for young people with its distinctive and eye-catching look!


Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Motor

The high-speed brushless rear-mounted hub motor folding electric bike can easily assist you to cross even the most difficult terrains thanks to its powerful 48V * 750W Motor. There is no need to be concerned about your bike breaking down on a rough surface. From our testing, The M-140 electric bike felt like it was designed for sandy beaches, snow trails, and rough roads, without sacrificing comfort in the city.

The only downside of the heavy rear-mounted hub motor (as well as the fat tires) is that when the batteries are flat, the M140 feels very heavy to cycle without battery assistance.


This folding electric bike has a long-lasting Samsung lithium cell 20 Ah detachable and rechargeable battery pack, a UL-recognized battery that will provide you with adequate power to travel far distances.

The battery pack can offer a much longer riding range than the original 17.5Ah battery thanks to Samsung's most recent combined high-capacity 21700 battery cells. 

UL-certified battery means it has been tested and complies with international standards.

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Battery

With the level one pedal assist, a single charge can cover up to 100 miles in 8-10 hours. Charging time is dependent on the battery's condition at the time.

Folding Frame

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Folding Frame

M-140 can be bike swiftly and conveniently folded down to stow in your car, under your desk at work, or wherever you use it thanks to its collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal. Its folding bike's frame is sturdy and stable enough to ride trails thanks to the thick tube technology used in its construction. 

The bike's low step-through frame design makes it simple to mount and dismount, but it also makes it more difficult for some riders, such as women, the elderly, people with physical limitations, or those who might have balance problems, to accommodate a larger range of riders. It can easily support a load of 280 lbs.

The relatively comfy saddle and the front tube of the black lithium handlebar, both can be altered to fit the rider's height. The seat post can release 30 cm very quickly. 5'2" to 6'3" is the ideal height for this bike.


Thanks to layers of inner tube protectors, high-volume inner tubes, and anti-slip cover tires, 20” x 4.0” Kenda fat tires increase riding comfort, have a better rollover potential, and are more durable.

Falling squarely into the fat tire folding e-bike category, the Foldtan M-140 can travel over any terrain.

New convex glue tread patterns on Kenda fat tires increase their durability, traction, and suitability for all types of surfaces.

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Front Fork

EB 2.0 chip

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike EB Chip

Riders have more control thanks to the M-140's updated electrical system. An EB 2.0 chip is available to facilitate the design of various circuit systems. Moreover, it makes the system more stable and takes up less room on the board. Also, in the EB 2.0 period, a special inner ring is utilized that is heat-resistant, quieter, and has improved heat dissipation.


The Removable Rear Rack & Full-Cover Fenders can haul cargo, add a child seat to transport your children, or take your dog for a spin.

We've said it before, and we will say it again...fenders with full coverage keep your pants clean and dry!

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Fenders

Lighting System

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Lights

The updated EB 2.0 technology is designed to increase the electric bike's capabilities. A wide lighting area is provided by the 360° LED lighting system while saving 15% energy.

It is a patented 5-in-1 taillight that serves as driving light, left and right turns signals, danger light, flashlight, and brake light. It functions similarly to the taillights on motorcycles and cars.

The integrated headlight provides safer riding, and the integrated tail light has brake light capability activated when the brakes are pressed. The main battery pack powers both the lights and are controlled by the display.


The Foldtan M-140's handlebar is home to a 5-inch display to notify the rider. This screen shows the safety light control, speedometer, odometer, various assistance settings, and battery life.

Also, there is a USB charging connector that can charge your phone while you are out and about.

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Display

Front Fork

Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding E-Bike Front Fork

Preload-adjustable 80MM Travel Addshox Front Fork will offer a more comfortable and seamless riding experience.

The front suspension on this bike will feel rather intriguing as the pull brakes slow it down. Whether it's snow, sand, gravel, muck, or snow-covered slopes, this bike will transport you wherever with ease.

On top of everything, you got a one-year warranty. So Addmotor covers you in the event of any issues after the purchase.


Overall, the Addmotor Foldtan M-140 is a stylish folding e-bike with big tires and a strong 750W hub motor. It has well-designed specifications, including fenders, a rear rack, and integrated front and backlights. 

With the bike priced at $1,699, we think it's a good buy at the current price and give it the Electric-Biking seal of approval

If you're looking for an energy efficient, eco-friendly way to get around town, the Addmotor R-60 R7 Cruiser Electric Bike could be your answer.

Thi electric bike has been designed with commuting, city, and even beach cruising in mind.

With its comfortable seating position, powerful motor and intuitive design,  it's perfectly suited for new e-bike riders. 

In this review we'll take a closer look at what makes the Addmotor R-60 Cruiser such an outstanding choice for those who want to make their biking experience effortless.


Addmotor M-60 R7 Battery

The battery is a 48V, 16Ah system with Panasonic cells. With this battery pack, you can reach a max range of around 45 miles in perfect conditions.

The battery is placed near the bike’s back, making it a bit back-heavy since the motor is also in the rear wheel. The battery pack can be removed for convenient charging and can also be locked, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the bike outside.


The M-60 weighs around 92lbs, making it pretty hefty, and has a max carry capacity of 300lbs.

The frame is made out of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is today’s standard for all electric bikes.

Addmotor M-60 R7 Frame

One interesting feature about this bike’s frame is that it has installed a double-sided aluminum bash guard, which helps protect the front chain ring in the event of a big hit, and it will also help keep the chain locked into place.


Addmotor M-60 R7 Suspension

At the front of the M-60, an Addshox spring suspension with 80 mm of travel. This suspension does a great job of smoothing out imperfections in the pavement road, although you will have a bumpy ride if you decide to take it on some off-road trails. 


At the bike’s rear part, there’s a Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur paired with a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter.


This bike comes with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in both the front and rear wheels. These brakes provide excellent stopping power, and the equipped motor inhibitors ensure the shortest stopping distance.


Addmotor M-60 R7 Verdict

The Addmotor M-60 is a great option for people looking for a bike to cruise along the roads and on some light trails. The electric bike's motor provides enough power to be used as a moped and can even climb moderate hills without any issues. The fat tires help add stability, while the compact frame makes this one a nimble electric bike.

Electric tricycles have long been a favorite of parents, older riders, and anybody who enjoys the stability and cargo benefits of three-wheeled electric bikes. So for anyone looking to get an electric trike, Addmotor M-340 is worth considering.


The M-340 comes with a 750W Bafang hub motor that has 80Nm of torque. Now, since this motor is located in the trike's front wheel, you will most likely get some wheel slip. While this isn’t really a problem, it’s just something to keep in mind while riding. 

With this motor,  the M-340 can reach a speed of up to 20 mph out of the box. However, that top speed can be cranked up to around 28 mph by adjusting the settings through the display.


Addmotor M-340 Battery

The battery on this e-trike is going to be a 48V, 16Ah system with Panasonic cells. This battery provides a max estimated range of around 50 miles. If you wish to remove the battery, you’ll have to take out the seat post in order to do so, and you also have to keep the keys in the battery during operation.


The step-thru frame makes getting on and off incredibly easy.

The trike’s single tube design has gussets near the head tube and bottom bracket that serve the purpose of increasing the frame’s rigidity and strength. That's going to come in handy if you consider the trike’s 350lbs load capacity.

And when it comes to the load capacity, there’s just so much storage on this trike. The rear compartment has a 48l capacity, and the front basket has a 9l capacity. Above the bottom bracket is a wooden footrest where you can put your feet up and just chill if you aren’t in the mood to pedal.

Addmotor M-340 Frame


The suspension on the M-340 is a fork with 80 mm of travel. This suspension does a great job of smoothing out the ride, especially for absorbing hits like when you space out and not notice that piece of sidewalk that’s 3 inches higher than it should be. 


Addmotor M-340 Brakes

The M-340 comes equipped with a Shimano Tourney derailleur with a 7-speed cassette paired with a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter.

While you most likely won’t be getting any strikes on your chain ring, the aluminum bash guard on the drivetrain is going to help keep derailments in place.


The M-340 comes with Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and both rear wheels, providing decent stopping power.


In conclusion, the M-340 is a comfortable electric trike that comes equipped with pretty much everything one would need for a fun day at the beach, a grocery store, or a casual ride. This trikke is extremely stable at slower speeds, and its step-thru frame makes it very approachable.

The Addmotor M-360 electric trike provides comfort and stability making it perfect for cruising around town for errands or heading to the beach with a cooler full of drinks and food in the huge storage basket.


The M-360 e-trike has a Bafang hub motor in the front wheel that offers a continuous 750W of power that can be cranked up to 1000W power for quicker acceleration. The 80Nm of torque also helps with acceleration and hill climbing.

This electric trike can reach the top speed of 20 mph by using the pedal assist, making this a class 2 electric trike.


The M-360 features a 48V, 14.6Ah battery that offers up to 40 miles of range with pedal assist. The battery can be found on the downtube beneath the seat, keeping the bike’s center of gravity low. The battery is also removable for convenient charging.


This electric trike is surprisingly heavy, weighing 12lbs. However, with the curb weight comes incredible strength, and this trike has a load capacity of 350 lbs for the rider, in addition to the extra 100lbs load capacity for the rear rack.

Addmotor M-360 Frame1


The M-360 has solid front forks and no rear suspension, making it very stable for a casual ride around the town, but you will feel every bump on the road.


Addmotor M-360 Gear

Shimano Tourney derailleur with a 7-speed cassette on the M-360 uses a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter on the handlebars' right side.


Tektro mechanical disc brakes with a 180 mm rotor in the front and 160 mm rotors in both rear wheels provide sufficient stopping power. 

 And since each rear wheel is equipped with its own brake, the braking is balanced, and the M-360 won’t pull to either side when braking.


The M-360 makes for a solid choice for those looking to get a stable trike that’s fun and easy to ride. This electric trike is also great for people who need a high load carrying capacity and enough power and range to get them to and from their destination.

If you’re looking for an all-terrain e-bike, the Addmotor M-560 P7 is packed up for an adventure, so be sure to consider it.


Powering this electric bike is a 750W rear hub motor that offers easier gear changing without needing to add too much stress on the drivetrain, helping in the longevity of the components.

On top of that, this motor boasts 80Nm of torque, which will help you easily overcome hilly areas.


Addmotor M-560 P7 Battery

The 48v 17.5ah battery provides decent power output and great longevity. The battery is secured with a key and is also removable for convenience.

The max range you can expect from this battery is around 30 miles at full throttle. 


This electric bike has all the necessities for staying awesome. The rear rack is sturdy, so you can carry various types of cargo. The M-560 P7 has a multi-function storage bag that maximizes both sides and the top of this rack. The rear rack is also removable in case it doesn’t fit the day's needs.

When it comes to the frame itself, the riding position and comfort points help you ride for a  longer period without fatigue. The bike’s seat can be lowered to a lower position than the handlebars, providing you with more of an upright ride, and easing up the stress on your upper body.

Addmotor M-560 P7Frame


The M-560 P7 features suspension with a 100mm travel front fork for comfort and plays a big role in maintaining control.


Addmotor M-560 P7 Brakes

Regarding this e-bike's gearset, we’re looking at a Shimano Altus derailer. Since the front gear includes raised flanges to tunnel the chain into position, it offers a dash of utility. While this is good for the bike itself, it’s also good for your pants, as it protects from grease getting into unwanted places. 


A set of Tektro 180mm disc brakes is used to stop this 74lb machine. These brakes offer great stopping force and are also very easy to maintain. For the bigger part, the M-560 P7 is built for any terrain. However, the brakes temper the imagination a bit - we wouldn’t recommend long, steep downhill rides.


Since there are so many ways to use the M-560 P7, and it does them all very well, this electric bike is a passport to adventure. If you’re looking for an e-bike that you can commute, cruise, find new trails with, or if you just like the appearance, then be sure to check out the Addmotor M-560 P7.

Wildtan M-5600 is the one fat tire hunting e-bike to rule them all, and not just due to its great specs, but because it features the fattest fat tires we have seen to this day - 4.5 inches by 26 inches, just for the record. 


The Wildtan M-5600 has a 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor and an impressive torque of 160Nm. Once you ride an e-bike that features a motor like this, you’ll never want to ride anything else - it’s a beast. And since it’s a mid-drive, this motor can leverage the e-bike’s gearing, meaning you can throw it in first and crawl up the steepest hill or muddiest trail, or kick it into high gear and race at speeds over 28 mph. Additionally, the motor’s placement keeps the center of gravity low and nice.


Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 Battery

The battery on this electric hunting bike is a 48V, 17.5Ah system with Panasonic cells which can get you a max range of up to 60 miles. 

The battery is removable and can be locked. What’s nice about this battery is that it also has a USB-C port meaning you can charge up your accessories on the go.

While this may seem like a small feature, if you’re riding and end up in the middle of nowhere and your phone’s battery is dead, this is a nice backup to have that can potentially save the day.


The Wildtan M-5600 is rather heavy, with a curb weight of around 70lbs. The bike’s frame is designed out of 6061 aluminum alloy, which offers incredible sturdiness. And in combination with its massive tires, the Wildtan M-5600 is extremely stable.

Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 Frame


The suspension on this e-bike looks awesome since Addmotor opted for the air forks instead of springs, adding extra smoothness when they compress. These are unbranded suspensions with 120 mm of travel and are inverted, which helps to lower the unsprung mass.


Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 Motor

At the back of the bike, we’ve got a Shimano Alivio 9-speed derailleur with shift detection and trigger shifters. This is a reliable and strong derailleur which is exactly what this electric bike needs due to the 1000W of power coursing through the drive train.


The Wildtan M-5600 uses Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors on both wheels. Although it’s only a dual piston, this brake system has loads of stopping power, offering guaranteed safety on your journey.


Overall the Wildtan M-5600 is a fantastic option for hunters or anyone who wants to get deep into the woods on some more extreme trails. The massive 4.5-inch tires will float over just about anything, and the 1000W mid-drive motor will give you more than enough power to overcome every obstacle you come against.

Here to start us off is the M-550 P7, an all-terrain sturdy fat e-bike that has a lot to offer for the price point.

It’s equipped with 4 inch wide tires that will give you more than enough versatility for pretty much every kind of land you want to ride over.

It’s not a small unit mind you, the manufacturer suggests that the riders be somewhere between 5’10’’ and 6’5’’ with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The Design

The M-550 looks and feels like a standard MTB, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s not a long bike - it has a wheel base of 48 inches.

The height of the handlebar is at 45.5 inches, which (if you don’t want to do the math in your head) means that your shoulders and back won’t get tired on a longer ride. 

The seat can go from a minimum height of 34 to a maximum of 42.5 inches so there’s plenty of room for adjustment.

The Specs

As far as the spec sheet goes, you get a 7-speed cassette in the back, an 80mm travel Addshox in the front with integrated head and backlights on both sides. 

The handlebar is 27.5 inches wide and there’s a twist grip throttle handle with a power-cut switch located on the right side.

 Now let’s focus on what you’re here for - tires!

Out of the box you get the Kenda Juggernaut 26x4 inches fat tires. These are the lightest fat tires on the market, and while that may seem worrying, they’re actually very durable for being just over 800 grams in weight.

M-550 P7 Electric Fat Bike Close Up

 The ride that they offer (in combination with the Addshox Front fork) is versatile and comfortable, especially since the bike has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The Motor And Battery Power

You get a 750w brushless hub motor to lug you around the easier and harder terrains, while the 16Ah Panasonic battery keeps more than enough power stored for whenever you need it.

Range wise you’re looking at a realistic 25-30 miles without any pedal assisting. There is a promise of 55 miles with assistance, which is a bit of a stretch to be honest.

Overall you can expect up to 40 miles in range with pedal assist, which is still very impressive.

Now that we have covered the foldables and the off-roaders, it’s time for a sturdy e-bike for the city.

The Citypro E-43 is pretty much the step-trough version of the E53, a pretty popular MTB style bike.

The specs are still here, but you get some stylish design on those 2.3 inch tires.

The Design

The manufacturer decided to go for comfort with the E-43.

The Addmotor EB2.0 mechanical design is a healthy mix of a polygon frame design, an adjustable seat, an adjustable U-style curved handlebar, and a multipurpose rear rack.

All of that (and plenty more) combined with the comfortable and versatile 2.3-inch tires and the powerful motor give you a true city cruiser. 

But, how do those tires actually behave once you get on the bike you might be wondering? We’ll get to it, don’t worry. 

The Specs

The e-bike comes with an oil spring fork with 100mm of travel on the front and a Shimano 7-speed derailleur in the back.

With an SIS index system, those seven speeds get switched around by the Shimano right thumb shifter. 

All the name brand specs are covered, as they should be. 

Since this is a city cruiser you also need to be able to carry around some weight, which thankfully you can!

The multi purpose rack in the back has a 55 pound weight capacity, and helps you pack up and carry whatever you may need it to. 

Citypro E-43 E-Bike Girl

Now the tires aren’t as “fat” as they are on our other recommendations. But, this is a city cruiser after all, and comfort is still the number one priority.

On board there are the Kenda Gigas puncture-resistant 26.2.3 inch tires that offer plenty of weight capacity and a great amount of durability.

The ride is plenty comfortable in our experience, especially for a cruiser in this range!

The Motor And Battery Power

A 48V*500W rear brushless motor is used to power up this cruiser, with a 20Ah EB2.0 Samsung battery that offers a range of about 125 miles.

That’s the advertised feature - in real-life testing, the range is a bit lower, around 110 miles. Still, an excellent result for a city touring e-bike.

Last but not least, I will give you something a bit more interesting.

The TRIKETAN M-350 is the definition of stability and comfort.

The three-wheel frame in combination with the Kenda 4 inch 60 TPI tires give you versatility in where you can ride it, and comfort wherever you go.

The Design

Just like the rest of the roundup, the bike has an 6061 aluminum alloy frame with an addshox fork in the front.

It’s a great looking bike, let’s just put it simply. The black/red paint job offers a kind of stealthy look, though you’ll hardly be hidden away on the street since this e-bike is quite an interesting thing to look at.

The Specs

The bike comes with a comfortable wide saddle, integrated headlights, a large capacity basket, an adjustable handlebar stem and dual rear brake rotors.

There is a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur and a Shimano SIS Index 7-speed freewheel.

All in all, it's a well-equipped, comfortable and safe ride. 

There's a combination of a Kenda 24x4 inch fat tire on the front and two 20x4 inch ones in the back.

The tires in question are the Kenda 60 TPI fat tires, and the e-bike offers up to a whopping 450 pounds of weight capacity. 

M-350 P7 Electric Tricycle Close Up

The Motor And Battery Power

The motor used is a Bafang 48V*750W front-mounted geared hub brushless motor. Those 750 watts can go up to about 1000 peak watts of power, and it will lug you around easily with its 80 Newton meters of torque.

The battery pack is a Samsung 48V*20Ah(960WH) with 3200 cells battery, that will give you up to 85+ miles with some level one pedal assistance.

Well, on paper it does, you can expect lower numbers but nothing you should worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Riders Think Of Addmotor?

While Addmotor’s electric bikes aren’t without faults (such as apparent heftiness), many riders like the value for money that the brand brings. Rarely can you get a 1000W fat-tire electric bike for a little over $3000, nor can you find a powerful yet comfortable cruiser e-bike for half that price. 

As with all things, when picking some of Addmotor’s e-bikes, be careful because the brand has a lot of hits but also some misses. But if we compare all of the pros and cons of Addmotor’s electric bikes, we’ll just say that the brand has maintained its solid reputation for years for a reason. 

Does Addmotor Provide Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Every Addmotor electric bike is accompanied by a one-year comprehensive warranty intended for all material and workmanship defects that can happen during the said period, which covers most of the mechanical and electrical parts of the bike. 

What Countries Does Addmotor Ship To? 

Addmotor provides free shipping to 48 contiguous states within the US, excluding Hawaii. Regarding international shipping, Addmotor has stated that it only delivers to Canada.

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