JUICED E-Bikes Brand Review


Summary of JUICED E-Bikes

Official website: juicedbikes.com

Olympian Tora Harris established Juiced in 2009, making it one of the earliest American e-bike companies to sell directly to consumers online. It has experienced rapid growth thanks to a reputation for high quality, fast e-bikes sold at affordable prices starting around $2,000.

Many Juiced models use a 52-volt electrical system, higher than the competitors. This allows for quicker delivery of power to the wheels. Most competitors top out at 48 volts for slower power transfer. Additionally, Juiced bikes tend to have sizable battery capacities of 13-19 amp hours, equating to around 700+ watt-hours of energy storage. This provides a range of over 40 miles between charges.

Bikes in their lineup, like the Scrambler and Hyperscorpion, resemble small motorcycles more than typical bicycles. Whether commuting or enjoying trails, Juiced offers options for various riding scenarios.

The powerful drivetrains can exceed regulations limiting electric assist to 20 mph. Juiced bikes are capable of 30 mph. One must follow traffic laws and cooperate with law enforcement to avoid issues. Overall, Juiced delivers good value and above-average performance for the cost.

Our Brand Review of JUICED E-Bikes

We are fans of this company because their e-bikes provide excellent value. Juiced is a bold, direct-to-consumer brand based in the United States. For the price, their machines are well-built and durable. You also get superior technology, so you can ride an accelerating and powerful little e-bike for much less money than other brands.

Since launching their first Juiced ODK Utility e-bike in 2010, this award-winning e-bike company continues to grow stronger. Their success is not ending anytime soon. They have steadily improved since introducing that original model over a decade ago. Juiced continues to impress customers with their electric bicycles' quality and affordability.

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