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Summary of Cyrusher E-Bikes

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Cyrusher Bicycles started in 2014 when founder Harry Xie realized there was an opportunity to create more than just a marketplace for bicycle components. Based in China, Xie had been selling smaller parts online but recognized a growing demand for fully electric bicycles.

This gave him the idea to design and manufacture complete e-bikes under the newly named Cyrusher brand. The name “Cyrusher” comes from combining the words “cycling” and “rusher,” meant to represent the thrill of accelerated riding. Xie brought on business partner Nestor Sulú to help turn the vision into reality.

In those early days, the two founders focused on perfecting their electric bicycle models while establishing international distribution. By selectively expanding to regions with promising sales potential, Cyrusher was soon shipping products to the UK, Europe, and North America.

What started as one man’s online components business has since developed into a global enterprise specializing in electric fat tire bikes. With nearly a decade of experience designing, engineering, and refining their electric bicycles, Cyrusher now provides e-mobility solutions to customers worldwide. Their continued growth speaks to the quality and innovation of their electric bikes.

Our Review of Cyrusher E-Bikes

Cyrusher sells electric bicycles directly to consumers, removing middle sellers from the process. This allows them to deliver bikes straight to customers’ homes at lower prices. With nearly a decade of experience manufacturing and shipping thousands of e-bikes worldwide, the Cyrusher brand has proven itself in the industry.

All of Cyrusher's electric bicycles make use of motors installed in the rear wheel hub. Experts agree this design is the most cost-effective way to power an electric bike through pedaling assistance or a throttle. This central motor placement allows for various cargo and passenger configurations compared to other styles. 

Detailed specifications and high-quality photos and videos of each model can be found on Cyrusher’s website. This comprehensive information gives online shoppers a clear sense of what to expect, rather than relying on generic stock images alone.

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