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Addmotors began its journey in 2011 with a mission to design and produce high-quality electric bikes. Based in El Monte, California, the founding team aimed to craft enjoyable e-mobility solutions for all kinds of riders.

Over the past decade, Addmotors has dedicated significant efforts to refining, improving, and updating their electric trikes and bicycles based on customer needs. This commitment to continuous enhancement has earned them a devoted following of adventurous enthusiasts.

Addmotors is proud to be part of the Addriders family of brands focused on low-carbon transportation. They strive to introduce more people to the fun and environmentally friendly experience of riding electric bicycles.

Through meticulous work since the start, Addmotors has stayed true to its original goal of developing top-tier electric bikes accessible to many users. By actively seeking rider feedback, Addmotors designs innovative products to deepen people's connection to outdoor activities.

Their steadfast work tailoring e-bike models to diverse desires has built a passionately loyal customer base over the years. Addmotors remains dedicated to crafting enjoyable electric vehicles that help bring more riders into the fresh air.

Our Brand Review of AddMotor E-Bikes

During extensive testing upgrading older standard bicycles, the M-340 kit performed reliably and dependably. Its potent yet subtler electric boost improved acceleration from take-off and cruising ability thanks to precisely programmed pedal assistance. Features like integrated cruise control helped conserve valuable battery life on easier riding segments.

With minimalist and discreetly designed components, the AddMotor kit can seamlessly integrate with various bicycle types and sizes without hindering their original aesthetics, geometry, or mechanics. Useful information like battery level and pedal assist settings can still be easily accessed through the small but effective dedicated CAN-BUS display controller.

While independent assembly of the kit requires basic mechanical skills and patience, AddMotor provides exceptionally clear and thorough installation instructions assisted through an active online community of experienced installers ready to help troubleshoot any issues. This fully supports the brand's goal of making electric bicycles personal, sustainable, and affordable through a modular upgrade process.

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